yes, missy, the zoos were open.

Missy thought maybe we just drove to the (closed) zoos, stood in front of the signs and moved on. Nope. We actually toured each zoo, saw all the animals (several were off exhibit because of the cold though ) and had all sorts of crazy fun. We were the only people at the Birmingham Zoo (except for the staff), and we saw maybe four people at the Montgomery Zoo (until they started showing up in hordes for the Zoo Lights at 5:30 pm). Atlanta was more crowded (but super cold). Lots and lots of school buses filled with kiddos.

Here’s a smattering of what we saw/did/loved:

White Tiger

Giraffes walking

Ava and Giant Panda


Christmas at the zoo

Nina petting pig

Deer by the falls

Animal hats

More pics tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “yes, missy, the zoos were open.

  1. filledeparis

    Such fun pics! I have some friends visiting family in Ohio right now, so I’m excited to order “Expecting” and have it sent to them (they’ll bring it back to Paris for me).

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