the sniffles

EDIT: (10:38 pm) We just got home. HOME. The ONLY home we own. 🙂

Okay, so I’m going to tell you what sizes Livi wears. If you all plan on sending her clothes, I can’t stop you anyway, so I figure they might as well be the right size. Please know that she is very, very, very picky, so if it’s not something you already have lying around, do not spend more than 25 cents. Shirts = size 7/8. Shorts/skirts = 6/6X. Pants = don’t bother. She wears size 7, but they are too big around the waist and too short. She likes soft, fitted, plain, non-fussy. Favorite color? Blue/purple maybe? Also red.

You all are too kind. And seriously, in a couple weeks, garage sale season will begin, and she’ll be set for life.

Poor little Nina. She woke up on Sunday morning with a runny nose, and has been battling it ever since, along with a fever that comes and goes but gets pretty high. I think it’s just her teeth, but now the rest of us are starting to sniffle/sneeze/cough a little, and I know none of us are teething. Lots of holding, rocking, soothing, crying, late nights, middle-of-the-nights. I’m kind of worn out. And wondering if I should take her to the doctor.

Wow, so I just got interrupted by screams from the bathroom that could only mean one thing–there’s a drowned rat in the toilet or something. Or my six-year-old peed all over her pants as she was pulling them down. What is it with accidents this week? I tried sooo hard to be calm and compassionate. I mostly succeeded. She’s still crying. She’s not used to this happening, and she really wanted to wear those capri pants to Grandma’s this afternoon. The poor girl has NO clothes for spring. She grew so much this year that nothing fits her from last year. Does anyone have garage sales in March?

I threw her clothes in the washer, and she just yelled out the bathroom door to me (in a not-so-nice voice), “I guess I can never come out because you won’t bring me any clothes to wear!”

“Did you ask?” No, she didn’t. And she doesn’t like the jeans I picked for her. My patience is wearing thin.

On a happy note, we close on our old house today! Praise the Lord! Thank you all again for praying. My only prayer now is that we get enough money from the closing to pay our self-employment taxes by April 15th. Life. Gotta love it.

I just finished a book called Sacred Travels: Recovering the Ancient Practice of Pilgrimage by Christian George. We met the author at the CBA Advance in Indy in January and got a free copy. It was an awesome book. Oooooh, I want to travel. But it’s not just about traveling–it’s about leaving comfort zones, getting serious about your faith, living life like this isn’t your final destination, loving others. All sorts of good stuff.

In the next couple days, I’m going to make some lists.
Books to Read
Ideas to Ponder
People to Encourage
Projects to Pursue

My life has been very cluttered and unfocused lately. Time for a change.

A little something for you Sanjaya fans… SANJAYA!

26 thoughts on “the sniffles

  1. dnkneer

    Hey Marla – so happy that you guys sold your old house!! I finally did my recommended reads list ( – I put your 2 books on there. 🙂 I’m not sure how many sales my little blog will generate but we’ll see… Have a great weekend!

  2. ladymiss3739

    Poor Livi!  Praying for those garage sales to start soon…. 

    The neighbor girl came out of her house last night to go on a walk with her parents (she is 6).  She came storming out in a skirt, top and shoes.  She stood there (like a teenager) and said, “I SO do not match. (Dramatic sigh).”  

  3. Howdytoya

    Hey Marla!  Sterling is my younger sister by 8 years.  So much better than the cabbage patch 🙂  My friend had posted a blog with her daughter and cabbage patch in matching outfits, and I was just reliving ‘the good ole days!’ and thought I’d post my similar picture of matching outfits, minus the CPK, though, because my sister replaced it.  (even though the night gowns were initially made for one).

  4. rachmckinney

    i am so laughing right now about her yelling for her clothes! my daughter has done something so similar that i just can see yours doing the same thing and i so can sympathize!!
    the sanjaya clip was too funny ! why is he still on the show??!!
    very cool about closing on your house!

  5. tonialynn59

    So glad you own one house now!  I’m sure that is a load off your mind!  I loved garage saleing more for my kids when they were your girls ages.  I could completely outfit them every summer for the year.   As they get older, well that goes out the window.  Mainly cause they get so picky!haha

  6. Nixter77

    soooooooo I have decided that I am going to get into this American Idol stuff, so who is still in, I have been watching that Sanjaya. Who else is still in? Love that link by the way 😉

  7. stephaniedawnbasham

    Why don’t you come down here and we can go garage-saling together? They started having garage sales here a month ago. You can just drive down reeeeeeally early one Saturday morning. 🙂

    Oh I remember the days of growing out of all my clothes in 3 months. At least I was the youngest so I could just keep taking Bethany’s clothes from her. I want to buy Livi a million things, but I’ll try not to. I love buying things for your daughters. I wish I was rich so I could buy tons. Oh well. 🙂

  8. gsowell

    Sounds like your wonderful garage sale scouts will have Livi outfitted soon. And I would like to go on record for saying that I have not heard of a teething fever shooting as high as Nina’s has been. If you’re like me (and I think you are in some aspects… take that however you want), you really WANT it to be teething because you don’t have time for a real illness. I’m praying you’re right about that being it, but I’m also praying for her recovery from whatever is plaguing her.

  9. Nixter77

    Pilgrimage to Australia – that sounds like a great idea to me???

    Will check in with the ladies I gave the books too to see if they have anymore thoughts. Oooh I pray that you will be able to come, to build God’s people up and to see me and Han too 😉

  10. ctorlone

    Hey Marla,  Target has some good prices lately…Livi’s not too much into dresses right?  They’ve got all sorts of capris, running pants, cropped denim, etc…all under $10.  Carter’s is 50% off all spring wear until April 10th…it only goes up to 6X…but Livi is so tiny in the middle, she’d probably be able to get away with 6X for shorts, etc…Lastly, GAP Kids has a sale on their tee-shirts and tanks…all $6.99 and under…hope that helps some!  We’re running into the same problem here with Maggie…Ellie can wear all over Maggie’s old stuff, but we’re just OUT of anything for Maggie, she’s outgrown it all!!!

  11. AbiRose

    Hi and thanks for the welcome!!!  I have actually come across your site before via Kristen, and have been meaning to pick up your books.  Your daughters are adorable!!  Talk to you again soon!

  12. kkakwright

    I was thinking about all the unfocused-ness going around.  Perhaps it has something to do with it being Spring.  We are all outside more, I generally make more spontaneous trips here or there, as opposed to staying home and getting anything done when it is nice.  We have been inside all winter where our tasks and to-do lists stare us in the face all day.  Now, we are outside, taking in the sunshine, taking in the beauty of Spring, watching our kiddos play, taking walks, the list could go on forever.  We have probably just spent less time ‘getting stuff done’ and more time flying by the seat of our Spring pants. Just a thought. 

  13. Abs7

    those are wonderful lists to make. i have made a list of the book to read, and i’m pretty sure i will never read all the books on my list. i think i’m going to steal your idea of a list of people to encourage. i always have the best intentions of encouraging people, but am really bad at the actual act of encouragement.

    i have boxes of clothes that i’m eventually going to bring to the mission. i have a feeling your girls are too small/young for the clothes, but i’ll look tonight.

  14. KmHunsberger

    What is Livi’s favorite color?

    I am so sorry you are all flirting with sickness (well poor Nina is not flirting…but the rest of you) again. Praying this is the END of it for you. Maybe she has an ear infection?

    My mind feels the same…cluttered and unfocused. I can’t seem to get one thing done without a million other things clouding my brain. Praying for you friend!

  15. tonialynn59

    Poor Nina!  Teething isn’t fun but then there is so much stuff going around!  I love garage sales.  We have lots of subdivision sales around here that are so good.  they don’t usually start around here till first part of may.  You might find some in April.  I also love lists!  I cracked up at the Sanjaya video.  can’t wait for my girls to see it.  Also Hayley was terrible about her sox.  She would literally sit for an hour or more and fix her sox till they were perfect.  I could never ever put them on her to make her happy.  Just when I thought they were perfect, they weren’t  I gave up!  Pick out jeans?  Never in a million years!

  16. faithchick

    My life has been very cluttered and unfocused lately”
    i feel the exact same way. I can’t seem to focus on any one task. i’ll have to make some lists, too.

    there are garage sales here today!! i’ve already scoped them out on the internet–might go hit a few (and leave the babies w/ nana & mom-they’re coming over anyways. yay!)

  17. kkakwright

    Kentucky’s garage sale season starts in March.  I went to one several weeks ago.  Gotta love the backwards state! 🙂  I think you should move again!

    K3rry ‘forgot’ how to use the potty yesterday.  Wet his pants 3 times. 

  18. angntug

    Good list idea….I need to refocus a little bit, too. It seems our busy life gets in the way sometimes. You’re not the only one dealing with messes…..Reese decided to take her diaper off (again) and put panties on yesterday….she sat at the table in her booster seat and peed all over the place…..she’s pooped several times on the floor in our wonderful potty training ordeal…..which I’ve officially passed the duty of training to Morgan=)

    Poor Nina…your poor kids and sickness lately….I’l pray for them. What size is Livi in? I haven’t seen any garage sales advertised yet, but when I do I can always look for her size….have people pray over her clothes…God will bless her from nowhere with an abundance of clothes……He’s so good……Yay on the House!!!!! See you Easter! (One of our favorite holidays with our kids!!!)

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