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I thought she might have a hearing problem. I had five sets of tubes in my ears when I was little, so it made sense. Gabe thought since she was five years old already, she might be out of the woods. I wasn’t so sure. It seemed like every other sentence I spoke to her, she followed up with, “Huh?”

Hearing trouble isn’t my oldest daughter’s only issue at the moment. She has also developed a case of paranoia. She seems to think that her parents are going to abandon her. Every night when I put her to bed, she gives me the rundown, “Where will you be? Will you be in your recliner? If you get out of your chair, will you be at your computer? You won’t go in the basement, will you? You won’t go outside, will you? Where will Daddy be? Playing his game?” And on and on it goes.

We have these kinds of discussions all day long. And today it dawned on me. She must just have selective hearing, because she definitely does not have a hearing problem. She’ll be up in bed for a nap with the fan on high and her nature CD playing, and I’ll quietly open the front door to get the mail.


I can’t even open the refrigerator until she’s asleep! Today, she was down for a nap again (well, she doesn’t really sleep anymore, just counts the minutes until her younger sister wakes up and she can come downstairs). Fan’s blowing, CD’s playing, and her daddy is even mowing the grass outside. I sit down in the living room to cut my fingernails. I had clipped one nail. One. And…



“Are you cutting your fingernails or Nina’s?”

You’ve got to be kidding me. I can check tubes off my list. Nothin’ wrong with that girl’s ears.

Oh, yeah. I was going to write about baby monitors and an exciting opportunity. Tomorrow. Gabe just reminded me that I told him last week that people don’t like to read long blogs. Oops!

9 thoughts on “under the radar

  1. ekag

    Hi, my name is Tracy, and through scuzzy’s site, I occasionally come here. I have to say, this post was very encouraging! My oldest turned five yesterday, and she has the exact same paranoia! I can’t go into another room without the third degree. The worst is when she is buckled in the car- if I need to run back into the house, she freaks out, so now she asks every time we are going somewhere, if I will need to run back inside for anything. My husband and I were seriously wondering if this was an early indication of a psychological disorder!! 🙂

  2. angntug

    How precious! You know, Morgan does that all the time. She decides to listen when it benefits her needs…….icecream, play games, no nap…….she hears it and doesn’t forget! I’ve decided on no naps for her unless I am extremely exhausted, and her and I have our time together while Reese sleeps.

     I ask her what her prayer requests are and she always prays for Livi and Ava……her praises, “for Livi and Ava” and we thank God for them!

    I think only us girls don’t mind reading long blogs……men like to keep things simple……………..

  3. biblestorebrowser

    I like long blogs, too. . . as long as it’s something interesting like yours!
    I’ve heard some “huh’s” too, but I wonder if she’s not just practicing what she hears others saying because she thinks it’s neat or something. Or maybe she just wants to pretend she doesn’t understand so she doesn’t have to do what I tell her. . .
    Looking forward to hearing more on the new opportunity!

  4. mtaviano

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    It’s usually found in a corner cupboard. You open the cupboard and you can spin the tray around to reach the stuff in the back more easily. 🙂

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