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Nothing is going right this morning. Nothing. And surprisingly, I am okay with it. Maybe because I have two choices–get angry and frustrated or see the humor in these situations and make a mental list to xanga about. OH WAIT–I forgot that I cannot remember a single thing for more than 8 seconds..

So, 45 seconds ago, I’m out in the kitchen getting my middle daughter a bowl of cereal. It’s 10 am. She had her first breakfast (oatmeal) at 6:30. I pour the cereal, then drop the box on the bowl. Cereal flies everywhere. That’s okay, I think. I’ll just xanga about it. Add it to my mental list. Step back, crush cereal. Add it to list. Daughter yells from living room where she will eat her cereal in front of the TV, “With milk!” Like I am her personal servant. A servant who doesn’t know to put milk on cereal unless she’s told. Add to list. Pick up cereal pieces off floor, out of cupboard, can’t reach the pieces that fell beside the fridge. Thankfully, it’s Cracklin Oat Bran and not Rice Krispies. Way to look at the bright side. Carry her bowl out to living room on plastic table with chair perched precariously on top. Try to lift it over other daughter’s exersaucer, trip, chair goes flying, catch the bowl before it spills. Whew.

Rewind to 8:50 am. Load girls into mini-van. Girl #2 starts screaming, “My belly hurts!” SCREAMING. Do you have to throw up? Yes. Go into house with her while girl #1 guards girl #3 in car. Thankfully she is getting over her fear that Mommy will abandon her. Running back and forth between children. Long story short, #2 is screaming, crying, sitting on toilet, leaning over just-in-case bowl. Bring other 2 in house, #2 is okay. Go to Bible School. #1 forgets money for offering in van. All 4 of us traipse back out. Late. Go to Post Office to mail books. New guy being trained. Sigh. One of the pkgs is going to Australia. Oh my. Survive. On way to chiropractor, #2 says, “MY BELLY HURTS!”

Go home instead. Call chiro. Sorry. Reschedule? Probably never will. At least she saved me $30–covers my bill at the P.O. with $4 to spare.

Back to present: #2: “I want more cereal!” No comment.

It is now 10:15. Had to check on #3 who was fussing for no good reason. Well, unless poop exploding out of your diaper and up your back is a good reason. Changed her, left her on floor to finish blog. I will finish this blog!!! Rolls over. Pukes. Clean it up. Put her in bouncy seat.

“Can I have some more cereal please?” NO!


God has given me xanga to help me find a purpose in these mundane, pointless, HORRIBLE things that keep happening to me. If I have brought a smile to anyone’s lips, then it has been worth it all. (can you hear the sarcasm dripping?)

In all seriousness, yesterday I was a GROUCH. Things were not going well, and I was focusing on myself, myself, myself. Spent time in God’s Word last night (Hannah inspired me). Today is not going well, but my attitude is so much better.

#3 is crying. #2 “CAN’T HEAR THE TV!”


11 thoughts on “the outlet that is xanga

  1. adamslady

    nice.  i see what i may look forward to.  ick.
    that’s a tough decision.  um – i’m interested to read all of them, of course 🙂 but i think i’m currently tied for either the sex book or the in-law book.  when do those come out? 

  2. rachmckinney

    well, marla, you put a smile on my face! and i can say that i can relate to some of those events! hope your day today is better and your quiet time will be one that will encourage yo ur heart!

  3. mtaviano

    Kristen–I can’t handle puke either. Ava didn’t throw up, and Nina’s was more baby breast-milk spit-up, just in a fairly large quantity. I have only puked 4 times in the last 10 years. I would rather DIE. Oh, and I only had 2 kids with me. Livi was at Bible School. I am just now getting to the point where I can take all three of them places. So, please don’t give me more credit than I deserve. 🙂

    Cherith–are you pregnant??

  4. cherithpeters

    Ok, I was cracking up!  Sounds like my day – every day!  Ah, three kids, isn’t it fun!  I wonder what four will be like….hmmm.  The most relatable part for me – “With milk” my kids remind me to put milk on every time I get them cereal. Anyhow, I would like blushing bride. I’ll get the others on my own when they come out.  The survey was fun, I’m glad you liked it.

  5. KmHunsberger

    Your day stresses ME out. 1) I hate puke…actually I think I have a phobia of the it, so when a kid says they might puke, I kind of get all jittery. You would think after puking for 38 weeks during my pregnancy that I would be over it…but no. 2) Errands…with three kids…wow! You will be my role model if/when we have that many. But I am proud of you for finishing the blog and having such a rational mind about you. I hope when i have three kids and one or more are diarreahing in the toilet and bent over a puke bowl that I can be as level headed as you!

  6. Nixter77

    I think I missed that – what were you mailing again??

    I know what you are thinking,  I am too funny!!!!

    Just emailed you the survey – horrah!!!!

  7. mtaviano

    No, Hannah! Your package did not cause me strife! It was rather humorous as the new employee asked me each time if I was mailing something perishable, fragile, hazardous, etc. “No, it’s just a book. Nope, just a book. No, it’s a book. They’re all just books. That one is also just a book. The one to Australia? Book.” I think I mailed 9. 🙂 Yours and Nix’s are together, if you could deliver it for me. THANKS!

  8. Nixter77

    WOW, what a day huh.  Will pray that it gets better!

    “Had to check on #3 who was fussing for no good reason. Well, unless poop exploding out of your diaper and up your back is a good reason.” 

    This did bring a smile to my face 😉

  9. hcole86

    Oh dear! What a horror. I want to ditto Faithchick’s comment: I hope it’s gotten better….

    Encouraged that I inspired you….now, if only I can inspire myself   :s

    I’m sorry sending me something was such a pain! I hate causing strife!

  10. faithchick

    wow! and nobody commented yet??? this is the first i’ve xanga-ed all day. I hope it’s gotten better for you since then. 😉 Tomorrow is another day! 🙂

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