took the plunge

Well, I did it. I chopped all my hair off today. Well, actually the nice lady at the salon in Wal-Mart chopped it off for me. And Gabe just cut a little more off the back a few minutes ago.

It is definitely short. A bit drastic even. But I must say it is growing on me. Not literally of course. I keep looking in every mirror I walk by. I just can’t decide if I look like an adorable 26-year-old…or my mom. (who is also adorable, just a bit older than 26…)

I actually look a little boyish, but I could pass for kind of sexy if I had the right clothes, make-up and jewelry (which I don’t). I’ll work on that.

Gabe likes it, which is always a plus. I’ll post a pic one of these days when I get up enough nerve…

Thanks again for the inspiration, Hannah, my Aussie friend!

5 thoughts on “took the plunge

  1. hcole86

    Go Marla! I can’t wait to see it. I saw a picture of Nina on your sister’s website…she’s grown so much! I know they do that but it’s always surprising. I had dinner at my cousin’s house on Saturday night (all the family was there) and her son, Angus (who’s pictures I have posted on my site) was the entertainment for the night. It’s amazing how much they dominate the conversation while they are in the room! But he’s so cute, almost walking and when he achieves a few steps and we clap he smiles like he’s the first one to ever attempt it! *sigh* I love children.

  2. biblestorebrowser

    Can’t wait to see it tomorrow/today, assuming our colds don’t keep us in bed! I’m glad I had the warning, though. When you cut it last year, I didn’t even recognize you! We saw Gabe in the hallway and I wondered, “Where’s Marla?”
    Must get to bed. . . spring forward tonight, right?!!

  3. SuperScuzzy

    I’m excited to see the new do!  I just posted a hairstyle quiz to my xanga!  Guess I’m a day late on that one!  You could’ve taken the quiz to see what your ideal hairstyle was before heading to the salon.  Of course, you can still take it now to see if you made the right decision!!  Wigs are always an option, if not…

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