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Don’t worry, Mom. We’re not moving to Florida. But my goodness. It’s delightful here. 80’s. Sunny. Delicious-smelling. Fresh orange juice from the tree in the front yard for breakfast! Livi’s whining (just a smidge) that her sunburn itches, but other than that, we have NO complaints.

Sea World was magical. The only negative was that it was packed to the gills. Gabe talked to a guy on Twitter who was planning to spend the day there with his family, and he got turned away because they were full up. We were packed in like sardines, but my lands, it was SEA WORLD. So wonderful. The dolphin/high-flying acrobatic/diving show. LOVE it. Shamu show. LOVE it. The sea lions and sea otter show. Fun.

Penguin Encounter. Shark Encounter (the person in line behind us got caught in the moving sidewalk, and they shut it down–eek!) Shamu’s Happy Harbor–rides! Shamu’s nighttime Christmas Miracles show. SO INCREDIBLE. They’re allowed to talk about Christmas in Florida evidently. And talk about Jesus. And play Christmas songs. It was phenomenal. We were wasted at the end of it. But the girls spent their Christmas $ on white seals (1/2 price) and dolphin jewelry. And Sea World gave them each a gift bag with a stuffed Shamu and hugging penguins. Thank you, Sea World!

Today was Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo. And I just might have to call it the best zoo we’ve been to yet. The landscaping is stunning. And the animal exhibits phenomenal. Lush and green and waterfalls everywhere you turn. Baby animals all over the place–orangutans, elephant, monkeys, 2 baby white tigers!

We got free ride bracelets–carousel, roller coaster, flying bananas ride, Skyfari (HATE those–terrified the entire time), Safari ride, log ride (Nina got in by the bun on top of her head–she loved it!). The girls rode ponies. And camels! Nina was in hog heaven. It was so, so, so much fun.

Back to Ked and Amelia’s for baths and a delicious enchilada supper. Everybody’s watching Wall E (however you spell it), and I’m trying to write down everything I saw, heard, and felt the past two days, so I can write a book about it. I smell popcorn. Gotta go!

Busch Gardens tomorrow. Can’t wait! We’re having an incredible time. God is so, so, so good! Love you guys!

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  1. der_lila_Stern

    If Livi’s sunburn is still hot, place cool, wet washcloths on it.  When the washclothes warm up, do it again.  At first they warm up really fast, so it works best if you have a bowl full of cool/cold water.  After the sunburn is normal temperature (ie, body temperature), cover it in aloe or lotion.  It helps a lot. 

    Hope you have a fantastic time in Busch Gardens!  Everything sounds simply wonderful!

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