what’s wrong with this picture?

I got up at 5:30, pulled some clothes on, put my contacts in, and headed groggily to Panera to meet three friends for accountability group. Got home at 7:45, found four people in my bed all with their eyes fake-closed, not fooling anyone. Got breakfast for all of them, and they’re eating in front of the TV.

Here’s the funny part. They’re watching WEC. World Extreme Cagefighting. There was a championship fight last night at 9:00. Gabe told the girls they could stay up for it (?!?) instead of going to bed at 8:30. Turns out there were 3 or 4 fights and the big one wasn’t until almost 11:00. Gabe recorded it for them. (?!?!) They woke up wanting to watch it. (?!?)

Let me remind you that I have three children of the same gender. FEMALE. I have no desire to watch cagefighting. Not now, not ever. Their eyes are glued to the TV screen. Nina is making punching motions between bites of Fruity Pebbles. Livi doesn’t want to get ready for school, because the fight is only in round 3, and there are 2 to go. Gabe offered to fast forward it, but they don’t want to miss any of the fight.

What in the world?!

Sticking with the theme (what’s wrong with this picture?), I was following a car home from Panera this morning, and there was a piece of paper taped to the back window. It read:


With supporters like these, the future for John McCain looks oh-so-bright.

We took the girls to the zoo Saturday. Ava asked if she could bring her new (garage sale, 50 cents) umbrella. No, I told her, it’s not going to rain. Look how sunny it is.

We were there for less than two hours. Got caught in three downpours. Brrrrr…. New rule: Ava may bring umbrella anywhere at any time.

Fun week ahead. Tomorrow is Ava’s orientation at Hogwart’s. Wednesday Gabe is at a race all day, I pick up Stephi and Daniel from the airport. Thursday my whole family is here all day. We’re going to the zoo and having  a big birthday party. Friday and Saturday our friends from Lithuania will be here for a visit.

God has been teaching me a lot lately. It’s good stuff.

Have a wonderful, wonderful week!

27 thoughts on “what’s wrong with this picture?

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    I think the whole cagefighting thing has more to do with “daddy bonding” than liking fighting…I became a real war movie fan as a little girl because my dad liked the old war movies.  Have a great time with your family!

  2. rocknnell

    way too funny about the cage fighting, you know, that I would have to love it…..smile…I know…. smile…what ever…but it just tickled me…..lol !  Have a blast with YOUR SISTER…seriously !

  3. dnkneer

    LOL. Never fear, Emily & I once loved to watch wresting with our dad. Turns out it was just a fad cuz neither one of us are big fans now.

  4. terriwright

    Oh. My. My DIL’s brother cage-fights. He broke an orbital bone two weeks ago. Sounds like SO much fun. But…..kids love to watch others do stuff they’re not allowed to/would never do. They could be trying to watch porn……….

    Hogwarts. Great stuff. Now if she only had an invisibility cloak.

  5. FlyingCAB

    Hahahahah!  The cagefighting thing is so funny, especially because we were out on Saturday night and it was on TV and I NEVER watch that stuff but I found myself glued to it yelling “hit her, hit her!”  So bizarre.  And I too love that we are calling Ava’s school Hogwarts.  I think you should teach her the song….  And made since it’s a school focused on foreign cultures, she could pick up a British accent??  So cute… 

  6. gsowell

    FYI, my husband was watching cage fighting the other night, too. I’ve never known him to watch this. He made me watch 5 minutes to see this woman pummel another woman. What????? This is fun? This is a sport? Ick, ick, ick. So wrong. Luckily, he didn’t know it was on until after the kids went to bed, so my girlies were spared.

  7. kellyleelizabeth

    Now you need to get them into baseball. I’m telling you, Marla. THREE hours of free time for you every single day. They may find it a tad slower than cage fighting though.

  8. scottnjes

    I’m not sure what cagefighting is but i guess your kids will be ready for hte summer neighborhood bullies!

    have fun with your fam!

    If we renew our zoo passes (with the gas prices we might not renew them) we should meet up this summer!

  9. faithchick

    oh, i love stuff like that.  i’ve never seen cage fighting.  but, i was a sucker for WWF pay-per-view Wrestlemania when I was a kid.   I think it’s great!! especially Nina’s acting.

  10. kellycohan

    I’m not even sure what cagefighting is!! But it sounds like a 100% mind-boggling riot. Hope the girls forget about it soon – before October – lest they want to dress up as cagefighters (?!?) for Halloween.

  11. tonialynn59

    Cagefighting, what in the world?  I’m with you.  No interest.  Funny girls!  Cracked up that Ava is going to hogwarts!  Loved the note in the car!

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