the people who share my dna

Well, technically I’m not related by blood to my brothers-in-law, sister-in-law, or husband, but whatever. I guess we all share DNA, right? I don’t really even know what DNA is.


Since one of my sisters lives in South Carolina, my whole entire family (my parents, siblings, their spouses and kids) only gets together twice a year. There will be bits and pieces of us together on several different occasions, but the whole gang congregates just at Christmas time and usually once in the summer.

Here we are in all our glory. Back row: Daniel (holding Mia), my sister Stephanie, Jess, my brother Josh, Dad, Mom, Stewart (holding Isabelle), my sister Bethany (with a baby in her belly), Gabe, me. Front row: Nina, Anna, Gavin, Ava, Ethan, and Livi (the 3 that aren’t mine are my brother’s).

All the grandkids (Nina, Ethan, Livi, Mia, Anna, Gavin, Ava, Isabelle).

Gabe, me and the girlies:

My brother Josh, his beautiful wife Jess, Ethan, Anna and Gavin. Josh is a youth pastor in Jamestown, OH and Jess is a world-class knitter and homeschools their kiddos.

Stew, Bethy, Isabelle and baby (due in February–I think it’s a boy, but I’m never right). Stew is a youth pastor in West Milton, OH and Bethany is his fabulous right-hand woman.

Daniel, Steph (and no baby in her belly unless she’s not telling us something, which I wouldn’t totally rule out), and Mia Noelle. Daniel is a youth pastor in Columbia, SC (are you seeing a pattern among the men in this family?), and Steph makes cool jewelry (among other things).

The grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa. Do you see them beaming?

I heart my family. Thank you, God, for this really cool blessing.

11 thoughts on “the people who share my dna

  1. Holly V.

    Sweet Bethany is expecting? HOW VERY WONDERFUL. I remember praying and praying for her for a baby….and here she is expecting #2. That news has totally made my day! Yippee.

    Love you friend.

  2. Sonshine

    What a gorgeous, wonderful family you all are!! Yes, I see your parents beaming with the grandkids, but then, your mom, at least, always beams every time she smiles, grandkids or not. She smiles with a Sonbeam! Thank you for posting these pictures, Marla.
    Love you and love your family!

  3. Betsy

    Wonderful for all of you to get together and to have pictures with you all in them! Years from now, you’ll be thankful for those pictures!

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