How did I end up with so many brilliant and eloquent friends?! You guys are great! I loved reading through your answers (even the 2,025-word ones).

I’m for sure going to address this topic in my next book (not the in-law one, although it might have a small place in there too). Soooo, I won’t write a chapter about school choices here. Let me try the nutshell version.

Nutshell version =
I believe with 100% of my heart that all three schooling options (public, private, home) are valid, valuable, and honoring to God. Just like I don’t think there is a perfect # of children to have, a perfect time to take a pacifier away, a perfect way to discipline, and on and on. So many of you said it so well–

1.) This decision is between your own family and God. Talk it over with Him and each other, and listen to what HE tells YOU to do. Then do it.

2.) Each child is an individual. Each family is unique. Each life situation is different and SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Don’t ever get too comfortable with what you’re doing. Always be re-evaluating and asking God if it’s time to do something different.

3.) There is NO reason to berate/belittle someone else’s choice. This is not the same thing as Christianity vs. Islam. Share your story, yes, but the goal isn’t to win converts to your way of schooling, thus saving them from condemnation and brimstone.

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if each of my children reach the age of 18 having spent some time in all three types of schooling situations. They each appeal to me for different reasons. They are each lacking for different reasons. NOT ONE of them is the end-all, be-all, Scripture-adhering choice.

Our girls are in public school for now. I pray for their protection every day. They have already had chances to witness to friends. I have had the opportunity to get to know several teachers and kids. I’ve been able to encourage their kindergarten teacher who is a fellow believer. There are 90 countries represented in their school system. And a variety of economic levels. My girls are learning that the world is much, much bigger than just them. They are learning to come home and talk to Mommy and Daddy when a question of faith is raised at school. Gabe and I feel at peace about our decision.

We want to see–and bless–the world someday. As a family. Homeschooling would be cool–we could up and travel the globe anytime. I like the thought of spending a day exploring the library with my girls–instead of Livi being bored for a good part of six hours. I like the thought of going to Africa instead of just gym and recess. But…there are many other factors…and things I don’t want to give up (some selfish, some not)…

And I was just going to give you the nutshell version…

Bottom line? Pray for wisdom. Make your choice. Support others who have been called by God to make a different choice. Bashing someone else says to me–“I feel insecure about what I’m doing and need to bring you down.”

Love you girls! You are super-fab, all of you!

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  1. SuperGirlAmelia

    Jumping in late to the conversation here….and I haven’t read what everyone else wrote. I echo your sentiments, and I have to add that I think it unwise when parents say “well X schooling was good enough for me, so it will be good enough for my kids.” That line of thought fails to recognize that you were in school 20-30 years ago and lot has changed, your child has a different temperament and personality and gifting than you do, and (in our case) you might be living in a completely different part of the country where the culture and schooling options are soooo different than where you grew up. It’s definitely something to pray over and be flexible about. Not to mention to be grateful that we live in a country that allows us the freedom to choose how we educate our children as opposed to dictating to us what is best for them.

    We have 2 1/2 years to figure it out, and have just started talking about our options. I have NO IDEA where we’re headed, and frankly all the options terrify me to a degree!

    And with that, Happy Valentine’s Day my friend! Oh and that spare room we have is always clean and available. It’s a pretty quiet spot to read and write too 🙂 Can’t wait to get the new book!

  2. M3mine

    Late again (please replace late with busy!)  Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all the family!  I love reading your Xangas every, single day, (When I’m not busy!)  God has given you such wisdom, and such a gift for writing.  Keep it up!  Even though I’m 50 plus in age, and a grandma, I want to read all your books!  I’m not surprised at your answer to your current ideas on Homeschooling.  So many, many factors in it and all must be presented before God in prayer, as you said.  Would you please think of writing a book (or two or three…) about just being a Christian woman, wife, etc. for all us older Christian women???

  3. Anonymous

    Marla, I am very much appreciating what it is that you do.  I think it could best be said… you ‘live out loud’.  I hope you can catch the best of that compliment without me detailing my appreciation… since I’m feeling wordy, and I’ve had a bit too much Austin lately.  My deepest apologies for my upcoming long comment. 

    (And, too anyone who would think negatively of it… Aaa… bite me!  LOL!  Now I AM laughing… whew, thanks… I needed that!  Two weeks with sick kids… you know the drill… needed a good smile.  Thanks.)

    I’m still chuckling about point number 3!  Great point!  Isn’t that such a broadly applicable thought!  Like anything that isn’t straight up immoral, downright illegal, flat out not of Godly counsel or character (like directly un-Biblical), or even the occasional and somewhat unavoidable “oopsies” we all make… can’t we all just behave and be… UNconditional?  (Boy, even that list sounds SO southern Baptist.  Yikes.  Guess you can take the girl out of the church, but can you…oops… I digress.)

    All the same, I’d like to broadcast your point to the hill tops!  I LOVE ALL my friends, but sadly some of my most conditional (not UNconditional) friends… are professing Christians! I honestly wish they wouldn’t profess their “Christianity” or behave so righteously after consciously or unconsciously bashing other friends and occasionally myself.  It just downright breaks my heart.  And yet God asks me to love them UNconditionally regardless of their “conditional-ism”.  Maybe not spend so much time with them… but still UNconditionally love them.  God help me.  (Serious there, not sarcastic.)

    I was eagerly awaiting this post.  And not disappointed at all (not that I’m the least bit surprised).  I told Neal you were gonna post something on schooling choices!  Much talk about topic around here with a new four year old this spring.  (Oiy.)  And after gracing him with a prolonged monolog of my own bipartisan opinion of all the pros and cons… (Can’t you just pity him now? And, yes, I was post-baby PMS-ing.)… I must say I’d love to read more of yours, and the thoughts/opinions of others that you have so graciously gathered for the benefit of many.  (Although I think maybe we all know we have our own “secret favorite choice”.  Too bad mine just doesn’t seem to exist. You know, just the best of all three please!  OH well, maybe in heaven!?!)

    If you think of it… remember us.  We’re in that sick boat.  I’m still floating, but some days, just barely!  Your site and a few others is like the only outside line I have right now (besides prayer!)!!  Love to you all! 

  4. meganweist

    That’s really cool how your girls have had experiences already with sharing their faith-and good point about diversity in relation to economic/race/etc (not just non-Christian & Christian)

  5. terriwright

    I KNEW we were smart, but eloquent? Dang. It’s a process…the whole raisin’ ’em, eddycatin’ ’em thang. You just move through it. You got it.

    I’m glad all my typos aren’t immediately spotted….I think all just snort at my doddering old age and go on. I like that……..

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