uncle appreciation day!

I’m pretty sure I just made that up, although maybe it’s already being celebrating somewhere. I got an e-mail this morning from my Uncle Nick, one of my dad’s brothers. It touched my heart and made me start reflecting on the too-often-overlooked blessing of uncles.

I have nine of them. I used to have 11. My uncle Greg died in 2005 of cancer before he turned 50. Another uncle isn’t married to my aunt anymore.

Nine uncles is a lot. Seven of them are blood relatives. Two in-laws. I’ve never really thought of them as a collective group before. They’re pretty cool. We share lots of memories. They have a lot of kids–32 in all.

They’re all believers. How amazing is that? One’s a pastor. Two are in Christian radio. One used to be a principal of a Christian school. One’s a Christian psychologist. And the other ones do fun stuff like milk cows and drive UPS trucks.

A couple weekends ago, as I sat around a big table playing Rook with some of these uncles, I just felt all warm and cozy inside. And a little sad. They’re getting older. Life goes by quickly. Time is short.

Some of them remind me so much of my dad. I love it.

I think Uncle Nick is the only one who reads my blog. Maybe Uncle Rod every once in awhile. Maybe I’ll have to send them all Uncle Appreciation Cards through the mail.

Thanks, Uncle Terry, Uncle Doug, Uncle Tim, Uncle Rod, Uncle Nick, Uncle Chris, Uncle Steve, Uncle Ron, and Uncle Strut (Tracy). Thanks for loving God and your wives and your kids and grandkids. Thanks for being such a positive influence in my life. Thanks for all the crazy-happy memories of softball games and beach vacations and Rook games and helping baby calves be born and a million other things. I love you.

My hubby’s an uncle to seven little ones. What a privilege. Uncle Gabe’s pretty cool.

And my girlies are blessed beyond measure by their four uncles. Uncle Tug, Uncle Josh, Uncle Stewart, Uncle Daniel. All youth pastors. And all of them loved by their nieces. The mention of any of their names brings a smile to my little ones’ faces.

Thank you, God, for uncles.

Four things before I go talk to Ava’s class about being an author

1.) Don’t forget to sign up for the Expelled DVD giveaway below.

2.) My little Nina-Monkey is off at Grandma and Papaw Taviano’s for a couple days. Gabe’s mom was in town for the Main Event and was coming back on Wednesday to watch the girls while Gabe and I go out for my b-day. So she asked if she could have Nina in between. Nina was beside herself with excitement. Her very first Big Girl Adventure without her sisters. She was so giddy last night at 10:00, climbing in her car seat in Grandma’s car. Her mom and 2 sisters stood on the porch stoop crying. (Ava was sobbing.) We’re okay now, but wow, did I have a freak-out, empty-nest-like moment. My babies are growing up, and it’s about more than I can stand.

3.) I’m doing a Blog Tour for our friend, Kary Oberbrunner, who has a new book coming out called The Fine Line. I’ll be blogging more about that in the days ahead.

3.) Here’s my Uncle Nick’s e-mail. I want to talk more about this at a later date too. (He’s dead right.)

Subject: Why the world cannot accept creation

     I was reading your blog, site or whatever you call it.  The answer to your question is a simple one.  If the world believed in creation then they would have to realize that they would have to answer to God for how they live their lives.  But as long as they can make up a story that they can believe even though it makes no sense  (evolution)  then they can live their lives as they please because they are their own god and are responsible to no one.  So when Christians disprove their theory then we are  turning their life upside down so then they attack us as a result.  
Uncle Nick

If you have a beloved uncle, I’d love to hear about him. Or better yet, go tell him how much you appreciate him!

Have a beautiful, sun-kissed Tuesday!!

13 thoughts on “uncle appreciation day!

  1. hollydue

    I, too, have several FABULOUS uncles who love Jesus. After the loss of my Dad, I have come to lean on them and call them when I need that “older and wiser” advice. I am truly blessed to have these wonderful men as family.

    We DO need an uncle appreciation day!

    Love to you, dear friend.

  2. the2bryants

    Thanks for posting this!  It sure made me think about all the special people in my life.  I only had one uncle and he has been with Jesus now for almost 4 months.  His death has left a huge hole in our family…..because He was such a man of God….and he loved us all so much!  🙂

  3. KmHunsberger

    YEah for Uncles. Yeah for anyone who takes an interest in other’s lives. That is how we leave a legacy…right. I don’t know too many men like that…but I plan on raising two of them

  4. kellycohan

    Your post warmed my heart. Hope the next couple of days with Nina gone are fun for you and your older girlies! And way to appreciate uncles. I bet they don’t get nearly enough appreciation.

  5. YoYoYoder

    I can just picture Nina’s excitement! She is just a cutie, so fun to watch her. I love how sensitive Ava is to so many things. Her and Anna are a lot alike, aren’t they? So precious.

    I never really took the time to think about how special my uncles are. But they truly are. And I do love them. It’s sad how I just take people in my life for granted. Thanks for helping me appreciate them!

  6. ergirl053

    Did you sob uncontrollably along with Ava? Because if I sent Kylie off to grandma’s for more than 10 seconds, I probably would have been a blubbering mess 🙂
    I agree that uncles are GREAT! K has a special one- just one, but that’s ok. We were at a wedding recently, and during the “Father/Daughter” dance, he scooped her up and they danced the night away- melt my heart!

  7. OneFlossyChick

    I LOVE my Uncle Eric. He’s the coolest ever. When I was little he would wrestle with me and tickle me. He’s so hyper all the time and talks a million miles an hour. He’s a big dreamer and a big doer. He can do anything. And his little girl… she’s my little monster!

    My other uncles are great too, but Uncle Eric has always had my heart.

  8. OkinawaAna

    Aww… this makes me sad for my girls.  They only have one uncle.  (He’s a great uncle, but still.)  This is what happens when your Papa is an only child and your Mommy only has one sister.  Makes it easier to keep track of everyone, though.  🙂

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