the new voice in podcasting

Okay, so this is a promo piece for my sweet husband, but bear with me, because there are FREE things to be had if you do!

Like I mentioned before, Gabe has started his own podcast blending technology and faith. (God’s Mac) He interviews cool people in ministry (musicians, pastors, etc) and helps listeners network with other people and make all kinds of helpful connections. (I’ll let you know when he interviews me–not that I qualify as cool.) He has 3 podcasts out so far with a new one scheduled to release each Thursday evening. You don’t have to have an iPod to listen–any ol’ computer w/speakers will do. I recommend #2 where he talks to Jason Holdridge about being a daddy to daughters as well as Jason’s newly-released CD.

What FREE stuff, you ask? Well, t-shirts for one. They are all the rage, let me tell you. Oh, and CD’s from all Gabe’s music buddies. (David Crowder just sent him 10 autographed CDs of his to give away on an upcoming show.) He’s got Christian rap, rock, worship–and everything in between. And free massages and pedicures (okay, so maybe not). Free books, food….

Gabe has friends in Nashville at a company called Buzzplant. (He did work for them all last year.) They make web sites and e-mail blasts and stuff for all the big Christian record labels. Anyway, the CEO sent out an e-mail blast for Gabe’s podcast to 150,000 people this week. That’s a lot.

So, I know I’m going on and on about Gabe, but I’m really proud of him. He’s giving up most of his web site work on the side to do this thing completely for free. He feels God calling him to spread the gospel this way, and I’m really excited for all God has in store. It’s been neat to see how it’s bringing all kinds of people together to share Christ as one big team.

Check it out periodically for some good listening and some cool free stuff. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “the new voice in podcasting

  1. KmHunsberger

    No A….I counted when I got the letters just to be sure Landon would not lose one and I had 13. But once I knew it was a name, I figured it out pretty quickly 🙂 I am kind of glad I was missing  a letter bc man was I ever feeling dumb! 🙂

  2. faithchick

    i am also way behind on technology…but I think i’ll figure out how to somehow listen. 🙂

    i’m sure he’s very glad to have your support & encouragement on this!!!!!

    (i can’t not tell you this):
    I won a trip to nashville once!! for gospel music week. David crowder wasn’t very well known yet, but he was there and he was (is) amazing!! Is gabe real-live friends with him?!?!?

  3. jbnygaard

    But I am impressed that you know all the details of what your husband is doing! That awesome! I have a hard enough time trying to explain what my husband does for a living!!

  4. jbnygaard

    I feel so old when it comes to all this new technology stuff. I think I need to get an IPod or see one so I can understand more about what they do and are used for. I had no idea you could do what your husband is doing!! Am I the only one?

  5. rachmckinney

    that is so awesome. tomorrow morning, listening to that will definitly be on the top of my t o do list! that is so neat. and i love how you just bragged all about him, that’s so neat!

  6. mrsnorthern8605

    OOOOO free stuff! Drew has the the three he has done so far and says they sound good! I am excited that this has worked out well so far! I may have to get a free t-shirt or something. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE David Crowder Band!

    🙂 Have a great day!

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