zoo business and a haircut

I left Nina with Gabe this morning at 11:00 to get my hair cut by my delightful hairdresser neighbor. When I came home, the 2 dears had composed a song for me on Gabe’s computer. Melt my heart. I think Nina was scared of the sound of her own voice. “Daddy! I not like that!” she said and ran away while it played.

You can listen to it here. Just press the play button.

Nina: Mommy? Your hair long?
Me: You mean short?
Nina: Yeah.
Nina: Hey, Daddy! Mommy’s hair long!

Zoo Business

I messaged a few of you Toledo-area girls to see if you wanted to meet us at the zoo on Saturday, September 20. Most of you said you’d get back to me. We’re fairly certain that’s our final plan, so let me know if you can come.

We made plans to go to the Detroit Zoo this Saturday, even though it seemed silly to drive right by the Toledo Zoo on our way. However, I just got an e-mail from a wonderful woman at the Detroit Zoo who (offered me free stuff!! and) gave me the heads-up that a local hospital has a free family day for all their employees on Saturday. She said it would be crazy-packed, and did I want to pick a different day? Why, yes, I do.

So, I’m pretty sure we’re taking Livi and Ava out of school on Friday, the 19th, and doing the Detroit Zoo. Spending the night with someone in Detroit or Toledo Friday night, then doing the Toledo Zoo on Saturday. Spending the night at Gabe’s parents’ on Saturday night, because I’m speaking at a church in Lima on Sunday. Fun times!

As for this Saturday, Gabe (yes, Gabe!) suggested we go to Fall Fest. At the Columbus Zoo! Sounds like a plan to me!

Pics coming soon! (I think I can safely promise that.)

11 thoughts on “zoo business and a haircut

  1. tonialynn59

    What a sweet song.  I love her little voice!

    Detroit Zoo.  Wish life were different right now cause it’s about an hour or just over from us.  Would love to see you.  You’ll have a fun time though!

  2. luvmynoah

    What a sweet sweet song.  It made me smile and even tear up!  I wanted Gabe to sing too though….

    If I wasn’t singing in a concert in Findlay that night I’d come to the Toledo zoo…bummer!

  3. jbnygaard

    Songs about walls, songs about hair. What next?

    I’m still trying to figure the zoo thing out. I REALLY want to come, but there are 2 things stopping me. First, I might go away for the weekend with Christian that weekend to Cincy. And second, if I don’t go away for the weekend, I don’t know if I can physically stand for that long. 🙁

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