you know your friends are long-winded…

when their comments are longer than your blog! Ha! You know I’m kidding, right? Some of my friends (i.e., Alisa, a.ka. Belle) admit that there is no way they could possibly even read an entire blog of mine. Toooooo long.

I have eight minutes until my self-imposed midnight bedtime, so I’ll see what I can do.

First of all, my babies are growing up. And I am okay with this. In fact, I am even rejoicing a little (while savoring each moment of baby/childhood of course). Did I blog already about Nina’s aversion to sippy cups? Well, I tried one at 6 months. She wasn’t thrilled but took a few sips. Tried it a couple more times then got tired of the hassle. Five months later…if I tried to give her a cup instead of a bottle, she’d launch it across the room. After she thieved a capri sun (drink in a bag) from Ava and drank the whole thing, I got the brilliant idea to buy sippy cups with straws. Going just fine, then two days ago she found an old sippy cup under Ava’s bed (no mold, just water) and started drinking out of it. She hasn’t had a bottle since. If all of motherhood were this simple… (I know one thing. When the time comes, she’s potty-training herself. I wash my hands of that whole process.)

I took Ava and Nina to the grocery today after Livi got on the bus. Ava begged to ride in the cart that has a car in front. For the first time ever, I let her. There were two seats, so Nina got to ride too. Oh my word. They were in heaven. Nina looked so grown up! I got more attention than I’ve ever gotten in my life at Kroger. Nina acted like she was a homecoming queen, waving to people from her parade float.

We have 2 little neighbor boys–Gavin (2) on one side of us, two doors down and Daniel (20 mos.) on the other side, two doors down. They like to play with Ava while Livi’s at school. A new family with a 13-month-old boy moved in next door this weekend, and Gavin’s baby brother Dermott (which Gabe likes to use as a pseudo-swear word–Dermott!!) was born 2 days ago, so my girls are now outnumbered by little men. They don’t mind. Dermott was born at home, and when we took cookies over tonight, he and his mommy answered the door. Squealing little black-haired darling, his mama full of energy. Wow. Had not one single feeling of “Oh, I wish I wasn’t done having babies…” (btw, I used to think people who had home births were wacko. Now, I think they’re fabulous. I try not to act like it, but deep down inside, I’m obscenely proud of myself for going natural after two epidurals. Heehee.)

Either, I’m a really fast typer (typist?), or it’s past my bedtime. I have lots more on my mind…I may blog again in the morn. 🙂

Love and hugs!

16 thoughts on “you know your friends are long-winded…

  1. angntug

    I have some ideas for Reese….either a dvd or if for some odd reason you can find a McDonald’s cash register… can get that for her…if its more than what you wanted to spend, I’ll pay the difference….I saw one at the Meijer in Lima for 14.99 and I should’ve picked it up when I saw it….I searched EVERYWHERE and couldn’t find one yesterday so I got her something else. Can’t wait! She’s sooo excited!

  2. rachmckinney

    i don’t enjoy potty training…we’re sort of going thru it, but we are getting ready to go up to oh again, so i think i’ll wait til we return!
    fortunately for me, at the store, they have several of those car carts, so i never have a problem getting one…they are sort of life savers for me, seeing as hwo i usually have my 2 plus the one i babysit, so it would be kind of crazy otherwise!

  3. YoGrandmaYo

         I LOVE reading your long blogs!:)  Keep ’em coming!:)  Dad always reads them on the computer at work, and he enjoys them, too.:)  Your comment about not being sad that you’re not having any more babies reminded me of when I was having you and your siblings.  I LOVED having babies, and thought I would NEVER want to quit!:)  But after #4, I was perfectly content!:)  Give the girls a hug from Grandma!  I miss ’em!:) 

  4. KmHunsberger

    Kim is too funny…I just love picturing your girls playing seven minutes in heaven AND dodgeball with the neighbor boys. Too funny!

    I hope I can go natural…maybe I will be proud, or maybe I just won’t have my lungs stop working. Either way I will be happy 🙂 I really just want a better labor…I don’t care much if I get pain relief or what kind…I just want it to be better than last time 🙂

  5. ch1pch0p

    I’m smiling at Nina the homecoming queen. How cute.

    Those car carts are as bad as the strollers used as weapons in public places… 🙂 LOL

    My niece Sierra won’t use regular sippy cups either. She has to have the straw kind. She never took a bottle either. Apparently, she’s a little picky. Except when it comes to food. She eats just about anything.

    I’ll let all the boys come over and play dodgeball with the girls on Friday night. Then we’re going to play Seven Minutes in Heaven between reading chapters of your new book out loud.

  6. lendy_p

    The two older girls can potty train Nina by example and you won’t have to do a thing! She will want to be just like her big sister(s). Which is why my youngest can ride a two-wheeler at 4 (I didn’t teach my oldest this unil almost 7!);-)

  7. gsowell

    Random comments:

    the carts with the car is NEVER available when I go shopping. My girls would fall over if they got to ride in it. We always are trying to shop in the normal cart, and the we spot the car, half-way through the store, with some 10 year old boy in it. ???!

    we’ve been trying to let Josie potty-train herself. So far, that has resulted in her running around pantless 85% of the time. Maybe I should get involved.

    I cannot imagine a life with so many boys around my girls. Right now we don’t have a boy in sight. We have a million little girls at church. It’s rather ridiculous.

  8. tonialynn59

    I love your kid stories!  Your girls are adorable!  And I HATE potty training.  I have so many stories I could share.haha  I thought that was the hardest thing in the world, potty training until they grew up and took drivers training!  Then you have to ride in the car with them while they are driving.  It’s about the only time you put your life in your childrens hands.  I had the epidural 3rd time around (twins) after 2 natural and I’m just not a fan of the epidural.

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