who doesn’t love attention?

You know that “middle child” syndrome they talk about–always wanting attention, trying to find your identity, that sort of thing? Well, I have a classic Middle Child on my hands. (Oldest Child and Youngest Child also fit their prospective molds. I’ll have to read more on birth order one of these days.)

Anyway, Ava said to me the other day, “I love being sick and having boo-boos!”

“Why?” I asked. “Because you like attention?”

“No, because I like it when people talk to me and give me hugs–and not Livi and Nina!”

Um, I think that means she likes attention. Every single night before bed, she becomes afflicted with some ailment or another–bellyache, sore throat, sore finger, bad back… It’s almost laughable–when I’m not feeling completely fed up with it.

Her latest thing? Her birthday. The day after Nina’s birthday, she announced, “My birthday is next! My birthday is next!” And she doesn’t want me to call her Ava anymore–“Call me Birthday Girl.” She told the kids at church yesterday that it’s her birthday. My birthday is in October, Gabe’s is November, Livi’s is December, Nina’s is January.

Ava’s birthday is June 20th. It is 163 days away. She’s already making plans. She even made signs about her birthday and is taping them up around the house. This is going to be the longest 5 months of my life.

In other news, Nina’s mobility/curiosity/fascination with the stairs is going to be the death of me. I think I mentioned that our house is a 4-level, and there are stairs everywhere–and it’s very difficult to put a gate in many of the places we need one. Livi and Ava are wonderful about keeping her entertained, but I can’t abuse them all the time. Four-year-olds have other things to do besides babysit (like plan birthday parties).

I’m also a little stressed about finding people to watch the girls when I do book-related things or try to go on a date with my husband. Our parents don’t live that close, and most of the people I know here have 2 or 3 kids of their own. And babysitting my kids in my home would be a nightmare for someone who isn’t skilled at climbing over gates without falling down the stairs… I’m giving this burden to God, because I can’t think of any great solutions on my own.

Is That All He Thinks About? is supposed to be released today, but it’s not on Amazon yet, I don’t think. You can buy it directly from me or from www.taviano.com/marla
Hopefully, most of you got your free copies in the mail (except for the Calvary people–there are 11 of you, and I’m thinking of waiting until Courtney comes for a visit and giving them to her to distribute.) 🙂 Thanks for the kind comments so far–I like hearing that you enjoyed the book or that it was a real encouragement to you.

Wishing you many Monday Blessings!

17 thoughts on “who doesn’t love attention?

  1. adamslady

    haha, ava. 🙂  will say a quick prayer for you about others watching your kids.  i know my parents and brother’s fam are about 30 seconds away, but believe me, i can relate to a degree. 

  2. tonialynn59

    I just love the story about Ava!  I just love the way you write.  I sent Christine’s book home with Adam on Sat.  I was planning to give it to her but he wanted to take it to her.  So Sunday I asked him what she thought about it and he said “she was kinda embarrassed that her mother-in-law would get a book like that for her…but I’ll make sure she reads it!”haha

  3. jbnygaard

    Got my books the other day! I started reading the other day. I’m not as far as Krista, but I’m getting close! I LOVE IT! I agree with Krista. I LOVE your way of writing! It always makes me chuckle, blush and giggle! Oh, and respond outloud!

    Ava reminds me of Eden. (My oldest) When his cousin celebrated his 4th birthday last March, Eden was already planning his. His is in December. He told me almost everyday for a couple months what kind of b-day cake he wanted and everything else he planned for his BIG day! It did eventually start to fade away, but once someone else’s b-day came up it started back ALL over again.  🙂

  4. gsowell

    LOL to Ava planning her birthday already. She would SO get along with my twins. Josie’s party was finished, and we were cleaning up balloons and streamers. Caroline looks up and says, “Our birthday’s next, right?” If by next you mean after Daddy and Mommy and Aunt Crystal and Mamaw and Papaw and 5 months away, sure, it’s next! 🙂

    I have been busy with the whole finding-a-new-church thing, but I will be ordering my copy of the book soon!

  5. ladyjabez

    If you don’t mind the drive we’d watch the girls anytime….. our Olivia would and Mia would love playing with your girls:-) (xenia isn’t that far, right?)

  6. bekisue

    I only have the one child so far, so I don’t really have to worry about this stuff yet. She is just starting the terrible twos phase of life. I love it. I hate it. She is REALLY fun when she’s fun, but she’s REALLY bad when she’s bad. So far the fun is making up for the bad. 🙂 Congrats on the book. I’ll be purchasing it when I get done with the first one! God is so good.

  7. angntug

    Remind Ava that Reesey’s birthday is next, lol!  We are having her party January 20th from 2-4 at the Shawnee McDonald’s…….I’ll try and send an invitation….poor Ava, tell her the girls, Tanner and I send her big hugs and kisses……Happy Birthday, Ava!

  8. ch1pch0p

    Completely 100% serious. I have a couple toys, but if you brought some of their things, that would help. And I have bed if they need to sleep! Seriously, we could work it out!

  9. ch1pch0p

    I live… hmmm…. 10? 15? minutes away? and as we discussed this weekend, no kids here. You know my number. Call me when you need to! 🙂 You don’t have to pay me. Just give me a book or write me an email or something.

    And you can drop them off at my place. I don’t have stairs. I’ll just let them play with the (empty) wine bottles.

  10. mtaviano

    Ladymiss–great advice! I’d thought about that–will definitely look into it.

    I mean it, Beth Elaine. No peeking!

    I’ll send the book out tomorrow, Kristin. Send the check whenever.

    Ha, ha, Krista! Chip! Chip! Chippewa!

  11. kkakwright

    46 pages in and loving it.  Hubby has also been quite interested in me reading it.  I like the way you write.  Not dry, keeps you wanting to read the next page. 

    Who would’ve thought….Marla, Chippewa Counselor (it was Chippewa,  right?) now acclaimed author! 🙂

    Love ya!

  12. Marketer319

    DRAT.  That’s what I keep forgetting to do – send you a check so I can get my hands on your new book!  Congratulations, girl.  It may be a bit overshadowed in your mind by the fact that it’s not your first book to be published – but what an amazing thing you’ve done!  I think you’re cool, too. 🙂

  13. ladymiss3739

    About babysitting – in our church, couples will often just swap kids.  One couple goes out and drops their kids off at the other couple’s home and sometimes the kids even stay overnight.  🙂  It’s free and all you have to do is take your turn the next time.  Don’t know if that will work in your situation or not, but I thought I’d throw it out there!

    Congrats on your new book being released today – you’ve got to be excited!

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