trying to focus on the positive…

So, my back pain has escalated and is hovering around the unbearable level. Went to visit a chiropractor today right by Gabe’s office. Gabe watched the girls in the mini-van for a fun 45 minutes. Found out I may have to have surgery if this can’t be fixed in 6-10 visits. I waited waaaay too long. Well, I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I will do what I can now and not look back. I’m 30 (which is fairly old) but I should have a few good years left in me, and I’d like to live them as pain-free as possible. Please pray that I can get this dealt with and find someone to help with the girls while I go to all these appointments. It doesn’t always pay to suck it up and be tough. EDIT: I just got off the phone with my cousin Camy, the life-saver. She’s watching my babies while I go get healed. Thank you, Lord and Camy!

Did I mention that some mean men are cutting down trees in the church-owned lot behind our house? My haven is being violated, and I’m not sure why. It’s depressing.

I feel overwhelmed by all that is on my plate. No one to blame but myself really. No one held me at gunpoint at the potluck supper of life and forced me to pile on the grub.

This week at a glance: tomorrow–chiropractor, Gabe taking Livi and Ava to see the Wiggles Live–how fun is that?, Wed–New Zealand interview, McGraw-Hill, writing an article for my alma mater’s alumni mag, pumping lots of milk for my first overnighter away from my snooty 7-month-old who refuses to drink formula, Sat-Sun–my first NASCAR race in MI (bethelaine,, I know you think I have crossed over to the dark side…) and as I mentioned, my first time away from Neenie-Poo. Am a teensy bit nervous/sad, but THRILLED to have 36 child-free hours of shopping, sleeping, eating, race-watching with my hubby.

Had a fun visit with Tug (Gabe’s brother) and Angie, Morgan, Reese, and Tanner yesterday. I love being an aunt! I have such wonderful (and cute!) nieces and nephews. Took them to the…Metro Gardens. Heehee.

Have our packages ready to be mailed to our cheeky English penpals. What fun!

Back pain or no, I feel blessed.

17 thoughts on “trying to focus on the positive…

  1. CourtneyMarieP

    I so wish we were going to MI!~  Have a rockin time!  Don’t worry, if she gets hungry enough, she’ll eat!             Go #6!  WHOO HOO

    also, my 2 cents on the back thing, did you get an x-ray at the chiropractor? 

  2. CamilleElizabeth

    The Wiggles freak me out, but my kids like them!

    I hope your back will get better soon without surgery…

    I’ve never watched any race cars except on TV – can’t wait to hear how your weekend goes!

  3. biblestorebrowser

    I’ve never seen the Wiggles on TV, but the products I’ve seen kind of freak me out!

    Did the chiropractor think the pain might have been from pregnancy like K had suggested? How often will you be going?

    36 hours. . . I don’t think dd2 would let me do that. A bottle just isn’t the same as mommy time. I could count on two (maybe one) hands the number of times she took a bottle as a baby. Mommy’s girl, she is!

  4. Nixter77

    Sorry to hear about your back – I will certainly be praying about that for you and that you would be able to get it sorted out WITHOUT surgery.

    The Wiggles – how exciting.  I never knew one of their wives had a cafe in a inner-west- which one is it Han (Cafe on Johnston?)

    Excited about the package, yours should be on its way tomorrow 😉

    nixie = praying for you

  5. hcole86

    One of the Wiggles’ wives owns (man, totally too early to care about the apostrophe’s there) a cafe in the inner-west (where I live). It’s pretty cool, though I’ve never been there.

    Sorry to hear about your back-pain. Glad your getting something done about it though. My mum is the leader of the ‘Grit your teeth and bear it’ club. She once had a shetland pony tread on her foot. It broke it, but she never went to the doctors or hospital ONCE. She is also the lady who doesn’t get any pain killer injections when she gets root canal done. I certainly didn’t get those genes. I’m more on the DRUGS GET DRUGS line.

  6. Hoffmom

    The WIGGLES live??  Ooooh….we are very jealous.  OK, Matt is not.  He doesn’t think he could handle an arena of screaming, jumping preschoolers.  Not to mention the screaming, jumping moms!  😉

  7. ch1pch0p

    Yep, my friends’ snakes were in their trees. One dropped from the tree to the porch, blocking her entrance to her house. She waited (with her 4 and 2 year-olds) in the driveway until her husband took care of it.

    Trees, be gone!

  8. bethelaine

    oh ok.  sorry, i read that wrong.  i hope that you find the race enjoyable… i’ll try not to make fun of you too much.  😉

    and i echo what kim wrote about the orthopedic doctor.  i went to an ortho doctor, and he’s been working with me along with the physical therapist.  i’ve noticed a lot of improvement!  i guess i’m kind of “turned off” to chiropractors because my best friend’s dad is a physical therapist.  he seems to think that chiropractors only help to relieve the pain… they don’t actually treat the source of the problem. 

  9. mtaviano

    ARGH! Is that what you meant, Kimberly, when you said there were snake problems around here?! TREES BE GONE! I love trees, but do NOT relish the thought of a snake dropping out of one onto my head!

    BE–I haven’t gone to the race yet. It’s this coming weekend. I’m determined to enjoy myself. I actually know a lot about the drivers from watching it on TV with Gabe, so it’s interesting to me, as much as I hate to admit it.

  10. ch1pch0p

    Have you looked into orthopedic doctors? They may be able to do something chiropractors can’t (and without surgery).

    Those trees may be where the snakes live…just a thought…

    Call if you need anything!

  11. bethelaine

    i am SO sorry about your back pain!  i hope they can fix it without surgery.  i’ve been going to physical therapy 3 times a week, and it’s really helping!  i’m amazed.

  12. faithchick

    ugh…back pain. i hope it gets fixed quick!
    very cool about the 36 child-free hours!! I CANNOT wait for mine, and I only have 1 child to escape 😉

    snooty 7-m.o. made me laugh. You better watch out when she starts asking for steak instead of hamburger!!

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