this is the day…

The day Ava was born was the most romantic, serene, peaceful day.

Weddings are romantic, yes. And I was thrilled to be marrying Gabe. But wedding days are stressful. Lots of nerves, so many things that need to come together, florists who forget flower girls’ baskets of petals that you promised your three-year-old cousin she would get to carry down the aisle (she carried a stray boutonniere, a scrawny little chopped-off white rose, but I digress). Lots of hugging, smiling, uncomfortable dress… Fabulous, sure, but mostly just because it signified the beginning of my life as Gabe’s wife.

Livi’s birth-day? Water broke (trickled actually) in the middle of the night, went to hospital, 1/2 cm. dilated, started on pitocin to get my labor going. Thought I would DIE before I got to 4 cm and got the epidural. After that, everything was great.

Nina’s birth-day? Thought I was in labor for 12 days before I actually was. Got to hospital. Had her 2 hours later. Pretty proud of myself for doing the voluntary natural childbirth thing for the first time. No epidural, no painkillers, no IV, no tylenol. Everything was fabulous until I got to 10 cm and my body went ballistic. And no, it is not romantic and serene to push a 9 1/2 pound baby out without drugs.

Ava’s birth-day? Went into labor the night before. Timed contractions. Up all night with a feverish Livi. Took early morning shower, put on make-up, my hair looked nice, made arrangements for people to watch Livi at hospital, went to my scheduled dr. appt. Found out I was already 5 cm. Laughing, talking with Gabe, having a marvelous time. Wasn’t going to get an epidural, couldn’t believe the night and day difference between contractions with Livi/Ava. Gabe voted for epidural. Didn’t want to watch baby come out knowing I could feel it. 🙂 Everything just worked out so smoothly and perfectly, like a movie script.

You’re probably all bored to tears by now, and I still didn’t give a satisfactory explanation for putting Ava’s day first on my list. Let’s just call it a 4-way tie. Marrying my hubby and giving birth to our three daughters. All number one.


The four best days of my life. What’s really cool is how many wonderful, wonderful days God has given me in between. I’m trying to enjoy and appreciate each and every day, whether something “significant” happens or not.

THIS is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

6 thoughts on “this is the day…

  1. gtaviano

    Looks like you were right…..I guess our wedding day was great and all, but there’s definitely chaos on one of the biggest days of our lives. Seems like the bigger the decision or moment, the more stress it brings with it. Maybe someone should start a new occupation – on-site marriage psychology for the big day? At least it was a day we’ll never forget…..some couples say the opposite I guess? Thanks God for guiding us to that decision and through every one since.

  2. Nixter77

    Amen, thanks for sharing both kinds of stories with us.  Wow no pain killers of any kind!! I take my hat of to you, or I would if I had a hat on..  You Go Girl…  Thanks also for the reminder that this day has been made by God to bring him all glory honour and praise.  It can be easy to forget that each morning, lets make a point of waking each morning and thanking God for each day he has made and each day he gives us to know him more.  How amazing is our God. 

    PS Wedding Days = stess and inability to breath due to fitting of dress.  Glad I only have to wear it once…

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