we’re a little confused.

See, we were thinking it was December. And all of a sudden it feels like June. I love it. We’ve all decided we want to move to Florida!!

I only have a minute. Baths, bed, up super early for Sea World. I LOVE SEA WORLD!

Christmas with Gabe’s family was wonderful. Got home at 10:30pm. I stayed up until 2:10 packing. Up at 5:00. Pulled out of the driveway at 6:05 am Friday. Great trip, a little loooong, some nice traffic in GA. Ava lost a tooth in the van. 🙂 Arrived at my aunt and uncle’s empty house in Gainesville at 10ish pm.

Jacksonville Zoo today. 75 degrees, sunny, absolutely gorgeous. Jaguars! Bonobos! Petting stingrays! Feeding giraffes! We surprised the girls by stopping at a beach afterwards. They had no idea we were close to the ocean. They went crazy. Nina especially. Wading in the water, chasing birds, collecting shells. So beautiful and sunny and warm. I spent a lot of time praising the Lord for His awesome creation.

We’re back at Steve and Jo’s house, hoping to get lots of rest tonight. Sea World, Tampa Zoo, Busch Gardens and Animal Kingdom the next four days. WHEW!

Talk to you soon!

13 thoughts on “we’re a little confused.

  1. kellycohan

    Wow! What a great way to end out the year – in balmy Florida! I’m a teensy bit jealous… So glad you guys were able to surprise the girls with the ocean and see the great joy on their faces!! It sounds truly wonderful. Enjoy!

  2. barbaradesmond

    So not fair. At least tomorrow it’s going to be more tolerable going out. I hate the winter which is why I’d rather be back in CA but I heard the other day it was 36 in Long Beach which isn’t very warm either. Still beats being stuck in Hell though.

  3. jbnygaard

    I love how you guys didn’t tell your girls how close to the ocean you were! What an awesome surprise!!! I wish I could’ve seen the look on their faces! 🙂

    Have I ever told you 2 that you guys are AWESOME parents? Well..you are! Love ya! Praying for a safe and healthy trip.

  4. stephaniedawnbasham

    Jason and Janelle and the kids are at Busch Gardens this week! I told them you were going there one of the next couple days, but I doubt you’ll see each other. 🙂

    The weather here is lovely as well, but sadly there is no beach.

    I can’t wait to see pictures and hear stories of all the fun you’re having! I love you!

  5. smarkas

    Glad you are enjoying the warm, sunny weather. I was up in your neck of the woods this weekend, visiting my in-laws… and enjoying warm, though cloudy and rainy weather. It was in the 60s today!

    I finally read Diapers and really enjoyed it. I gave it to my SIL (who has a 6-month-old boy) and I think/hope she’ll really enjoy it as well. Looking forward to Expecting!

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