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So, I promised to blog about our vacation “early” this week. What is early, really? Is Thursday early? What about Friday?

Life is good. I’m enjoying my hubby and each one of my girlies, and God is honoring that by helping me get things done. And giving me peace about letting the rest of it slide. And I do mean slide. Everything that could need cleaned in a house needs cleaned in mine, but I care not.

Tents in the living room are way more fun.

My baby started first grade yesterday. I was one of the lucky ones who got to send my child to half-day kindergarten, so this was a big step for us. Ava had a bit of a rough transition yesterday, but she’s loving all the Mommy-time. Today has been great. She doesn’t start kindergarten until September 6. Life is changing around here.

The girls got their soccer schedules–and none of their games overlap! Livi is Tues/Thurs/Sat and Ava is Mon/Wed/Fri. So, the good news is that both Gabe and I each get to watch all 20 games this season. The bad news is that Gabe and I each get to watch all 20 games this season. Kidding. 20 games in 5 weeks. Wow.

Livi met her teacher on Tuesday. And then went back to the kindergarten wing to say hi to her old teacher. Her kdg. teacher told her that she handpicked Livi’s 1st grade teacher, because the teacher loves to write and help students become better writers. Livi loves to write, which of course melts my momma heart.

Lest you think that Livi is all me and no Gabe, you might want to check out this video that my sister Bethany took at Chili’s the other night. (Okay, so she’s becoming more like me every day…) Love you, Livi!

Off to meet Gabe at the pizza buffet. He has a free coupon (coo-pon, not cue-pon–I’ll get it right one of these days.)

So, I’ll post pics and blog about our vacation early next year… Stay tuned.

16 thoughts on “what i said

  1. tonialynn59

    We are loving the video here.  That girl is hilarious!  20 games in 5 weeks.  I’m thankful those days are done and yet sad at the same time!  It goes by way too quickly!

  2. KmHunsberger

    Wow…your days should certainly be a lot more “free” with both girls gone for part of each day…wow! Little Nina won’t know what to do with herself!!! But…the busy nights should make up for it all. You are busy, busy, busy…seriously!

  3. angntug

    WOW. That’s still 4 days a week. I gave Morgan the option of soccer, gymnastics or cubbies…She chose gymnastics; I chose cubbies…so, we are on every wed night and both Morgan and Reese get to go :)No gymnastics and no soccer this season.

    Maybe since we have so much “free time” we may be able to come to one of the girls soccer games this season:)Morgan is loving kindergarten! Reese started “school” today at Crossroads. She’s in preschool every thursday this year, so it’s just me and bubby one day a week…(yeah!)…

    The girls enjoyed talking with Livi and Ava yesterday! Glad Livi’s liking school…and Ava, I can’t believe she’s in kindergarten, it’s nice she gets a half a day! Morgan’s on the bus at 8:30am and doesn’t get off the bus until 4:25! A full 8 hr day. Glad you enjoyed your vacation!!! Love ya!

  4. mtaviano

    ^They each only play 2 of those 3 days each week, Beki. Ex: the first week, Ava plays Wed/Fri and Livi plays Tues/Thurs. I’m not as think as you dumb I am.

  5. lendy_p

    Congrats on the coo-pon pronunciation! I am proud of you!
    I feel your pain on sending little girls to school Take joy in the fact that you still have one at home with you!
    Between you, me and the wall, I am very thankful that my girls are cheering for the same team and they only have 10 games It would probably help if I understood football, but I am mostly watching them anyway!

  6. gsowell

    Josie is chanting, “Put Livi on again. Put Livi on again.” She LOVED that video.

    You sound happy and rested and full. That’s the way you should feel post-vacation. I pray it sticks for a month! I say “cue-pon.” And I don’t even care. “Coo-pon” sounds really weird!

  7. MlleBaroque

    Ack!  My husband gives me the hardest time for pronouncing it “cue-pon” instead of “coo-pon”. Whatever…I grew up saying it that way and I’m not going to change!  Oh, and “law-yer” instead of “loy-yer”…which actually come to find out, both of those are correct pronunciations.

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