where oh where to begin?

There’s nothing like packing three months’ worth of “fun” into three days. I should probably just go to bed and not even try to recount the events of this weekend, but I’m in the mood for a challenge. Actually, it will probably take a couple (or six) days to remember/write about it all, so I’ll get started.

First of all, some of the highlights (followed by detailed descriptions that you may feel free to skip if the highlights alone were more than you cared to know):

  • Some heathen hacked into our checking account via our check card this weekend and stole a whopping $3900. He/She booked a classy German hotel, a first-class flight to/from Germany, and bought lots of fun German merchandise.
  • We drove an hour today (for the third day in a row) to visit my extended family who were in town for the wedding. First we picked up my new brother-in-law’s car at the airport. Then the gas light came on in our mini-van. We have no cash, our checking account has been drained by a fiend in Europe, and our check card has been deactivated. I stole my daughter’s Tooth Daddy $, found some spare change, and we put 2 gallons of gas in our car. Then my dad loaned us $80 when we got to my aunt’s house.
  • It is fun to be a bridesmaid and have your husband be a videographer/usher and 2 of your daughters be program attendant/flower girls and take care of a teething 6-month-old while getting your picture taken and trying to nurse in your gown and having no one to help you but your dear husband (who was already a little busy himself) because everyone you know/are related to is in the wedding party.
  • My baby sister is gorgeous and in Jamaica and I love her, and every trial I went through to help make her wedding day special was 100% WORTH IT.
  • I just sent my McGraw-Hill (Unit 1) to my editor via e-mail in plenty of time for my 7/31/06 deadline. Now if I can just meet the 8/14, 8/30, 9/15, and 9/30 deadlines (6 units total), that will be cool.
  • I had a young bride of 11 months (whom I’d never met) wrap me in a bear hug this weekend and thank me for writing my book because it saved her marriage. That was very cool.
  • Okay, so these highlights are more detailed than I originally planned.
  • My sister’s new husband’s brother (catch all that?) passed out while standing up front as a groomsman. I love stuff like that–gives you something to talk about the next day.
  • My darling Ava was one of three flower girls. She proudly took the lead, dropped her petals, got almost to the front and realized that little Emma was straggling way behind. Went back to her, showed her how to drop her petals, lovingly guided her to the front. I was cracking up. Snickering (fairly loudly) from my spot at the front of the church. Then the three of them just hung out at the end of the aisle runner and finally found their way to their respective daddies/mommies/grandmas. It was a trip.
  • I am so far behind on everything. I thought once the wedding and my first deadline were over I would feel a sense of relief. Not so.
  • God literally answered 10-15 mini-prayers of mine yesterday morning. I was so unprepared for the wedding. Had no idea where to find anything we needed. “Lord, please help Gabe find his dress shoes he hasn’t worn since last December.” Check. “God, please help me find Livi’s ‘L’ necklace I promised her she could wear.” Check. “Lord, please let the tripod attachment be in the camera bag instead of back home so we don’t have to turn around.” Check. It went on and on and on like this. Thank you, Father!
  • Hello, sweet Christy! I am so glad you read my blog, and I am sooooo sorry that I didn’t know today was your 30th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRISTY! YOU ROCK!

Okay, that’s going to have to be it for now. I have one more thought that I’d like to write more about this week and get your input. So, I wrote a book about marriage, and I want it to encourage young brides, but I’m not sure how I feel about “promoting” it. When I get feedback from gals who have read it, I am so touched. And then I think, maybe I should be doing more to get this in the hands of people who need it. Then I think, “I really don’t want people to think I’m full of myself or greedy for $ or whatever.”

Does anyone have any thoughts? I’ll go into more detail later. Yeah, me and my “details.”

Last thing–I love you YoYo and KelKel! Thank you for doing my hair and Livi’s and Ava’s and being so wonderful and special and come see me this week if you’re bored!

7 thoughts on “where oh where to begin?

  1. hcole86

    Kristen is right…Superwoman! I just hope you can take a break soon! Thanks for taking the time to jot all that down. Re: the promotion – you are grateful, graceful and thankful that being greedy would not cross anyone’s minds!

  2. ch1pch0p

    Grace Baptist in Westerville
    Grace Brethren in Worthington

    Those are my plugs for churches. 🙂

    I can’t believe how busy you were…hopefully, things will calm down soon!!

  3. mrsnorthern8605

    *Grrr…silly heathen’s. I once had my check card stolen, granted, they didn’t take 3900 bucks, but it totally freaked me out. Probably because they bought all kinds of porn and here it is being charged to my account. Oh, the trouble I went through of closing down that account and getting a new card!

    I bet your sister’s wedding was beautiful. I know that whenever my sister gets married (she’s only 17, but still) I am going to lose it. She actaully cried through my entire ceremony, by the end, she had all the tissues I had grabbed for myself.

    I dread this move only for the packing parts of it. I hate packing for things and I know our poor little apartment will be a box war zone for a while.

    Ok, well I should go be productive and start packing and call my boss and such! See you later!

  4. KmHunsberger

    I can’t believe that little fiend stole your money…especially on a weekend such as this past one! How does that stuff happen? Scary!

    I am in amazement that you met your deadline, moved and had your entire family in your sister’s wedding…all in a weeks time. You should be renamed, Superwoman.

  5. rachmckinney

    so sorry about the theif. that’s too bad and very frustrating! i hope it all works out ok. the wedding sounds reallly fun! i’ll think about your promo idea a little more. i hope your week gets out to be a good one!

  6. Nixter77

    Great to hear all your news, thanks for taking the time to jot it all down.  re: your book and promotion.  I think it is a valuble resource that could truly benefit so many young women, I have loved reading it and want to read it again when I am done.  I can think of several women who would benefit from reading it at our church.  In terms of you not wanting people to think of you as being  “full of yourself or greedy”, I don’t see a big promotion at the top of this page or even on your website.  You don’t scream being any of those things, I know I don’t “know” you as such but feel that from reading your thoughts, your book and stories about your day to day life on here, I would say you are very humble and honest.  Look at it from the other side, from the receiver/purchaser of your book – the benefits this book could have to their lives and marriages is huge.  It’s not necessarily about you but about how your book can help others, sure it is important to remain humble and praise God that he has given you this amazing gift – I say go for it and let women and their husbands benefit from a great, real, down to earth, fun and most importantly biblical book.

    You Go Girl!

  7. biblestorebrowser

    Oh no! I can’t believe that about your check card! How in the world did that happen? Will you get all the money back?
    There’s a gal up in MI who has her first book releasing I think this week. It’s called Dear Church [Zondervan]. She is faced with a similar dilemma on promotion, which she talked about either on the Dear Church site or her blog–I can’t remember. Zondervan’s doing a nice job of promoting it, though. I wish more publishers had the newsletters they do.
    Promotion is a really fine line. I just wish I had more readership to shamelessly promote your books to more people. You can count on my Amazon reviews though! 😉
    We sat in “your” seats this morning. . . I sure hope you find an awesome church soon!

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