what are you thinking, mr. squirrel?

P.S. Yes, I know these are supposed to go at the end, but I honestly don’t know if you’ll make it to the end of this snoozer post. I’m in desperate need of some more Scrabble tiles. Many of you know of my fascination with them. I usually find them at garage sales from 25 cents to 2 dollars. I throw away the game board and racks and just use the letters. If you go garage-saling and find a Scrabble game, could you buy it for me? I’ll pay you for the game and shipping and even a bonus. THANK YOU!!


I wanted to post something really quick, because Jamie and her boys will be here any minute, and tomorrow’s going to be pretty full. (although I’m sure Jamie will blog from her iTouch-pod-whatever-thingy while we’re supposed to be enjoying the zoo animals with our children)

I’ve been sitting here for a full two minutes trying to figure out something interesting to say. For most of that time, I was staring at a squirrel in our front yard. I think he was staring right back at me. Squirrels are weird. He tiptoed across the lawn, paused, looked all around, tiptoed some more, paused, started to climb a tree, decided against it. What’s going through that little acorn brain of his? Or hers. I think I assume all squirrels are boys.

Well, see, I did have something interesting to say after all.

Friday night, we met Gabe’s podcast host and his wife at TGIFriday’s for supper. They drove up from D.C. for a car show. Lee and Gabe have met once before, but I had never met him or Priscilla. Lee and Priscilla Love. What a cool name for a couple. They generously treated us to a yummy meal, then we took the girls to the mall to play on the Zoo Stuff. The security guard told Livi she was too tall. She cried. Turns out you have to fit under Jack Hanna’s hand. Livi and Ava were actually both too tall (and have been for about 4 years).

Yesterday Gabe’s Uncle Jeff, Aunt Diane and cousin Heidi came into town for Heidi’s softball tourney. She’s on a C-bus traveling team. The games were cancelled because the fields were too wet, so we all hung out here. Then Greg (Heidi’s brother) and his wife Megan came, and we all went to an Italian restaurant in town. We got treated again. This was our lucky weekend! We took a walk around the Metro Gardens and burned off 50 of the 5000 calories we each consumed.

Heidi’s team won three games–and the tournament!–today. The girls and I made it to one game, and Gabe went to all three. Great job, Heidi!

The girls caught 6 miniature toads today in the backyard. They’re about 1/2 inch long. They played with them for a long time despite my warnings that they would die from over-stimulation. Sadly, the world has 6 less toads tonight.

And I think that might be all I’ve got. Y’all probably could’ve survived without this newsworthy post. Oh well. What’s done is done. Have a great week!!

16 thoughts on “what are you thinking, mr. squirrel?

  1. stephaniedawnbasham

    Um, if you see Mom and Dad you can just give it to them. They can bring the stuff to us when they come down. It would probably cost too much to send it, plus I would be afraid something would leak. Also, we had to buy some new stuff anyway when we didn’t have our luggage for a couple days, so we can go awhile without it.


  2. stephaniedawnbasham

    I just read your comment on my blog. I’m sad, but it’s probably for the best. I had forgotten about Daniel being gone this week – he doesn’t come home until 9pm on Friday night – so he wouldn’t even be here when you and Gabe would be here. But a trip this fall sounds PERFECT! Maybe you’ll be able to experience the pleasant Columbia weather instead of the yucky weather. 🙂

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  3. ladymiss3739

    @faithchick – I personally think you are now stuck picking a baby name from those letters.  Right, Marla? 

    I think I’ve seen those little toads.  We used to find these toads when I worked at camp in PA that were the size of a dime or so.  Teeny little guys.  We tried to keep one the one time and we thought he was too dry, so the one guy counselor spit into the cup to give him some “water.”  It drowned him.  The end. 

  4. faithchick

    i saw a scrabble at a garage sale recently.  i think it was too much though.  but, next time, i’ll buy it for you.

    but, besides that, do you want to hear something very odd?  well.  we were up A LOT last night.  for whatever reason, the little lady didn’t want to sleep.  anyway.  whenever i wake up at night, i can’t go back to sleep because i start thinking too much about a lotta random stuff.  i’m not kidding when i tell you this: I think i was thinkin about baby names or something, which made me think of our prior girl choice-isabella, which we aren’t using this time around.  And it made me think of the Isabella scrabble tiles you sent to me before we knew that E2 wasn’t going to be a girl.  So, here I have Isabella on my fridge with no real person with that name, ya know?  And i thought that I should send them back to you in case you could reuse them.  they’re already magneted and everything.  so, i was going ot message you this morning to see if it would hurt your feelings if i sent them back.    I’ll wait til i hit a few more garage sales just in case i find scrabble, but i’ll send ’em to you in a little while.  Along with your PIF gift. 

    wow.  that was a long story. i’m sure there’s a much more consice way to say all of that.

  5. luvmynoah

    I will keep my eyes peeled for scrabble. What all do you do with the letters?  Poor frogs…I’m sure the girls were very sad that they died.  Noah seems to love animals a bit too much and they see an early death as well.  Have fun at the zoo!

  6. stephaniedawnbasham

    1. I feel for Livi. Poor girl. I remember being too tall for stuff as a kid.

    2. Miniature frogs are my absolute favorite! Death by over-stimulation…hehe. Too funny.

    3. Have you guys decided what you’re doing this weekend?

    4. I love you!

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