to the zoo, to the zoo, to the zoo, zoo, zoo

What a day! I spent four hours at the zoo with my 3 daughters, my 4-year-old niece, my 2-year-old nephew, my sister YoYo, and my mom and dad. My girls have been to the zoo a lot, but this was Anna and Ethan’s first time, and it was soooo cool to watch their reactions to everything.

Mom and Dad are keeping Anna and Ethan for 3 days, and Mom said Anna woke up this morning rather distraught about all the animals roaming freely about the zoo and biting her. Mom did her best to explain that the zoo was actually quite safe for small children.

It took them awhile to understand that fish and manatees cannot bite you through glass. Anna thought the cardboard tigers were real. “They’re not alive,” we told her. “Are they DEAD?” she wanted to know. They hated the carousel. Anna opted out of the boat ride and sat with me while I fed Nina. When she finally realized that her family members who took the boat ride would indeed return to her and were not gone forever, she wanted to go but it was too late. Ethan cried on the train then loved it. Anna cried when we had to get off. Ethan babbled and pointed and went full steam for four hours. I loved watching their eyes light up when they saw an animal for the first time, and their little shrieks of joy were to die for. All of them had such a wonderful time.

I am so thankful that God created so many living things for us to enjoy. Although I must admit I’m confused as to why He designed some of them the way He did. (The female moose, for one, is quite unattractive.)

Oh, I want to write more, but I am exhausted…

Thank you so much everyone for your encouraging comments when I was having a poopy day (week). You are a blessing! Oh, and I have 9 hubby surveys and 60 from the women. Forget the deadline! Keep ’em coming!

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  1. rachmckinney

    kids are so fun to watch, aren’t they? i wonder sometimes when i am with my 2 when i lost some of those things, like the desire to pretend and being so in awe of the things God made. teaching them the things makes me remember and be thankful all over again. isn’t it great having kids! it causes me to be in awe again….over MANY things! (i am sure you can relate!)

  2. Hoffmom

    We took our boys to that zoo a few years ago when they were about 4 and 2…….our little guy also couldn’t figure out that there was glass btw. him and these ‘dangerous’ animals.  Completely freaked at the manatee exhibit as well as the aquarium (which I found completely relaxing) and the worst of his experience was at the outside elephant exhibit when a giant elephant seemed to walk straight towards us right up to fence.  He screamed and clawed at my hubby to get him away!!  It’s good to know it’s not just us!  We went again a few weeks ago with our current crew (now 4 kiddos), and it was way more fun now that they are a little older and know better how zoos work!   Wish we had one close by. 

    Btw, I’m superscuzzy’s cousin.  You probably don’t remember me, but I remember you being in my brother’s class at Sugar Grove.  Still have a second grade picture of you in a yearbook somewhere……

    I’ve been enjoying your blog….mostly b/c it hits so close to home! 

  3. faithchick

    i totally missed your update until right this second!
    what a cute story! 🙂 sounds like you all had a GREAT TIME! 🙂 I ♥ kids.

    and…i’ll try the hubby survery thing again. 😉

  4. mtaviano

    Okay, that’s it. I am most definitely coming to visit you two in Australia. I have a friend who is a missionary in Lithuania, and I promised her I’d come to visit as soon as I saved the $. I will save double fast and come to Australia right after that. Well, I’ll ask Gabe, but I’m sure he’ll be up for it! 🙂 Ooooooh, I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

  5. hcole86

    Your books arrived!!!! I started reading and I love it! Thank you so much. Am giving Nix hers on Thursday when we bead together. I have a hard time explaining to people why I have the books! It’s an interesting conversation.

    At the town where I did my high school years, there was a reserve where emus, and kangaroos lived. It was on the hill, overlooking the town. Almost smack-bam in the middle! Sometimes they escaped and you had to be careful driving! That was fun. Also, you were allowed to walk in and wander around the dirt path (there was a fantastic view) but they closed that down because the emus kept pecking people and causing serious damage. Emus = not nice.

  6. Nixter77

    Well, maybe you could just come on over and come to the zoo.  I promise I won’t do the “monkey” thing to you, I just gave away the secret.  I am sure your girls would love Australia it is so beautiful here and the beaches are awesome.  And..  the best bit, Hannah and I are here so you can come meet us 😉

    Yeha! so are you packing yet???

  7. mtaviano

    You ARE a cheeky monkey. I want to go to a zoo in Australia! We do have an Australian exhibit, but it’s just tiny little kangaroos. OH–and lorikeets! The kids fed them, and it was so much fun!

  8. KmHunsberger

    I love that picture of him in his backpack too 🙂 He is pretty handsome…but he has a good looking daddy so… 😀

    I have wanted to take Landon to the zoo for a year now…I just don’t have anyone to go with and I don’t want to go alone. But your post sent me over the edge…I am going to go…even if I have to do it just me and Landon. I am going to schedule it…

    Your girls and niece sound like they have every bit of your expressive personality. I love it!

  9. Nixter77

    Sounds like great fun.  There is a great zoo in Sydney called Taronga Zoo. I went with our ministers wife and four boys it was so much fun.  In Australia the Kookaburra makes a cool laughing sound but it actually sounds like a monkey and when I first arrived I asked what kind of monkeys I had heard during the night, my friends said, there are no monkeys here, I went on to make the noise that I had heard and was told, between laughs “It’s a Kookaburra bird” – DOH!  I may NEVER live this down.  So while at the zoo I thought I would tell one of the little boys whenever he heard the Kookaburra that it was a monkey that he could hear, now this little Aussie boy is seriously messed up and now belieives that whenever he hears the Aussie Kookaburra that it is actually a monkey .

    I am a cheeky monkey 😉

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