time marches on

We had a bit of a whirlwind day.

Soccer this a.m. (a 2-1 victory which was much fun after a 6-0 loss earlier this week) on the southwest side of Columbus (we live on the NE side). 90-minute trip to Lima for a 90-minute Easter Egg Hunt/catching up/eating yummy snacks with Gabe’s aunt, uncle, and cousins on his mom’s side. Then a 15-minute drive to hang out (and eat some more) with Gabe’s fam on his dad’s side for 2 hours. Then 90 minutes home.

I spent a good chunk of the time sitting quietly and people-watching. (This is actually the side of my personality I prefer. The bubbly, people-loving part wears me out, which is a pretty good indicator that I’m not the extrovert people often mistake me for.)

At the 2nd gathering (in a church gym), I sat by a young man (and by young, I mean in his late 80’s, maybe 90’s) who isn’t even related to Gabe. Grandpa Cox is the dad of one of Gabe’s uncles-by-marriage and likes to hang out with the Taviano crew on holidays.

Sometimes we chatted about things, and sometimes we sat quietly side by side, observing all the people being busy around us. Lots of little tykes. Men/boys playing basketball. Kids playing soccer.

Grandpa had four great-grandkids at the gathering (one a freshman in college and three under age three), and he told me it was really amazing how smart little kids are these days. “Maybe it’s TV?” he said. “I don’t know.”

(I feel like it’s probably not TV. These particular four children have brilliant parents.)

He told me how the Taviano kids (there were 11 of them) used to hang out at his house all the time (two of the Taviano girls married two of Grandpa Cox’s four boys). He especially remembered little Jeffy (who is now 50ish, dad of 3, grandpa of 3) being able to fit inside the bookshelf where they kept all the toys.

As I listened to Grandpa and looked around at everyone, I just kind of shook my head at the craziness of time. I was 20 years old when I first got introduced to this family, which means it won’t be long before I’ve known them half of my life.

So much has happened in those 18+ years. People have died. People have almost died. People have gained lots of weight, lost lots of weight, gotten lots of gray hair and wrinkles. Kiddos who were not much bigger than toddlers when I first met them have gotten married and produced adorable offspring.

Our ring bearer went off to college this year.

I don’t know what all this means. Just that we’re not here forever. Life is kind of a vapor. I want the time I have to matter. That’s all.

3 thoughts on “time marches on

  1. Aunt T

    Thank you so much for your kind words about Gpa Cox. He is forever welcome where ever we go. He loves spending time with our gang. I so wish my hubby (his baby) could retire to spend quality time with his dad. Gpa Cox has so many stories to tell and we listen and listen to them over and over again. He is a true jewel! He is 88 years young. He also misses his wife and best friend who passed away on Aug 9, 2005. (Gma Cox of 57 years) I am so grateful to my kids for making it a priority to take their babies to see him weekly. He loves his grandbabies so much. All of them! I believe he said he had 21 great grandbabies. He also told me after his sons funeral who passed away just 2 days after his mother on Aug 11, 2005…..that he has never seen a family stick together and is there for each other like the Taviano kids. What a compliment! So, thanks again Marla. Love ya

  2. Sharon

    Happy (belated) Easter! The comment about maybe TV made the kids smart had me laughing. I mean, I guess I can’t accurately say because we don’t have TV service, but the thought of TV having anything to do with kids being smart seems highly unlikely to me.

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