The doc at urgent care gave Livi and me some amazing cough medicine to take before bed. I did not cough ONE SINGLE TIME all night. It was nothing short of  a miracle. I’m still shaking my head at the night/day difference between last night and 2 nights ago. I got so much sleep. Livi didn’t cough either. I only had to get up a few times to get thirsty people water.

So, I got up at 7:00 with Nina thinking, “I must be all better. We’ve got this thing whooped for sure.” Just the teensiest bit presumptious. Every single thing I do takes so much effort. We’re definitely on the road to recovery though.

Ava’s getting ready to go to school. Livi’s taking at least today, maybe tomorrow, off. Nina has been a tantrum-throwing, sister-smacking mess. Screaming, throwing things. Gabe can calm her down but no one else. And yelling at her just sends me into a coughing fit.

You should read Janelle’s account of her trip to the sick house yesterday. It makes me chuckle. In a sick, twisted sort of way.

Gabe is itching to get back to work, but he still feels lousy. On Friday, the urgent care doc gave him a doctor’s excuse to miss work. He came home and handed it to me. Ha. That’s the sad thing about being self-employed. No one offers to pay you when you can’t work for 2 weeks. God will provide.

Some of you asked what malady we have. Well, Gabe tested positive for Influenza B on Friday. When we all went to urgent care yesterday, the doc said that one of the kiddos (probably Ava) gave it to him. They don’t test kids for it though, because there’s no treatment. They tested me (big ol’ swab up my nose clear to kingdom come) and it came back negative. Then they said, “That doesn’t mean you don’t have it.” Uh, okay. No, we didn’t get flu shots. Yes, we probably will get them next year. They said they saw 75 patients on Saturday in 9 hours, and we were the only ones with influenza. So, I don’t know what else is out there. I had diarrhea too, so it seems like I had about three different illnesses.

I just want it to be over.

My brother just called, and I picked up the phone. “Hi,” he says. “It’s your brother. How are you doing?” “I’ve been better,” I say. “Anything I can pray for you about?” he says. Hmmm… He knows nothing of our angst. I forget that the boys in my family don’t follow xanga. I give him the 30-second version of last week’s hell.

I miss reading and writing. Blogs are the only thing I’ve read or written in over a week, and I can only take that in small doses.


13 thoughts on “well…

  1. terriwright

    I hope it was Tussinex. That stuff is lovely……..

    Gail and I BOTH told you yesterday to take it slow and do very little…..you don’t LISTEN!! Of course, your ears are probably full of snot……..

    Still praying. Face it…Nina is only acting out what you ALL want to do!!!!!

  2. rachmckinney

    i am praying hard for you!! i’m trying to get us itno a dr. thoug hi’d hate to spend all the money (no inusrance) for them to tell me it’s the flu. but….i’m thinking it’s necessary right now!

  3. ClutzyButtercup

    We are true believers in the flu shot…one of the best benefits we have found is that after the second year of getting them, colds were almost non-existent in our house and if anyone got one, it didn’t last long.  Our doctor said that the flu shot often helps with that although there are no studies proving it.


  4. jessyomama

    by the way… I did tell josh that you guys were deathly ill… he came home and said that he just completely forgot and felt like a total dummy on the phone. he he

  5. jonnalynn

    i’m sorry your family has been ill! During our trip to Indiana all 12 people in Jordan’s family (staying in the same house) were sick with a terrible cold during the holidays! Hope you get to feeling better soon

  6. tonialynn59

    I read Janelle’s blog and you’re right it is funny in a sick twisted way.  I just feel so bad for you guys!   So thankful she came in to help.  Rest, dear as much as you can!  And the cough meds with codeine in it is a wonderful invention!!

  7. jbnygaard

    Oh…if I knew that you were hacking and staying up coughing…I would have mentioned the cough syrup with codeine. That’s the next best thing since sliced bread!

    The flu shot is sooo contravisial…it’s not even funny. Christian and I got it…the boys didn’t. We’ll see how this season goes.

    I’m am SOO glad Janelle was able to make it over and help. I have seriously thought about doing the exact same thing she did, but leaving the kids behind. I have been feeling so bad that you have no one near to help you in that way. God is so good! And aren’t we so glad he IS a God of provision?! He WILL provide!

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