well, that was odd.

Go to McDonald’s today, order a drink, and get a free Southern Chicken Biscuit or Sandwich. I like free things.

EDIT: (9:30 a.m.) Back from McD’s. The chicken biscuit was…okay. I have a phobia of gristly chicken you can’t chew. My last bite went in the bag. Trying the sandwich for lunch I think. More Coke. 🙂

I came back from my jog, heated some water for tea, looked out the window into the back yard, and WHAT?!? A big ol’ brown koala in our neighbor’s tree. I know this isn’t Oz (as in Australia, not Dorothy), and I know that koalas don’t come in brown, but what other explanation is there? Seriously. (Well, I could have sworn I saw a kangaroo jump into a cornfield one night driving home from somewhere when I was a teenager. I suppose it could have been a deer.)

Anyway. Did you know that groundhogs can climb TREES?! Anyone? Did anyone know?

And they say that this isn’t the end of the world as we know it. Ha! Cyclones, earthquakes, tornadoes, economic chaos, groundhogs in trees. You know, this could mean there’s an earthquake coming. That would be a good reason for a groundhog to defy all odds and climb a tree, eh?

While we’re searching for answers to life’s difficult questions, here are some more for you:

If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea, does that mean that 1 out of 5 enjoys it?
If it’s true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for?
What hair color do they put on the driver’s licenses of bald men?
Did you ever notice that when you put the words “the” and “IRS” together, you get “THEIRS?”
American mothers feed their babies with tiny spoons and forks. Do Chinese mothers use toothpicks?

Meeting a friend and her two younger girlies at the Metro Gardens at 10:00. The girls have early dismissal today. Chicken tacos for supper. A few projects to tackle.

So I’m running past a house for sale this morning and notice the realtor’s name on the sign. Waltraud. W-A-L-T-R-A-U-D. This is his first name. (I forget the last name now. It was really normal.) Wow. I wonder what goes through a mama’s mind before she names a baby that. If you have a Waltraud in your family, I apologize for my insensitivity, but wow. Waltraud. I will give $100 to any pregnant xanga gal who names her child Waltraud. $200 if you have a girl.

There’s more going on in my mind and heart than groundhogs and odd names, but those kinds of thoughts are much easier to articulate at 8:00 in the morning. Or anytime really.

Another friend of a friend to pray for. I was chatting with Nixie last night, and she has a friend who had a miscarriage three years ago and has been trying the past two years to get pregnant. She has some physical complications (polycystic ovaries). Her name is also Nicki (Nikki?). I’ll do an updated list next week. Remind me!

Gabe and Nina and I went to watch Ava perform yesterday at the “Poetry Cafe.” The music room at school was set up with risers, pillows on the floor, lights out, icicle lights against black paper, microphone up front. Each kindergartener read a poem he/she had written. Ava took it soooo seriously. I took her to the thrift store yesterday morning to buy her black pants, because her teacher told them to wear all black. She was one of three who did. 🙂 We snapped instead of clapped, and there was Kenny G music playing between readings. Fun stuff.

Gotta go pack Livi’s lunch! Looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous day! Happy Thursday!

Ava and Ms. Calhoun at Poetry Cafe

34 thoughts on “well, that was odd.

  1. Airdee26

    Groundhog in a tree…only in Columbus! 🙂

    I love Chicfila…not sure I want to try McDonalds…I’m sure it can’t be the same.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that has the weird tongue sticking out thing in their family 🙂  Thank you for making me feel not so odd today

  2. Howdytoya

    Oh Jeepers, You can delete the first one… I didn’t think it had posted so I thought I had to rewrite it… Xanga played tricks on me an won.  Sorry.  So, to make up for it, I’m writing a third post.

  3. Howdytoya

    Lucky for you, Waltraud is on my favorites list. So when my fraternal twins pop out (in 3+ years) I’ll be naming them BOTH Waltraud and sorry to say, you’ll be out $300.  You know I know this?  M*A*S*H (Mansion–Apartment–Shack–House Game) told me.  Ever play that game when you were younger?  Amazing, though, I’m still waiting for that mansion I was promised. 🙂

  4. beccajanern

    My step-mom is named Waltraud (pronounced Val-traud).  She is German and apparently it is a classic name over there.  She needed something more American when she came to this country, so we just call her Jackie.  I thought it was a very odd name too when I first heard it, but it grows on you.

    I had just gone through the McD’s drive thru, when I came home and saw on facebook that you got your free chicken biscuit.  I debated about getting one, but thought better even it.  Even though it was free, it was not zero calories!

    Beautiful picture of Ava.  LOVE the idea of the poetry reading!  How fun!

  5. Nixter77

    I was going to call my child ‘Waltraud’ but now you have ruined the surprise! Humph!

    I want to come and eat chicken tacos – that actually sounds so good right now, even though it’s 9am. I love Mexican food!

    Thanks for praying for my friend AND Ava’s teacher looks just like someone I know. Strange.

    Love you!

  6. Jellybean523

    @mtaviano – oh wow! that would be interesting to see how they approach the same disease in a different country. i had a very rare surgery that most drs. don’t do, i wonder if she’s heard of it

  7. Jellybean523

    i have the world’s most treatment-resistant case of polycystic ovaries (among other things) so if you want to pass on my email to her through your friend, i’d be happy to talk to/encourage her and let her know what i’ve been through and what worked for me, etc.

  8. mikesandy102

    My neice and my two nephews wives are expecting.  I’ll see what they think about that name.  One already has a name picked out.  Oliver.  Your daughter is beautiful.

  9. terriwright

    You are so twisted. I love it. Ava’s teacher is one hip dude. That’s so 60’s/beatnik-y.

    Even Kirby, who grew up in the wilds of rural KY, did not know that groundhogs can climb trees. Watch for flying snakes…that’ll be the last sign……………………

  10. MlleBaroque

    Sweet, I had no idea about the chicken sandwich deal today!  I think I’m definitely going to swing by McD’s on my way home from my WOC meeting.  It’s nice having one “on the way home” from everything.

  11. FlyingCAB

    Ava is so cute……  seriously adorable!  Ok well all your girls are gorgeous…but she’s in the pic so I mentioned her specifically.  This is a fun post!  You got your funny back 😉

  12. rocknnell

    Sorry,  but I yelled out to Rock…. ” Did you know a groundhog can go up a tree….?”  With no hesitation…” yeah”  –  ” Charlie ran one up a tree down by the river “.  smile….That would be your FIL

  13. OkinawaAna

    Not sure you were really looking for this answer, but Japanese mommies (and I’m assuming Chinese mommies as well) don’t use toothpicks (ha!) to feed their babies.  They use “trainer” chopsticks — miniature sized chopsticks with fingerholes so that when baby is the right age, he can put his fingers in them, thus learning the proper hand positioning with which to use grown up chopsticks.  So, there you go.  Some free, useless information to make your Thursday just a little brighter!

    Love the poetry reading!  What a fun idea!

  14. luvmynoah

    I am laughing about the groundhog.  My friend on Myspace just posted three pictures of a huge brown animal up in her tree in her backyard.  She was confused as to what it could be and was asking for help!  I’m positive it is a groundhog now….

    Love the poetry night!  That sounds like alot of fun.

  15. kellycohan

    This post tickled my funny bone! Love love love the name Waltraud. OOPS. I don’t know why I typed that – I meant, love love love the poetry cafe!!! That is GREAT! Not so much love for Waltraud. Maybe it’s ethnic… German? And hooray for surprise freebies!

  16. Abs7

    did you get a free chicken sandwich coupon with your credit card bill? I did.

    Waltraud… Oh, I hope you don’t have any friends who are that desperate for $100.00!

    Livi is sooo cute!

  17. shannahhogue

    Someone LOVES groundhogs?  That’s seriously weird.  I’ve seen a lot of those nasty creatures in my time, but never up a tree!  I think he was just doing it for Marla’s benefit.

    I have often, often wondered what possesses people to name their children such strange and/or horrible names.  Seriously…it should be illegal…

  18. bethelaine

    i have “go to mcdonalds for free sandwich” on my list of things to do today!

    steve loves groundhogs.  i really don’t understand it.  that was almost a deal-breaker. 

  19. gsowell

    That poetry reading is too much! If I taught kindergarten, that is sooooo the sort of thing I would have done! Love, love, love it!

    Groundhog in tree? No, I didn’t know that. Weird. I hate groundhogs. In trees is even worse.

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