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I’d love some prayers for tomorrow. I’ll be up before 5am and hitting the road by 6:00. Driving to Mentor (NE of Cleveland) to speak to 2 MOPS groups–one at 9:00 am and one at 7:00 pm. I’ll be home at midnight-ish. So prayers for safety (and staying awake) would be great. And that I’d be filled with the Holy Spirit and speak the exact words these women (110ish total, many single moms, some unsaved) need to hear. And that Gabe and the girlies will have a pleasant time while I’m gone. Thanks!

I’m feeling better after my emotionally traumatic Thursday night. The family weekend was just what I needed. And my hubby is so encouraging. And so are all of you. Bless you.

God’s still doing some pruning. I got back from a little jog this morning, stopped and stared at the stump that used to be a hugungo tree in our front yard. Now, THAT’S some pruning, I thought. Cutting, to be precise. Yowzers. Hopefully, God can just prune back some of my branches and not have to start all the way over. But I’m up for whatever.

I got Nina all pumped up to go to the library this morning. Got there and it was closed. Her little lip quivered, a little tear fell. Oh, I wanted to cry. Then I got back from Aldi, “happened” to look down at my receipt. She charged me twice for 2 different items. I only bought one of each. Ugh. Back out to get my $3.08. Then at 1:00ish, our power went out. The more time that ticked by, the more worried I was about the food I just bought. Around 4ish, I prayed, “God, please give us power.” ONE SECOND LATER, it went back on.

My emotional trauma is related to my zoo book. Asking God if He still wants us to do this. E-mailed the zoos in North Carolina and South Carolina about free tickets. NC said yes. Haven’t heard from SC. Looked on their site, and it says they only give out a few free tickets to non-profits, and you have to fill out an application. Then tonight my sister (Stephanie) messages me, says they have 4 free passes if we want them, we’ll just have to pay for one girlie. Except we won’t, because even though most zoos have an “under TWO is free” policy, SC’s is “under THREE.” Praise you, Jesus! Until God says otherwise, the Zoo Tour is ON!

I’m constantly fighting discouragement, yet I’m constantly seeing God’s hand in the midst of my trials. He floors me.

Tonight, Gabe and Ava walked around our neighborhood passing out fliers for the Main Event. What an opportunity. We prayed before they left–for lots of fruit and little persecution (or at least that they could stand up under it).

Off to take care of some last minute preparations! Have a great Tuesday, friends!!

Two more pics from this weekend:

Bethany and Marla

Nina knows her Apple

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  1. Anonymous

    Marla- I was part of the MOPS group you spoke at this morning and just wanted to say thanks for your words this morning. It’s so easy to fall into the comparison trap, and this morning was a fun reminder that we don’t know the full of other peoples situations. Great talk, I enjoyed it and hope that tonight goes well, too.
    I was reading up on your zoo adventure. We may have to come join you for your Columbus visit, because “our” (cleveland zoo’s) elephants are staying in Columbus for a few years while their habitat is being remodeled. Have fun with the rest of your zoo visits!

  2. Oly16

    Just prayed you would be a HUGE blessing to those women. 

    That is so cool that your zoo tour is still on, and He is working out the details for you!  That’s awesome!

  3. rebates

    I know exactly where Mentor is- that’s my husband’s neck of the woods.  He grew up in Madison, which is about another 20-30 minutes east of Mentor.  Praying that your time goes well tomorrow!

  4. luvmynoah

    Marla- Have a great time tomorrow.  I pray God will use you in a huge way with these women. I’ll be praying! 

    Praying about your zoo book as well.  God is not finished with this idea yet.  I just know it!  So much has already worked out and is still working out….keep praying! 

    Does Apple make tricycles now?  🙂

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