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First of all, lots of comments about Livi’s ears and fears. I hope I didn’t come across as insensitive to her. I know her fears are very real, and I’m praying that she will feel God’s comfort and that I can convey to her that His perfect love drives out fear. Until she grasps that, I reassure her many times a day that Mommy will never, ever, ever leave her. She is so sweet and tender, and my heart aches with love for her (and her little sisters).

Secondly, I had my first radio interview for Blushing Bride yesterday. WWJC out of Duluth, Minnesota. I was so nervous and wanted to cancel it, but as a result of much prayer, it went really, really well. It was live, and I sat on my bed while I talked. You can listen to it online if you’re so inclined at www.wwjc.com

Just click on the Northland Notebook archives for Friday, April 21st. I was the last interview of the hour, so you’ll have to fast forward to hear it.

Thirdly, I have another interview on May 16th, with a secular AM talk radio station out of Seattle, WA. (This is the cool opportunity I was talking about.) They have a daily 1-hour “spiritual” program with Christian hosts, so I get to share the message of my book with non-believers. Please pray that God will be glorified!

Last, and least, I promised the monitor story. So, a couple nights ago, I flip on the baby monitor and crawl into bed at 1am, dead tired. Thankfully, Nina doesn’t make a peep until 4 or 5 or so. And then I hear her peep. Literally. It sounded like a baby chick.

I jumped out of bed to see if she gagging or something. Nope. She looked perfectly peaceful. Back to bed.

Chirp chirp. Eek eek. Okay, so now she sounds like a chicken and a mouse.

Back to her room. Nothing. Back to our room. Now she starts crying–a very weird cry.  Run to her room. It’s not her. It must be Livi or Ava? But, no. They’re fine.

Go back to Nina’s room. Hear crying coming from our room. Run back and forth between rooms. Someone is crying on our baby monitor, and it is none of our babies.

Then I hear, “Should we take him to the doctor?” HUH?! Then, OH! Our neighbors across the street have a 7-month-old son. I check Nina’s monitor. Channel A. I check our monitor. Channel D. Hmmm… Switch to channel A. I hear…breathe in, breathe out, breathe in… My baby. Go figure.

Gabe says, “We could listen to them some more.” He’s kidding. I think. Heather, if you read this, I promise we haven’t eavesdropped since!

You all said you like long blogs… 🙂

6 thoughts on “unrelated items

  1. hcole86

    What a great story!

    I read Bethany’s comment and it makes me really want to read your book but I’ve not made it to Koorong yet…..

    Fantastic news on the interviews! Wish I could listen but am at work.

  2. YoYoYoder

    Marsy! Your interview was so good! I tried to save the file, but so far I’ve only been able to save the link. How long do they keep interviews on their website?

    You did so good at answering all of his crazy questions! Did he give you any heads up on what he might ask you beforehand? I was very impressed. Great job!

    Stew listened to it with me and he asked me if our first year was really that bad. I said it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been because I had you to warn me! 🙂 Thanks for being such a godly and wise older sister. I love you!

  3. biblestorebrowser

    That is hilarious! When we were using ours regularly, I imagined what other people would think if they heard our everyday conversations because we’d leave the transmitter on around the clock. Fortunately, no one around here has kids that age, and our monitor doesn’t transmit as far as anyone else’s house anyway.
    I enjoyed listening to the interview and learning more about you. That might be a nice resource for website visitors who don’t frequent the blog.
    Missed you today. Is Nina still sick? Gabe was gone before I could ask about you.

  4. angntug

    Has seen baby monitors in a baby magazine and I think they are digital…….they promise not to pick up other peoples’ conversations……they’re a bit more than the regular ones but if it means not “babysitting” somebody elses’ kid they might be worth it!

  5. CourtneyMarieP

    that soooo isn’t a long blog!  i have always been worried that someone is listening to us through our monitor.  to this day i rethink what i just said…. and if i was yelling really loud, hoping i don’t open my door to children’s services!

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