weekend recap

Just the facts, ma’am. I’ll make time for a touchy-feely blog tomorrow.

Jamie arrived from her home up north Thursday night around 9pm. She got Eden and Erik settled in for the night, then we stayed up chatting until midnight or so.

Friday morning–ZOO DAY. Livi wasn’t feeling well and whined a fair amount throughout the day (not normal for her). I knew we were in trouble when she told me Thursday, “We’re going to the zoo again! I don’t want to go to the zoooooo!”

It was hot and humid, but we took lots of drinks and snacks, and the kids were great. Jamie and her boys are so much fun! Ava was in heaven, holding hands with Eden and showing him all the animals. I’m fairly certain she didn’t stop talking for 5 seconds the whole time. Eden didn’t seem to mind. I rode the carousel with the kids while Jamie took pictures, and she rode the train with everyone but Nina, who was fast asleep in her stroller by that point. We also fed the lorikeets. Well, Jamie did. The kids were scared. She had a cup of nectar in her left hand, two birds on her arm, and was taking pictures of them with her right hand. She’s quite talented.

We got McDonald’s for lunch. Theme of my life this summer. Then Jamie ran an errand while the kids watched Narnia. Then we headed to the Metro Gardens to show the boys the BIG BUGS. So hot, but the kids were great again. We got pizza for supper, Gabe and Livi left on a date, and Jamie and the boys stayed until 7:30 or so. Fun times. Thanks for making the trip, Jamie!

Saturday–the week caught up with me. I was exhausted. We got up early, packed the girls’ suitcases, and headed to Gabe’s parents’ house. Tug and Angie and the kids came for lunch then took Tanner with them to a wedding in Toledo.

Gabe and I went to see The Bourne Ultimatum while Nina napped and the other four girls played outside. I really liked it, but I don’t think it was my favorite of the three. And I was pretty sleepy.

Hung out with the fam, got pizza, gave baths. Then we kissed Livi and Ava good-bye (until Tuesday!!) and left with Nina. The girls kept asking me when I was going to leave. Where’s the love? Hopefully, everything’s going well. I haven’t heard from them in almost 48 hours!

Gabe’s mom just kept the older four (Livi, Ava, Morgan, Reese) this time, so they could do Big Girl stuff without worrying about Nina and Tanner. At first, I wasn’t sure about that. Not much of a break for mom when her big girls leave and she still has little tyke. But it’s been good. It’s definitely easier taking care of just one, and we’re having fun. And Neenie’s pretty good at entertaining herself too. And her naptime means free time to read and write instead of games and puzzles!

Yesterday–church, relax, bookstore, library, relax, dinner out, grocery store.

Oh–confession time. I told you I’d have books to give away…and then I went and sold them to Half Price Books. I just don’t have the $ right now to send them all. So instead of spending $60, I made $21. I’ll have more books later, after I’m done with research and stuff.

Today, I’ve been cleaning and sorting through the girls’ clothes and doing laundry. Worked on the book during Nina’s nap.

And that’s it. I’d like to post more pics soon–there were some more really good ones of KY, and I got a lot of good ones on Friday too.

Man, that was long for just being the facts.

20 thoughts on “weekend recap

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  2. kissabby

    I know its crazy! I was praying that they would combine and do a couple together but everyone wants to do their own thing! I do feel so special and this little girl is already spoiled!

  3. Nixter77

    need to talk to you tomorrow about next May 08 – still working my magic in trying to get you out.. Off to bed now after bible study but will call or email tomorrow, love you!

  4. scottnjes

    Wow. you are the busiest person ever.

    I’m really sad to have misplaced my Marla books. I tend to misplace things every time i move and it’s so sad until i find them again! I can’t wait to find my Marla books 🙂

  5. tonialynn59

    Darleen is reading your sex book while she is here!  I’m going to show her how to contact you and order her own set!   I haven’t convinced her to do xanga yet.  Maybe Bethany can do that!

  6. shannahhogue

    I didn’t know of any other Tugs either, and then all of a sudden it hit me why “Gabe Taviano” always sounded so familiar when I knew I’d never met him. And THEN I remembered that everyone at camp knew Tug as the brother of someone who’d worked there the year before…how bizarre…well anyway…now that mystery is solved! Crazy!

  7. mtaviano

    ^lol, Shannah. I don’t know any other Tugs in the world besides my BIL (Tim McGraw’s dad, but he died), but everyone in the world knows TUG. Yes, he worked at Scioto when you were there.

  8. terriwright

    You know , a study just done found that even carrots were perceived by kids to taste better if they came in McDonald’s packaging. Brainwashed.

    Oh – –  did we heathen rednecks treat you nicely while you were in no-man’s-land??? 

  9. stephaniedawnbasham

    Oh no! Is Livi going to be bored and annoyed that we’re going to the Columbia Zoo??? I hope not!

    I’m glad you made $21 instead of spending $60. That’s a way better alternative.

    I can’t wait to see you!!!

  10. jbnygaard

    My week has been miserable without my bible! I have been looking ALL over for it, and was wracking my brain to where it could be! I just assumed Satan had hid it, because he didn’t want me reading The Word right now when I need it the most! Fortunatly I have other Bibles, but not my favorite one! And yes, I’ll meet up with Janelle to get my bible! Keep me posted.

    Still can’t get over Nina’s face when she wanted to go home with me! Oh, how I LOVE THAT GIRL!!!!!! 🙂

  11. kkakwright

    I wondered if you were trying to kill yourself with all the activity of last week.  Sunday sounded nice though.

    I desperately want to see all of the pictures.

    1 kid = vacation 🙂

  12. Nixter77

    Sounds like a fun but busy few days. I want to come and see the BIG BUGS. No more big bugs at our house after the BIG BUG MAN came to kill them all. Mwah ha ha ha ha!!!

    Looking forward to more pictures. Love you!

  13. KmHunsberger

    I lvoed the zoo pics of all of you in KY. Ava looks like she has grown a foot since I last saw her. Good thing Landon is tall I miss all of you girls…I need to do another intensive at Liberty so I have an excuse to come down. Too bad I only have one more

    Good job on the books. You made me feel a tad less selfish bc when you said you were going to send all those books out I immediately thought of the money you would spend and wondered how in the world you would do that

    Yeah for time off from the girls…well, two of them at least

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