wednesday? sweet!

I shouldn’t be on the computer. When I have somewhere to go in the morning, I sit and meander around xanga, then rush around to get everybody ready on time. I meant to just check the weather…

After Livi gets on the bus, Nina, Ava and I are heading to a gal’s house in Hilliard to surprise her sister. Jodie (the sister) was in my wedding back in the day. (Jenny and I know each other a little.) Jodie’s coming for a visit, and Jenny wrote on my facebook wall and asked me if I’d like to come over and surprise her. She said it’s been awhile since she heard that “Cedarville scream.” (I guess C-ville girls shriek with excitement when they see each other, even if they’re roommates and see each other at lunch. Looking back, I can’t deny it. But at a mature 32, I’d like to think I’m past it. I’ve moved on to xanga-long-lost-friend-type hugs instead. )

The zoo was good yesterday. I was expecting to be in charge of a slew of sweet hooligans. I had Livi and Carri. It was 10 times easier than taking my own children to the zoo. No stroller, no 2-year-old. Just me, 2 grown-up girls, and a backpack. It was fun.

Livi had a soccer game last night. That was fun too. They tied 2-2.

I got hit by a stomach thing again last night. (I feel fine now) I honestly thought I was going to hurl again. Not cool. Ended up sitting on the toilet instead of kneeling by it. I’m not sure what’s going on.

I just realized something. I haven’t been very funny lately. Wonder what I can do about that.

Okay, I’m doing it again. (meandering then rushing) I’ve really got to go. Have a wild Wednesday!

11 thoughts on “wednesday? sweet!

  1. luvmynoah

    Have fun visiting!  I’m glad the zoo was enjoyable.  I’m with Krista…I come here for a laugh!!  I wouldn’t want to be funny if I had a bug either…..our bug here lasted over a week!!!

  2. kkakwright

    i told you, our bug lasted forever.  just when you think it is gone…it isn’t. 
    you haven’t been funny lately. i count on you and you alone as my daily dose of humor.  you have really let me down. 🙂 love you!

  3. tonialynn59

    I do the same thing and I too could have written your first paragraph.  Then I’m ticked at myself for spending too much time on the computer.  Oh well!  It all gets done in the end???

  4. faithchick

    i do the same thing!!  i could have written your first paragraph.

    when you say things about sitting on toilets & not kneeling by them, i think that counts as pretty funny.

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