winter weekend fun!

EDIT (8:27a.m.): According to my trusty-rusty on-line source (Kimberly’s mom), the babies are here, and everyone is doing well. Keep checking Shannah’s site for updates! Congrats, Shannah and Eric!!

EDIT: Shannah is having her twins in less than 10 hours! Please pray for her, hubby and the babies! And maybe leave her a note of encouragement here.

I’m not a big fan of winter. The slush and mud and snow tracked in the house. The scarves and gloves and boots and coats and snow pants strewn all over creation. The freezing, frigid, dry, dry, dry, dry air. The goosebumps and static, the chapped lips and chattering teeth. The high gas bills and leaf-less trees. The blah, boring, brown and gray everything. The darkness, the cabin fever, the bitter, bitter cold. The long, long, long, long, everlasting-ness of it all. Ugh.
I have half a notion to move somewhere that stays toasty all year round.

I must admit, though, that winter can be awfully pretty. And sometimes even romantic. The snow started falling yesterday morning and didn’t stop all day. After Nina’s nap, the five of us took a walk through the woods behind our house. Everything was blanketed with pure, undisturbed snow. The whole sky was even white. It was beautiful.

First good snow winter '08

Then tonight we went to the zoo to see the lights (Gabe hadn’t been yet). Jack Hanna was there doing his animal show (in a warm building!), and we got there just in time. We had to stand in the back (until some people left), but we got to meet him super quick right before the show. So cool!

Marla, girls and Jack Hanna

And the lights were just beautiful. There’s a 9-minute show over the lake every 30 minutes or so that’s really cool. If you have a C-bus Zoo membership and haven’t gone to see the lights yet, do it! And if you live close and aren’t a member, I think it’d still be worth your money. A romantic date perhaps.

Marla and girls at zoo

Tree at zoo light show

Zoo light show

We’re gearing up for a big week. More details to come! Have a great Monday!

20 thoughts on “winter weekend fun!

  1. Nixter77

    I know somewhere which is pretty warm all year round 😉 But I love snow and I do miss that and I am sure you would too. it is very pretty and I love your pics! and I love you!

  2. FidelicharisHouse

    Hey Marla,

    It’s amazing the difference between longitudes and latitudes!  I was in Cincy Friday to Saturday and they had most of a covering.  I expect less the further south I go.  We returned to Troy late Saturday night and had basically the same as Cincy…not a *complete* covering of the grassy areas.  And then look at all your pretty snow!

    I’m glad you got to enjoy it all!


  3. faithchick

    I was gonna comment about Jacks super-crazy tan, too.  Yikes!
    LOVE the pictures!
    I don’t mind winter very much as long as we’re inside.  It’s the bundling up that I don’t like–the coats & hats, etc like you mentioned.  blah.

    (and not that you asked for advice on this–but just so yo uknow-my new favorite thing is the shoe holder I hung up in our coat closet.  You know the fabric ones?  The pockets are PERFECT for a family-size collection of light weight gloves, snow-playing gloves, hats, scarves, etc…. so much better than our overflowing basket of stuff from years past!)

  4. SuperGirlAmelia

    Toasty year round is definitely nice. Well, actually I’m in a sweatshirt and jeans and have the heat on, but it’s not quite the same as frigid O-H-I-O!! You would miss winter around this time of year. And you’d miss fall. Trust me 🙂 Love the lights! My family went last weekend and they loved it too.

  5. Oly16

    Your pictures of the zoo lights made me gasp – how gorgeous!!  I love that your family does all these fun things together – what memories your kiddos will have!!  Have a great  Monday!

  6. mtaviano

    @Jellybean523 – I’m pretty sure he was real. He talked to me. 🙂 But yeah, he’s way tan. Either he goes tanning so he doesn’t burn when he’s in Africa and Australia or he’s just super tan from going to all those places.

  7. swbtsmom

    “I have half a notion to move somewhere that stays toasty all year round.” If you and Gabe work up a whole notion, the house next door to us is on the market soon, 1/2 acre of property, and next to a really nice YOUNG grandmother and grandfather with a swimming pool (cement pond)out back. We have the windows open here tonight, and my Jeep top was down for my commute to/from church today. When we want snow, we go see it someplace. Just so’s you know.

    Your pics are wonderful – maybe C-bus is where we need to go to see some snow. And, Jack Hanna? Too cool.

  8. the2bryants

    Your pictures of the lights are fantastic!  I think once our boys are a bit older….maybe next year…..that will be a great outing….I haven’t actually timed it, but I think from our house, the C-bus zoo would only be about an hour! 

    This is totally random, but Jack Hanna is REALLY tan…..his skin almost looks fake to me!  What did it look like in real life? 

  9. the_backup

    Oh wow! That is beautiful!

    Some friends and I were planning on going last night after dinner, but it was a bit late, and the snow started coming down harder, so we passed. But I definitely have to go sometime soon after seeing these pics.

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