tidbits (i love that word)

Someday I will make a list of all the words I love. I love words.

We close on our house next Thursday. Hooray! This means we won’t have to pay our other house payment April 1, because we will no longer own the house!

Ava had her first-ever soccer practice last night. It was cold. For the first five minutes, she clung to my leg and cried. Then the real Ava came out (after some “urging” from Gabe), and she had a blast. She looked so stinkin’ cute all dressed in pink (black shorts over pink pants), blond curly ponytail, flushed face. She looked like a natural to me–hopefully all our girls will inherit Daddy’s soccer skills, not Mommy’s. Livi got to scrimmage against Ava’s team. She thought she was big stuff. Ava’s team has 6 players–3 girls and triplet boys. I’m looking forward to the season.

Thanks for praying for Krista. If you want to read the most awful labor-stopping story ever, check out her blog.

And thanks for praying for Bethany and Stewart (better known as Beef Stew). So far so good!

And if you’re a Chuck Norris fan (by some slim chance), check out my sister Stephanie’s blog. Funny stuff.

Kristen brought my girls Resurrection Eggs when she came to visit. Thanks, Kristen! The girls love them, and we’re learning so much about Easter. We’ve been reading Peter’s First Easter, too (awesome book) and Ava “read” the whole thing to me today. It is sooo funny listening to her. She talks non-stop, saying all kinds of big words in random ways. I should secretly videotape her.

Nina’s latest thing is throwing a fit anytime one of her sisters goes somewhere she can’t. There’s a gate in the doorway to our front entrance. Livi or Ava will climb over the gate, open the basement door to get something out of the playroom. Nina will stand at the gate, shake it violently, and start screaming like her hand is being cut off. Then Big Sister comes back up. Nina grins. Livi and Ava are so close in age that I can’t even remember a day when they weren’t both doing the same things. Poor Nina. Sometimes I want to adopt a little one her age. Well, maybe when she’s five.

I’m scurrying to get our taxes done. Gabe was self-employed for half of 2006, and I was self-employed the whole year. We moved cities/counties in July. Complicated. Once I get it all together, it will go to an accountant.

In the shower today, I thought of two really funny things to share. I really need to keep a pen/paper in the shower. Or I could just write on the wall with a bath crayon. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. I once read a sexy idea–write sensual messages to your hubby in bath crayon on the shower wall for him to find when he showers. My luck, Livi would find it first.

Tonight is Cubbies. Ava has a crush on one of the boys. I’m sick of hearing about him. What have I gotten myself into with all these girls?!

Have an awesome afternoon! It’s sooo sunny!

8 thoughts on “tidbits (i love that word)

  1. tonialynn59

    I hate doing taxes!  Love your stories about your girls.  I know I’ve said that before!  I was at mary’s yesterday for a bit and she was telling me about some of the decorations for 4/21 and pink and brown.  She is so talented.  She found these really cool metal women figures at the $$ store.  Ugly and I mean UGLY colors.  I wouldn’t have given them a 2nd look.  She got them and painted them and they are so cute.  One is walking a poodle and one has the feathery boa type thingy.  So cute! 

  2. kkakwright

    I have to tell you that the positive thing I keep telling myself about having ANOTHER baby is that they will all be so close in age that they should all play together marvelously.  Of course my two that are 18 months apart screaming and hitting as I type.  Hmmm…..

    Oh!  Tuesday, I saw pink shin guards in Dick’s and thought of your sweet babies!

  3. Nixter77

    Maybe she could play for England – we need some good players is we are ever going to win anythign ever again.

    Hmm shall I read the story or not, I like Jessica’s story and just want to remember that now… But the curiosity might win!

    Shall to hear Beef Stew is going well. Can they eat Beef Stew on this new diet?

  4. KmHunsberger

    The only boy allowed to make Ava hot has blonde hair and blue eyes and is often spotted with a toilet brush in one hand and a Windex bottle in teh other 🙂 Watch out boy…one day this summer Landon is moving in 🙂

    The labor stopping story still has me recoiling in horror. Seriously.

    Good luck on the taxes…and I thought calling Liberty three times about a loan was a pain in the butt 🙂

  5. ch1pch0p

    Ava doesn’t have a crush — he just makes her HOT! hehehehe

    Chuck Norris! I was trying to think of his name the other day, and I couldn’t! Thank you!!

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