I dread going to the dentist. The scraping, the picking, the cold water on my sensitive teeth. Had my 6-month check-up this morning. I survived but barely. I  just took a little calendar and pen up to the bathroom. From now until August, I’m going to circle every day I floss. Evidently, I tend to overestimate how often I do it. No more. I left the dentist’s office feeling like I got hit by a truck, and all they did was clean my teeth. Time to be a little more pro-active about my health, I guess. Next step–start running (jogging a mile really slow) again. I’m aiming for May.

Kimberly’s coming over after work tonight to watch our girls (unless she forgot or changed her mind). I reminded Ava before she left for school.

Me: Kimberly’s coming tonight to watch you girls while Daddy and I go out for our anniversary.
Ava: She is?!
Me: (trying to decide if she’s excited or shocked and upset)
Ava: Hallelujah!
Me: I take it she approves.

Speaking of Ava, she lost her first tooth last night! You’ve never seen someone more excited. I really don’t think it was quite ready to come out, but she asked me to push and pull on it anyway. She kept saying it didn’t hurt, and I was about ready to throw up. Then out it came! Wow, they grow up fast.
Gabe has pics on his site of her haircut and tooth gap

The girls have been saving up their allowances for weeks now to buy LittleKinz (smaller version of Webkinz). Ava got a white terrier, and Livi got a baby blue hippo. Rosie and Violet are their names, and we just love having them as part of the family. I like that they’re saving up for things instead of begging to spend $ at the Target Dollar Spot. Of course, it could have something to do with the fact that we never go to Target anymore.

Gabe wants to know what I have planned for our big date. Umm…eating somewhere…and then…umm… We don’t get out much. I don’t like movies much, and they’re long. I don’t have money to spend and don’t really like to shop. Gabe votes for the Apple Store. I vote for a bookstore. A perfect date to me is…hmmm…eating, reading, drinking something from Starbuck’s.

Gabe’s over at his desk, tells me something, then 45 seconds later says the exact same thing again. Don’t you hate it when you can’t remember if you said something out loud or just thought it to yourself. This happens to me all the time, so I think it’s funny when Gabe does it.

Do you ever wish you had more sophisticated tastes? (in clothing, food, decor, whatever) I think about this quite a bit, but then I’m over it.

If you can’t tell, I’m feeling kind of spacey/loopy/out of it at the moment. I usually catch up on things on Monday mornings. I spent a hellish 60 minutes in a dentist’s chair instead. I’m all thrown off.

February is busy.

I’m speaking at a MOPS group here in C-bus tomorrow morning. I can’t remember how the lady got my name, but I’m excited to go. It’s about you-know-what.

Speaking of that, my darling friend Nixie sent me a gift from Australia. It’s the Ultimate Head Massager, Wow. I love it, Nixie! THANK YOU! Apparently they’re all the rage with celebrities and whatnot. I simply cannot post the link to the site though. The name of the contraption isn’t suitable for print. Ask Nicki if you must know. 🙂

I’m talking to my agent tomorrow about the possibility of resurrecting the in-law book. Remember–you all filled out surveys, and then the publisher said “nobody buys books about in-laws.” A couple of you gals have been praying that it still works out, and here lately I’ve really been itching to write it. Sooooo…we shall see. This weekend I read through what I wrote a long time ago, and wow, I think it could work.

We went to my mom and dad’s Saturday for some family fun. Played euchre and Blokus, flew a plane, made crafts with Bethy, chatted, ate, visited my grandma. Great times!

I’d better go clean something so Kimberly thinks I’m a good homemaker. 🙂 Happy Monday!

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  1. twoloverslane

    The new Reach floss pic has changed my flossing habits!  Soooo easy and it doesn’t get your fingers slimy and gets the hard to reach places.  I floss daily now!  Not to sound like a commercial, but check it out!

  2. Anonymous

    Oh… in-laws.  Fuuun!  My in-laws… are like kinsmen redemers.  I often sign cards to them as my “in-loves”.    MY family, however, is the… aaaa… “in-laws”.  (God love my hubby.)  I’d love to read a good, helpful, book on said topic!  (Not to mention pass it on to whomever may be… umm… “encouraged” by a book on said topic! *Wink*)  More power to ya!

    BTW… loved the comment from Gabe to Mr. Ramsey on eating out.  VERY funny.  We got through that stage too!!!  🙂

  3. faithchick

    i’m late to all this commenting, but I’m also completely shocked that b.e. doesn’t go to the dentist.  i had to re-read that! 

    there was something else……

  4. M3mine

    An in-law book would be super!  I still have a mother-in-law (age 88)!  I can’t think of a better topic for all of us.  Even if ours aren’t still alive, we are becoming in-laws!  All of us…and we’d better know how to handle things.   BTW…I have two wonderful son-in-laws or is it sons-in-law?  Regardless, eventually, I’ll have a daughter-in-law too, and with all of them, I want to do a good job, like my mother-in-law has done.

  5. terriwright

    Dental insurance? Don’t have it. Dentist? Go approximately once every 15 years, whether I have to or not. The dentist can’t even get the floss to go between my crookedcrookedcrooked bottom teeth, so he recommends that I not try. No cavities. Tough teeth. Hate the sounds of the dentist’s office. Bah.

  6. allieanne

    Have you ever talked about you-know-what with teenagers? I may be doing a girls sunday school class in the next couple of weeks…I have no idea what to say…any ideas? or books?

    I think an in-laws book would reach the top 10 list 🙂

  7. gsowell

    I LOVE to go to the dentist!!! I just made an appointment for my yearly check this morning. We don’t have dental insurance, or I’d go twice a year! Like BE, I have healthy teeth, so yearly seems to do it. I just love that really clean feeling after being at the dentist.

    Ava’s hair is entirely cute. She’s pretty darn cute to start with. I keep waiting for a loose tooth, but we’ve got nothin’ around here yet.

    I need to start my kids’ allowance.

  8. bethelaine

    i know.  it’s weird that i don’t go to the dentist.  but honestly, i have great teeth.  i floss every day (i seriously flossing!), i don’t have any sensitive spots, and i’ve never had a cavity.  when i went to college and then moved out on my own, i never bothered to find a dentist.  it’s been on my list of things to do, but i just keep putting it off….

  9. mtaviano

    ^I’m shocked, too, B.E. But I feel your pain.

    And Sara, you’re not the only weirdo around here. Krista was even a dental hygienist before she had kids–blech.

    And I’ll definitely be asking for more in-law stories–good and bad.

  10. Anonymous

    ^ BE,^

    From reading your site and others, you would be the last person that I would think of to skip out on the dentist.  You’re so … conscientious!  But this is coming from the daughter of a woman who has worked for a dentist for 20 years.  I’m one of those sick people that loves getting her teeth cleaned.  I know… sick.  But I do have lovely teeth! 🙂

    Marla, I would love to hear more about an inlaw book and I could have some interesting tidbits to share!  I have great inlaws, but stories none-the-less.


  11. ladymiss3739

    I have to go to the denist…not looking forward to it either.  When I read about Ava asking you to wiggle her tooth, that made me feel kind of sick.  I didn’t realize I’d have these things to look forward to as a mom. 

    Have a wonderful time tonight with Gabe!  Aren’t date nights the best? 

  12. filledeparis

    ^I would totally buy the in-law book! Also, after reading all of my blog comments about MIL’s, I’m not alone. I hope that your mouth feels better before tonight. Have a smashing date night!

  13. rebates


    I just got your Blushing Bride book from the library over the weekend, and I had to tell you…I turned straight to “the chapter”…I’m still waiting to get your other book from the library, and I can’t wait til your newest book comes out!

    I can totally identify on the matter of thinking about saying something and later not being sure if you actually said it out loud.  Isn’t it weird how our minds work?

    Have a great date night!

  14. singenschmetterling

    okay so TOTALLY random but I think we have the same dining room table:).  I was looking at the pics on Gabe’s site and yep, I am pretty sure from the little itty bit that I saw, they are the same.  I love my table:).  haha.

    Anyway- hope you have a great anniversary date.

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