to mommy

Sory you dont feel whal. I hope you get batr soon and I LOVE YOU FARY MUCH and I know that you love me to.

Love: Ava

15 thoughts on “to mommy

  1. Stephanie your sister

    Make me cry. I miss that sweet girl.

    Hey – you still thinking about making a trip down here? I know Bethy can’t come that one weekend you mentioned, but I didn’t know if you would come without or her or not. Let me know what your plan is!

    Love you!

  2. deanna

    Love it – How precious is that?!? When my son starts school (and learns how to write and spell, sort of) I hope he writes me sweet little notes like this one!

  3. The Secret Life of Kat

    That’s soooo sweet. I hope you feel better soon, unless you’re the kind of sick that requires you to stay in bed and rest while Gabe takes care of everything. In which case, I hope you stay sick as long as you want (and Gabe can handle). 🙂

  4. Jonna

    And of course this note will go into the shoebox of Ava’s other glorious literary endeavors!… I look at the ones my children have written when they were nubbins from time to time and get all gushy…. your illness isn’t related to pork is it?

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