tummy bugs and waylaid plans

After Livi’s short-lived bout with the stomach flu a week ago, I was 92% sure the rest of us had been given a Get Out of Sick Free Card. And then Nina started complaining that her belly hurt. After supper (which she didn’t eat), we settled in on the couch with blankets and pillows to watch a 5-episode Punky Brewster mini-marathon (the one where Henry’s studio burns down, he gets a bleeding ulcer, Punky goes back to Fenster Hall, then to live with Jules and Tiffany, before Henry finally wins her back).

Um, where was I?

Ten minutes into Episode 1, Nina succumbed to the Big Fat Tummy Bug. And then again. And there go two more things off my calendar tomorrow. Most of this stuff can be easily rescheduled, but I hate that we didn’t get to read with DaShawn last week and now this week. I hope she doesn’t think I forgot about her.

Nina’s sleeping peacefully now. Thank you, Jesus.

All that to say that my blogging mojo is off-kilter and that my kiddos come first.

I do have a fun little game to play, though, if anyone’s interested. Gabe’s friend, Chilly, wrote a post last week about What You Don’t Want For Christmas. Just give one answer for each.

Whatever you do, DON’T buy me…

1. CD

2. Book

3. Restaurant gift card

4. Retail store gift card

5. Gadget

p.s. If you’re interested, I’m reading the book @stickyJesus (it’s a Twitter thing) with a group of people over on Michelle Sarabia’s blog. The book is all about using social media to share Jesus with the world. I’m all about that.

p.p.s. One birthday banner left! (at a new discounted price!)

And I almost forgot! Speaking of gadgets, my hubby is giving away a pretty cool one on his blog today…

21 thoughts on “tummy bugs and waylaid plans

  1. Kelli

    Don’t get me a….

    1. CD – Toby Keith

    2. Book – About economics

    3. Restaurant gift card – McDonald’s

    4. Retail store gift card – Abercrombie… barf

    5. Gadget – A tire jack

  2. Laura

    Whatever you do, DON’T buy me…

    1. CD – Andrea Bocelli. I have to listen to it all day at work. Sorry dude, I’m so sick of you!

    2. Book – Anything about politics.

    3. Restaurant gift card – McDonalds

    4. Retail store gift card – I’m sorry but I just cannot answer this. I can find something to buy pretty much anywhere. 🙂

    5. Gadget – toenail clippers

  3. Rachelle

    1. rap/hip-hop

    2. Left Behind series

    3. Any “Big City” brand that I do not have close, I have an Outback Steakhouse with $50 that I will never, probably, use.

    4. Any store that markets mostly to teens

    5. egg seperator

      1. Rachelle

        SOLD!! One *used gift card(cause we did use it once, over a year ago,when we went to Albuquerque,3 hrs away,for an appointment)I checked the balance though and it has $53.69. And I don’t want anything for it, are you kidding! I am happy to have someone use it.

          1. Rachelle

            oooh, I am laughing so hard right now!! I’m glad someone gets my off sense of humor!

            Are you just trying to ensure I have something for your exchange!!? 🙂 No, if you really want to trade for something I accept, gracefully, and you will not see it posted as the thing I want to give away!! Got any good books to share?

  4. Kelly Sipan

    Whatever you do, DON’T buy me…

    1. a rap or hip-hop CD

    2. a scary/suspenseful book… too had to fall asleep!

    3. T.G.I.Friday’s gift card

    4. Crate and Barrel gift card – I would buy way too many things we don’t need! 🙂

    5. a smart phone – don’t want to be glued to my phone and the internet all day!

  5. Jen Hanson

    Whatever you do, DON’T buy me…

    1. CD – Lady Gaga or Kanye West (if your cover is so vulgar that it has to be censored – you should not win album of the year. gross)

    2. Book – Twilight.

    3. Restaurant gift card – RA (a swanky sushi spot) (incredible branding but raw fish, just about any fish really, makes my stomach quiver)

    4. Retail store gift card – Abercrombie and Fitch (I literally gag every time I walk past the store because the cologne smell is so unbearably strong that my throat closes up)

    5. Gadget – a facial tanner

  6. Joel McLaughlin


    1. Dead Tree Books (LOVE my Kindle)
    2. CD’s (Pandora and Digital Downloads take LESS SPACE!)
    3. Gift Cards (just give me cash…)
    4. Socks
    5. Underwear

    What do I really want?

    1. A Good Christmas for my wife.
    2. A Good Christmas for my Kid.
    3. New Computer (all my personal machines are OLD!).
    4. New Netbook.
    5. New Android Tablet or iPad

    I’ll be happy with 1 or 2…..

    1. Joel McLaughlin

      Oh that is my list… 😉 Silly me…..let me answer those:

      1. CD – Rap
      2. Book – I don’t know….love them all…..eBook preferably.
      3. Restaurant Gift Card – Bob Evans
      4. Retail Card – Nieman Marcus (just not into expenseive clothing or stuff they sell).
      5. Gadget – GoogleTV (it needs to go back in the oven….not done yet).

  7. Sarah

    We have been fighting that bug here this week! Homeschool was cancelled Tuesday and Wednesday as 5/6 of our family was sick, and the 6th (the instigator) was getting over it 😛 Quarantine for everyone!!!
    1. most any CD…except Cindy Nockles, I think I like her.
    2. book…anything with non-useful information
    3. restaurant…unless you’re providing free babysitting along with it, don’t bother
    4. retail…again, unless you’re providing free sitting so I can go WITHOUT 4 kids…it’s probably not worth it
    5. gadget…I have enough of those, thank you! They just take up space and have to be washed (kitchen gadgets, at least).

  8. Jen Griffin

    CD (or artist): Sandy Patti
    Cologne/Perfume: Red Door
    Book (author): oh there are so many I would NOT like.
    Restaurant Giftcard: PIZZA HUT…YUCK
    Retail (Mall) Store Giftcard: Spencer’s Gifts(but I do hear they are now selling dancing poles) Bahaha.
    Starbucks drink: any kind of coffee

    I would LOVE: an IPad…or a new Nikon Rebel. 🙂

  9. joyce

    I loved this and I made it a post on my blog today-

    btw-have you seen the game Scrabble Flash? I thought of you when I saw it advertised : )

    1. CD (or artist): Justin Beiber…uh, no thanks.

    2. Cologne/perfume: anything Gardenia…I think Gardenias are beautiful but their scent reminds me of funerals.

    3. Book (or author): Nancy Pelosi

    4. restaurant gift card: this is hard because I’m pretty much always up for eating out….McDonalds?

    5. retail/mall gift card: Hot Topic…this is sooo not me. Did I need to tell you that?

    6. Starbucks drink: caramel brulee frappacino…please do not ruin my favorite dessert by turning it into a frozen coffee drink. ick.

    7. tool/gadget: the EZ Cracker…seriously, is it really that hard to crack an egg???

    ‘If someone were going to spend exactly $50 on me, more than anything else I want______.’

    Cute pjs, itunes gift card, ipad camera connector kit, a cute scarf, a fabulous cook book, Scrabble flash, new wellies.

  10. Elizabeth

    I miss Punky Brewster! I haven’t watched it in years but I have such fond memories. SO sorry about the sickness. I am praying hard that both of our homes stay well this winter.

    The comments on Gabe’s friend’s post are hilarious! Here are my answers-
    cd: any teeny-bopper that is currently popular
    book: don’t get me any book. A gift card to a bookstore would be much better
    restaurant: any fast food, except Sonic (love happy hour)
    retail: anything that’s not Target
    gadget: I hate all gadgets

    I wish I could get the birthday banner.

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