tightrope walkin’

Life is a balancing act. And I am an amateur. I spend an inordinate amount of time climbing  up that huge ladder to get back up on the highwire.

How can I love my children like they need to be loved, yet not make them the center of the universe? How can I spend quality time with God, yet not neglect all the business of life around me? How can I share my weaknesses without airing dirty laundry unnecessarily?

How do I decide when to save money and when to save time? How do I decide which aspect of furthering God’s kingdom is most important when I can’t do it all? How do I decide how aggressively to witness to an unbeliever?

How do I praise my children without giving them a big head? How do I send them out into the world as a light without having them be unduly influenced by the darkness? How do I share my body equally with my baby and my hubby?

How much candy should I let my children eat? How strictly should we discipline them? How much money should I invest in romancing my husband? (lots, he says)

How much time should I spend on the computer? Reading to my girls? Playing doctor? Folding laundry? Watching American Idol? Praying?

I think the key is to keep my eyes focused on Christ–not the rope, not my feet, and definitely not the ground so far below me. And when I do fall, as long as I keep getting back up, it’s okay. Hopefully, I can stay on the tightrope for longer this go ’round.

Christ alone holds the key to a balanced life. And my balanced life won’t look exactly like anyone else’s. And that’s okay.

4 thoughts on “tightrope walkin’

  1. YoGrandmaYo

    Wow! Really enjoyed your thoughts! How true it is that BALANCE is the key to basically everything in life! I have to pray about that constantly in my life! I can so easily get off on this and that tangent, and before I know it, I’m off balance again! Your tightrope analogy was great! Thanks for talking me into “blogging!”:)

  2. biblestorebrowser

    These questions sound very familiar in my life, and no doubt many other women’s lives. Stewardship and balance are interconnected themes that have been playing out in my head for a few years now. Definitely a good topic for discussion!
    I, too, liked that last thought. And I would add that it won’t look the same as other seasons of life, either. For instance, there was a time when I was on the Internet all the time, being less than productive, such that I had to come to a point where I hated the Internet enough that checking my email was a chore. Once God helped me balance my priorities better, it opened up the possibility of using the Internet for a ministry tool. I certainly don’t have it all figured out, but I’m a much better steward of my time than I was several years ago!
    Do you know of any Bible studies that address balance?

  3. YoYoYoder

    I really liked your last statement that your balanced life (and mine) won’t look exactly like anyone else’s and that’s okay. That reminds me of Romans 14 where Paul talks about not judging your brother, but remembering that each of us will give an account to God of ourselves, not anyone else’s life. If other people’s actions and convictions aren’t exactly the same as mine, it doesn’t mean I’m not pleasing Christ (and also that they’re not pleasing Christ). So many times I wish God would have put some things in black and white, but life doesn’t work that way. I’m sure thankful for the Holy Spirit! I think God did it that way on purpose so that we would have to walk closely with Him all the time. I tell you–every time I start to grasp a new truth (again or for the first time), I am just blown away at how wise God is and how He just knows how we are and what we need!

  4. faithchick

    your comments were very encouraging to me, thank you. 🙂

    As I was reading your post, I was thinking about how profound it is. It’s tricky this thing called balance. I think I’ve asked every one of those questions, especially as I’m easing into this wife/mother role.

    I think having the picture of a tightrope will help me work through my questions. 🙂

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