the greatest show on earth

SATURDAY NIGHT EDIT: Gabe posted some pics from the circus on his blog if you’re interested.

FRIDAY NIGHT EDIT: Just thought all my fellow un-coolish friends might want to know that I still count myself amongst your ranks (and most likely always will). Gabe, Livi, and Ava are on their way out the door to a concert. I’ll be here shooting the breeze with Nina if anyone needs anything.

I’d don’t know if I’d go that far, but it really was pretty spectacular. We took Livi and Ava to opening night of the Ringling Brothers’ Barnum and Bailey Circus last night for Livi’s birthday (which is tomorrow). We got there when the doors opened and got to spend a good half hour down on the floor meeting the performers, trying on (heavy!) circus costumes, and watching a 31-year-old elephant paint a picture.

It’s a new tour this year–Circus meets Technology. Very visual, very colorful–the girls loved it. The first Act was cool but not thrilling. The second Act was awesome. I liked the Cossacks–guys who do flips on horses that are riding really fast, loved the 7 elephants that spun around and got on each other’s backs and all the crazy things that trained elephants do, and was awed by the beautiful white tigers. Super Silva, who walked on the ceiling (slipped his feet through loops really fast while he hung upside down a million miles in the air) nearly gave me a heart attack. He had no tether, no safety net–I just knew he would plummet to his death, and how would I cover my girls’ eyes in time? Of course, he was so high up, I would have had a good 10 seconds to react. And the seven men who rode motorcycles inside of a big metal sphere all at once–well, my jaw dropped and stayed open for the duration of their stunts. Unbelievable.

Only slightly less believable were the prices of the food and souvenirs. We grabbed McDonald’s on the way–$7.83 for our family of four. At the arena, cotton candy was $10! A box of popcorn was $6. Light-up, twirly elephants–a mere $18. We splurged on a $4 box of gummi bears (we each got about 10–no lie) and shared a $3.75 bottle of Pepsi, which as you’ll notice cost 8 cents less than our supper. The girls got a lesson in how we don’t pay more for cotton candy than we did for our tickets. ($11 apiece) The very cool thing was that on the way out the door, we each got a free bag of gummi worms (an edible ad for the new “How to Eat Fried Worms” movie) and guys were selling bags of cotton candy for a buck each. Beautiful. “Cotton candy here! Only a dollar! Full of vitamins and minerals!” Ha–good one.

Tomorrow is Livi’s day to choose all of her favorite activities–so we’ll probably be playing card games, baking cookies, visiting Michael’s to pick out Christmas craft materials, playing “office,” making Christmas crafts, eating supper at Donato’s and letting Livi place our order on the red phone. Oh, and absolutely no naps.

One final unrelated note: I’m going to start collecting orders for Is That All He Thinks About? It’s scheduled to release on January 1, and I have to buy 100 books at a time to get a 60% discount. Some of you have asked how much money I get if you buy it from me rather than Amazon or somewhere else. Here’s the scoop: With shipping, each book costs me roughly $5.50. When I ship it to you, that’s another $2.00. I sell it for $10, so I make $2.50 a book. For each book that sells on Amazon, I get about 96 cents royalty. Amazon makes roughly $3.00 a book. I should really go into book-selling rather than book-writing. 🙂 If you want to buy a copy in advance, just message/e-mail me, and I’ll send you my address. Send a check for $10, and I’ll address your envelope immediately and ship it out as soon as the books arrive at my door. Fun times! Thanks, guys!

23 thoughts on “the greatest show on earth

  1. sarahlester

    The circus is so fun.  Terrified of clowns though I may be, I just make sure there are lots of little kids between me and them and determine to have fun.  I haven’t been in years, though.

  2. scottnjes

    Oh I did nearly burst when Ivy held that block. I just cried! Amazing how some days almost equal the day you got married or had a baby.

    Thanks for the encouraging story of your little friend. I often think of the encouraging stories people tell me. God is so gracious!

  3. gsowell

    Does it make me among the ranks of the uncool this week if we did manage a Friday night outing, but we’ve returned home, eaten supper, given baths and put kids to bed before 9:15? well…probably, yes.

  4. gsowell

    My girlies have been begging to go to the circus. But no circus has come our way (or at least to our attention) for a year! They would have LOVED that night! But I am like you…I would have worried about them all witnessing stunt-performers dying in a bloody, fiery mess! LOL! (Am I allowed to LOL at a sentence that includes horrible deaths?)

  5. KmHunsberger

    I want to go to the circus too!!! You all do such fun things with your girls. Inspires me to find a way to do those things with my bored stiff child 🙂 Hope you all have a lovely day enjoying one another!!! 🙂

  6. YoYoYoder

    I would love to try and quilt those things for the girls. I really have no idea how long it will take me, but I could try to do them before Christmas. It would probably depend on how big you would want them to be. Sounds like fun!

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