the good bad good bad good bad day

good–My chiro appt only lasted 10 minutes today. Stopped to see Gabe at work, picked up chips/sweet onion salsa and ice cream treats and met my cousin and her friend at her pool (at her apt. complex) where they were watching my girlies. Livi and Ava had a blast with Alandra and Emily. Nina slept in her stroller. Good talks with Camy and Kasey (sp?).

bad–My back didn’t feel so hot. Camy commented that I was walking crooked. It usually doesn’t hurt to walk, just to bend and/or lift. The pain was pretty constant.

good–Had fun reading the 456 comments people left on my friends’ xangas while I was away.

bad–Found out why they’re cutting down trees. Oil pipeline. Guess whose yard the easement swerves into. Guess whose 2 huge evergreen trees are history. Guess whose pear tree must be transplanted if it’s to be saved. Guess who held her 2 daughters while all three of them cried at the sad news.

good–My husband is the calming voice of reason in the chaos that is my life. He comforted all of us and promised we will turn our “new” backyard into something pretty soon.

bad–The back pain is worsening…

good–“Emily” from our new church stopped by with a warm loaf of bread from “Great Harvest” (or is it Good Harvest?) as a welcome gift.

bad–Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.

good–My New Zealand interview was as fun as all get out. Tim, the host, encouraged “all the blokes to read the book to better understand their ladies.” He kept saying what a fun book it was and how he said to himself, over and over, while reading it, “That is so true. That is so true.” He wants to talk again when the next book comes out. I’m a bit nervous about doing interviews for that one.

bad–I was getting the girls ready for their bath and happened to look in the mirror. Uh, the left side of my shirt was hanging funny, a lot lower than the right side. Now, I know I do the lopsided nursing thing inadvertently at times, but this had nothing to do with my chest. Pulled up my shirt and gasped. Turned to Livi and Ava.

“Does Mommy look funny?” I asked.

“Yeah, that side’s bigger!” Livi said.

My right hip was sticking out a good two inches farther than my left. We’re talking left side=pre-adolescent. right side=hula dancer mid-swing. We’re talking lawsuit–blasted chiropractor. Guess I’ll be dragging all my children with me tomorrow and paying him a visit for the FOURTH DAY IN A ROW. I can hear all of you saying, “I told you so.” How about just showing a little love and pity? 🙂

good–If I die tonight, I’m going to heaven.

bad–I think I might die tonight.

good–Ava finally learned how to pump her legs while swinging, so I don’t have to push her all the time.

bad–Ava came inside tonight, tried to go down to the basement, and said, “I can’t open the STINKIN’ door!” Um, why is she repeating everything I say all of a sudden. It’s almost a joke to her now, because 15 seconds later, she looks at Livi, smiles, and says, “That’s a bunch of stinkin’ crap.” Okay, it’s official. I must clean up my mouth. Thankfully, I’m not a cusser, but I use lots of substitutes when I’m ticked (freakin’, stinkin’, crap). Not so edifying. Not what I want my preschool daughters to be saying at church.

good–thought I’d end on a good note. Hmmm… Um… Hmmm… Something good….Gabe found us unlimited long distance with voice mail through the internet for $8 a month. Can’t beat that!

15 thoughts on “the good bad good bad good bad day

  1. KmHunsberger

    Are you feeling any better? I cannot imagine parenting THREE kids with a back that out of whack. I sure hope you are a bit better today!

    Landon has started repeating everything too. These words are being stricken from our vocab: Gosh, Idiot, Stupid, Shut-up (even said in a funny way), frickin, darn it (because when he says it, it sounds like the real deal), and many others I cannot think of at this moment 🙂

    I really do hope you are feeling better!

  2. biblestorebrowser

    Oh my gosh! (There’s a word for ya!) You poor girl! No wonder you’re in such pain!
    I feel your angst about the trees and I promise with time it will diminish. When the neighbors started building a few years ago, we lost some of what we *thought* were our trees and brush (no clear line there) that we had made the border of a nice little path through the treeline. Then, as they were finishing up with the septic system, the young man excavating had no sense of the property line and cleared out a big chunk of mature and freshly planted trees on another area of our property. His boss wasn’t too happy, and neither were we. (I think “fuming” would be an appropriate word.) Fortunately, his boss was willing to purchase and plant some young trees, attempt to transplant some more mature ones, and spray grass seed. It’ll never be the same, but I’m over it. I just had to realize there are much more important things in life.

  3. ch1pch0p

    I wish! (except my apt. is a mess). Does September 19th work? It’s either that or the 12th.

    Hey, it’s a great little snack if you’re running around!

  4. ch1pch0p

    ^ YES, she is!!! I can’t wait!! ^

    It’s Great Harvest, and you have one in W-ville on Rte. 3, and if you walk in the door, they hand you great big slices of whatever kind of bread you want — FREE — and you don’t have to buy anything. Not that I do this all the time or anything.

    Oh, and there’s a Once Upon a Child in the same little plaza.

  5. faithchick

    Guess why the house you bought was on the market.

    😉 cheeky.
    yes, yesterday was an INSANE xanga day. But, kim is going to invite you to her party & we all get to meet! Fun!! 🙂

    I hope today is better for you!

  6. mrsnorthern8605

    Owwy! I can’t even imagine the pain? Do you need someone to come watch the girls? I don’t start work until Monday so I would be more than happy to come over or whatever. I am going to be bored for the next few days anyways! Let me know!

  7. chrissyheartsjason

    oh and yes i came with a church group, from my church, Immanuel Baptist, it’s on the west side of Columbus.  i have one brother and i think he was there that summer, but i think he stayed with a counselor named Brian…not really sure about that one though.  oh wait, i lied, Rachels cabin (the one i was in that year) was above yours.  i can’t remember what cabin name we were though. 

  8. chrissyheartsjason

    i’m sorry you’re having a good bad day.  glad it ended good though.  my maiden name was Coontz, and i don’t doubt that you won’t remember me.  it’s ok though.  i just have a weird memory where i remember weird things.  don’t worry about it though.  i would definitely go back to the chiro tomorrow and chew his butt off!

  9. Nixter77

    bad – that your back is so bad, still praying.  nixie = sending love

    good – that your package left yesterday – woo hoot (new word)

    bad  – and sad that your trees have got to go and the little girls were sad

    good – that your super hubby Gabe came to the rescue and you can have a new pretty garden later.

    Sorry to hear about your back I really am, I truly pray it all gets better and that you will get healed without surgery 😉

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