to clean or not to clean

Call me crazy, but when I take on an unpleasant/tedious task, I like the results of my great effort to last–at least for awhile. At least until I feel up to tackling that particular task once again.

I hate to clean. It’s not that I despise the actual act of cleaning so much (well, I guess I do), but that I hate the thought of scrubbing the toilet, only to have someone leave poop streaks in it 3 minutes later. So, I just don’t clean it at all.

Case in point. Our vacuum cleaner is on the blink, so I just grabbed the dust buster, bent over, and spent a few seconds swiping up anything visible on the dining room floor. I then went into the kitchen to dump the contents of the dustbuster in the trash (which I hadn’t done in weeks).

Inches from the trash can, I dropped the whole thing on the floor. Months of dirt and dust and bugs and cereal pieces and who-knows-what-else went tumbling all over the place, and clouds of dust went billowing into the air. So I had to re-dustbust all the things I had dust-busted once before.

The dishes keep getting dirty. The clothes keep needing washed (especially Nina’s!). Meals keep needing prepared. Clutter keeps appearing in every room.

But you know what? I am alive. I am healthy. My family is healthy. They are precious and beautiful and wonderful. I took a nap today. I am energized. God is good. I am His.

I am blessed.

8 thoughts on “to clean or not to clean

  1. biblestorebrowser

    Thanks for the prayer!

    Short hair sure takes getting used to. I have pics from the last time I had a short (high-maintenance) haircut that I loved at the time, but now I almost cringe when I see myself in them. I think I’ll stick with my shoulder-length do’s for a while!

  2. svdbygrace82

    I got your book in the mail, I’m excited to start reading it!  🙂  And about cleaning… I have broken about 10 of our glasses in the sink (we don’t have a dishwasher), one even broke while it was in my hand… it’s hard to see the significance of what is supposed to come of those moments sometimes.

  3. YoYoYoder

    Yes, Stew is finally feeling better! He still has a nasty cough, but he went to work on Friday finally.

    How much is the super-duper edition of LWW???? I really want to see the kids’ interviews! Where did you get it? I haven’t opened mine yet, so maybe I could return it still and get the one you got! Let me know!

    Oh! And are you going to post pics of your new haircut?? Just curious. I’ll see it next Monday if you don’t want the whole world knowing what you look like now. love you!

  4. angntug

    Isn’t that the truth! It feels sooooo nice to have a clean, spotless, house….. only for the girls to want a bowl of popcorn! It definately doesn’t last long but what a blessing our little girls are! They’re having a blast together this week, Tug and I went shopping for them yesterday, what a blast!

  5. YoYoYoder

    I always think of the vicious cycle of wifely chores on Mondays because that’s when I do laundry, clean the bathroom toilets and sink, catch up on dishes, change the sheets, and clean/organize every single room in the house that’s been destroyed since last Monday!

    Do you ever read magazines that give you suggestions as to what chores you should do daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually, etc.?? It’s like–I can barely keep up with the daily and weekly tasks! Let alone do those other jobs like dusting, mopping, cleaning behind stuff, scrubbing showers, etc.!!! Whenever I start to become dissatisfied with our small apartment and wish for a house (which is very often), I just remind myself that I have less to clean in our apartment! And I’ll be moving eventually so there’s really no need to do any extremely DEEP cleaning!! ha ha! Oh wait, I will have to clean it before we move out if I want our deposit back…oh well. It’s still WAY easier to maintain an apartment than a house! We also don’t have a yard to upkeep either.

    Anyway, this was a really long comment! But whenever there are messes, I know there are people who make those messes and I am thankful for people! And I remember the engaged days (not very long ago) when I was looking forward to doing dishes in my very own kitchen and cooking meals for my husband! I have it great!

  6. hcole86

    I know what you mean! Cleaning is a never-ending cycle, but it’s lovely when the house looks neat and tidy and you can sit down and feel comfortable and uncomplicated.

    I work as an Editorial Assistant at Allen & Unwin. I am incredibly fortunate. The people I work with are fantastic.

    I don’t know about other Australians but I am so ready for Winter. It’s my favourite season. Though I’ve never been to the snow. There is talk of my bible study going this winter to the snow, I am crossing my fingers and praying!!!

    I looked at the pictures. You have a beautiful family.

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