what would YOU do?

What would you do if it was midnight and you wanted to be in bed (since you’re getting up at 4:30 a.m.) but you’re waiting on clothes to dry and rushing around packing and thinking of a hundred things you forgot and wondering what your problem is, because every trip ends up being like this?

I know what I’d do. I would dye my hair. A lovely golden brown. Because a 3-dollar box of hair dye from Target should not only be able to hide two-toned, rooty-looking hair. It should also be able to get rid of split ends, no?

Mom called with news about Grandma. I wrote down what she said, then cleaned off my desk and lost the paper. Something is fractured in her spine. It has a number. (T9?) It’s a (compressed?) fracture. And she might have broken her tailbone. Nurses? Help? Mom says she’s in good spirits though. Please keep praying for her.

Our friends Holly and Duey let us borrow their dual-screen DVD player for our trip. Gabe set it up tonight, and oh my word. I used to be of the mindset that children should busy themselves with travel bingo and the alphabet game the entire trip. And books if they don’t get carsick. None of this mindless movie-watching stuff. Ha! We’ve road-tripped enough in the past few months to change my mind. The hills are alive with the Sound of Music! And Sleeping Beauty. And Narnia. And Boz.  Bless you, Holly and Duey!

Off I go to rinse! And hopefully sleep! Enjoy your Wednesday! May you spend most of it outside a mini-van!

19 thoughts on “what would YOU do?

  1. hollydue

    Glad you liked the player….I hope it makes things a little smoother for the long ride. Can’t wait to her your stories and see the pictures from the trip. Love to both of you!

  2. charlenecampbell

    I did my hair for so long I didn’t really know what color it truly was. So when I retired I let it grow out to its natural color. That’s how I became gray! Good luck and let us see the results. Hope the trip is good, safe, and very fun.

  3. adamslady

    said a prayer for you all this morning for safe travels. (and for your grandma; i love her! i kinda miss the days i used to see her in church every sunday, sitting in rows on the same side of the santuary . . .)

    our kids watched anything we could possibly throw at them on our drive to vermont/maine this past summer – thank you, Lord, for the dvd player!!!!

  4. Oly16

    oooh definately post a pic of your hair!  I love the way my hair feels after it’s dyed. 

    Just prayed for your Grandma – the poor thing!!  Happy packing and have a safe trip.

  5. dnkneer

    a few weeks (or months?) ago you mentioned that you think a friendly horn should be invented. well, i was telling dave about that last night when we heard a particularly UN-friendly horn blaring in rush hour traffic and he said, “there already is a friendly horn. it is 2 short toots in quick succession.” and you know, i think he is right. so if you ever need a friendly horn again…there you go! 🙂 have a good day!

  6. gsowell

    @der_lila_Stern – 

    I was reading your comment and thinking, “Under 3 hours is short?” Then you said you might change your mind on the cut-off. Ha! We don’t take the DVD player on short trips, either. Our cutoff is 90 minutes, though!

  7. luvmynoah

    I hope you can have a great trip…even on little sleep!   maybe you can snooze during one of the movies!  Still praying for your grandma.  I’m sure this is a difficult time for her.  I’m thankful that she is taking it all in stride. 

    I LOVE haircolor!  If I’m having a bad week there is nothing like some haircolor to cheer me up and make me feel better! 🙂

  8. der_lila_Stern

    I definitely survived many trips between PA and IN – 13 hour days when we were little because of all of the stops.  Now we make the trip in 10 hours.  I cant tell you how many cassette tapes my mom copied!  And how many songs my oldest sister NEVER wants to hear again in her life!  I dont agree with DVD players for short trips – under 3 hours.  But long trips, they could definitely make all of the difference!  (Perhaps I will change my mind as to what a short trip is when I have kids of my own! HA!)

    I hope you are having a fun, safe ride right now!  I cant wait to see the update about the weekend of zoos!

  9. FlyingCAB

    Pictures.  You can NOT post about hair dye and not post pictures.  What would I do if it was midnight and I was dyeing my hair instead of packing and I had to leave at 4:30am?  I would take an extra 5 mins to take a picture of my new hair and put it on xanga so that my friends could enjoy it in my absence.

    Praying for Grandma!

  10. ladymiss3739

    Yes, I dye my hair every night I’m running around like crazy.  This week so far, I’ve been raging red, golden crisp blonde, and kettle black.    Hope you have a safe and fun trip!  And I agree on the DVD player.  We invested in one last Christmas – our trips home are 10 hrs. with adults only, or I’m guessing closer to 12-13 with kids.  No kid can be expected to “entertain” themselves that long.  I think that’s how we now have songs like “The Wheels on the Bus,” and “Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall.” 

  11. Anonymous

    I remember when my first kid was a baby, I used to have high hopes/plans of never letting him/now them watch dvd’s in the car. Second baby comes along and I’m found asking my husband for a dvd player for the car, even if we have to downgrade cars to make it happen 🙂 I try to refrain from sharing judgments these days in case I have to retract statements later! Can’t wait to see pictures of this trip!

  12. gsowell

    In the spirit of honesty and full-disclosure, I will admit that I rolled my eyes at your evening’s agenda. Do you need me to come up there and force you to get it together when preparing for zoo trips?

    And I am glad you finally are taking a movie-laden trip. You always made me feel guilty for not forcing my kids to do other car activities on long trips.

    Prayed for grandma.

  13. jessyomama

    Actually, dying my hair is what I normally do when I have the most conceivable things to avoid. 🙂 Seriously! Great minds think alike, I guess.

    Can’t wait to see your hair! Have a great trip!

  14. setapart1979

    Yikes for the late bedtime & early wake time!  I said a prayer for your Grandma, safe journeys & for you my friend as you work at getting everything to come together smoothly for your trip.  Three cheers for the borrowed DVD player that will hopefully make for one enjoyable, peaceful ride! 

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