the last hurrah

When I checked the forecast last week, it said Monday (yesterday) would be lovely, then it would go downhill from there. I was surprised to check the weather again today and see a big sun and the number 81. I met two friends and their four little girls at a very cool park (not Metro, but playground) about 15 minutes from here.

Kristen, you asked about metroparks. According to my handy brochure, they’re a “separate political subdivision of the state of Ohio…to conserve natural resources and provide natural area parks for people to enjoy. The mission of Metro Parks is to conserve open spaces, while providing places and opportunities that encourage people to discover and experience nature.”

In other words, anyone who lives in or around this great city of ours is within 20 minutes of one or more parks–23,000 total acres of lakes and rivers and creeks, wide open grassy spaces, hiking trails, cliffs and ravines, wildlife and beauty. Sigh.

We went for a hike with the girls last night after supper, and it about killed us. We let them play on a playground afterwards, and Ava slipped and hit her nose and mouth. Blood everywhere. She woke up this morning with a very swollen nose and some bruising. Poor thing. And Livi wiped out on the trail. She trips all the time. I’m pretty sure it’s her ever-growing feet and gangly legs. She’s just not adjusting fast enough to her growing body. Poor thing.

Thanks for the “check out another Old Navy” advice, Kimberly. We stopped today on the way back from the park and got flip-flops galore.

Some of you were skeptical about the validity of the “cat-lover” e-mail, or at least wondered if the person was joking. I haven’t heard back from him/her (the e-mail was anonymous). I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

Dell has my computer (Gabe’s old laptop) at the moment. There was a blue line running down my screen, and Gabe researched the problem. Found out lots of people are having the same trouble with that model. Worked his way to the top of management before he finally found someone who would fix it for free. I’m using Gabe’s iMac, so I feel quite professional. And quite sad each evening when I don’t get to use it.

Time to think about supper, which will be rushed, since Ava has soccer practice. She insists her nose hurts too bad to go. It didn’t seem to bother her today as she was sliding down fire poles and climbing rock walls. Hmmm…

Get out there and soak up the sunshine!

8 thoughts on “the last hurrah

  1. ch1pch0p

    I will send you the link to the Web site for the parks, too. It has directions and descriptions of each one in case you get tired of the ones in the close area. It’s in my favorites. I use it to decides which trails to run. This way, you can learn the trails for when we go running together!

    Glad you found the flip flops!!! Did you get Nina some, too??

    Have you heard the Tim McGraw song with his girls singing? I always picture Livi and Ava for some reason…

  2. rachmckinney

    that sounds fun. i did hear it’s supposed to get snow flurries today or tomorrow, though? that crazy ohio weather!! so unpredictable. i remember springs growing up could be crazy weather!!

  3. kkakwright

    Lousiville is much the same, their are metro parks everywhere you turn.  I love it.  We have found our favorites over the past year and half but it is always fun to check out a new one.

    Poor Ava.  Just another night time ailment to add to her list 🙂

  4. tonialynn59

    The metro parks sound cool.  Poor Ava!  I talked to my sister-in-law in Cincy today and she told me how beautiful it was there.  Here it is cold and rainy all day and it is supposed to get colder as the week goes by and even snow in the forecast!  Grrrr……….

  5. KmHunsberger

    I thought I was the only person in the world banned from the computer after 5:30 when my husband arrived home. I should have guessed that other computer programmer wives out there suffer the same fate. I just don’t get how he does it all day, and then can do it again so much in the evening. (Umm…I don’t actually mean he is on the computer every minute of the evening…he obviously spends family time too, but down time…he is on here programming away)

    So sorry about Ava’s nose. Poor girl. But happy you found flip flops. I cannot imagine 81 degrees. Someday….

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