thanks, i needed that.

Remember when I used to blog every day? That was fun.

You may or may not have noticed that I took a few days off of blogging (and the whole internet pretty much). My friend Megan gave me the nudge.

She and her husband Sean lead our life group, and we’re doing Jen Hatmaker‘s 7 (and it wasn’t even my idea–I love these people!). We meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at our place, then the women meet on the 1st Wednesday for prayer, and the guys take the 3rd Wednesday for beer and hotdogs (and supposedly also prayer, but that didn’t make it into any of the Instagrams).

Anyway. Sean and Meg have been doing AWESOME at fasting along with the book for two weeks at a time, and they’re 12 days into their media fast at the moment. No TV, no Wii, no Facebook, no sports news websites, no “recreational internet.”

(But Meg is allowed to read blogs of people she knows in real life, because that’s “intentional community building” or something like that. Did I get that right, Meg?)

Holy cow. I had a world of good intentions about keeping this post short and suh-weet. I know myself so well.

So. I haven’t really been fasting from much of anything, but Meg encouraged me at prayer night on Wednesday to give the media fast a go. So I did on Thursday. And it was awesome.

I spent time with God, I spent time with Ava (helping her catch up/get ahead with her online school stuff), I got housework done. I was more pleasant, more attentive and available for my family. I was happy. It felt good.

So I did it again Friday. And this weekend. And while I peeked in a time or two on some stuff, I wasn’t constantly checking this, that, and whatever else. I was here in the moment with my fam. And I realized how much I haven’t been lately.

It’s hard when you “work” from home and you want to contribute to the family’s finances and the only thing you’ve got that’s worth something is your writing and you get less than $2 for every book/e-book people buy and the only way to get the word out is to hang out on the internet and plug it as un-obnoxiously as you can every chance you get.

(p.s. You would solve all of my woes just by clicking right here and buying my new e-book, which is finally available for the iPad, by the way. Woot! And, um, no that won’t solve everything, but it’ll make me feel good.)

So, the girls and I had a “Homeschooling Meeting” on Saturday evening. Holy cow. I can’t believe I’m really homeschooling my children next year. They are SO EXCITED, and frankly, so am I. (This is so crazy!!)

Let me just say two things:

1. We have no intention of being “typical” homeschoolers (take that however you want).

2. We named our school. Taviano Global Academy. I could just die. I want t-shirts. Gabe thinks I’m a freak show.

Okay, 3 things:

3. I have no lofty expectations of winning Homeschooling Mother of the Year, or Mother of the Year for that matter, but life is so often what you make it, and I want to make this good.

More on that later.

Last thing. I have some really amazing, godly friends. I’ve been struggling with something lately. A trust thing. As in, I needed to be giving it over to God instead of whining/nagging/pouting.

On Wednesday, I had lunch with my friend Karen. I talked to her about it some, and I expected her to be a little more supportive of me. Instead she told me that I needed to stop the nagging and trust God. Hmph.

Wednesday night. Prayer night at my friend Pam’s. I share again, and what do these girls tell me? Same thing. Hmph.

Friday afternoon. I go hang out with my friend Amy (mama of Abigail, Gregory, and Gracie, whose awesome story I share in my new e-book. hint, hint, plug, plug.). And I really expected Amy to be more sympathetic to my plight. She echoed what everyone else had said.

I really should’ve picked friends who would let me get away with sinful attitudes. Sheesh.

So, how am I doing with the Trusting-Not-Nagging? BETTER. Not awesome, but hey, give a girl some grace. And God has shown me some sweet provision this weekend. NOT AT ALL how I thought, but since when is that how God works anyway?

So, tell me: What do you need to give over to God today? (I’ll sic my friends on ya.)

24 thoughts on “thanks, i needed that.

  1. Lori

    Yeah!! Happy to be reading your clever and inspiring words again 🙂
    What do I need to give over? The details of getting from my point A to my point B (assuming point B is even where God wants me!). I’m in that tough space where I need to plan and work hard to best of my Godly ability but then take the unexpected turns with gratefulness and thanksgiving because I know He’s got it.
    Praying for the hubby’s eyes to be opened to some specific details as well. My plan is going nowhere without him.
    PS – I could use some friend’s like yours 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    I’m so glad you re-connected with your family and God over your bloggy break, and that God placed such amazing women in your life that push you through the struggles. I needed to hear that myself! Reminding myself that His plans are far greater than I could ever imagine, and to wait on His timing.

  3. ali

    You totally should have hung with me. I would have absolutely told you what you wanted to hear. Right after you told me to keep attempting to control my circumstances and nag my husband.

  4. Jen Griffin

    We are starting a month long media fast in the a.m. I MAY DIE!!!!

    The boys named our school…”The Griffin Warrior Academy” Every boy wants the name warrior in it somehow! We also want tshirts! 🙂

  5. Lari

    I’ve just recently found your blog and am loving how real and transparent you are. Thanks for sharing your struggles…we all have them. We embarking in huge changes at our house…all very exciting, but also a little scary…hubby is changing jobs from “stable” church pastorate to the unknown of a new mission organization, we’re knee deep in our adoption journey and will also start homeschooling our 4 boys (15,13,9,3) in the fall. We won’t be the “typical” homeschool family either 😉

  6. Sarah Hubbell aka MainlineMom

    Oh goodness girl. Why ya gotta go askin stuff like that on a MONDAY MORNING?

    Well, naturally there’s our adoption process and it’s timing. I am working to keep trusting him about that.

    Then there’s some health stuff that came up with my husband. Honestly this kind of was an answer to prayer b/c I had been nagging him about it and it took our adoption to get him a physical to give him the wake up call he needed. But now I must not be worried about it. *sigh*

    1. Sarah Hubbell aka MainlineMom

      PS I bought your book, and Jen Hatmaker’s, but both are in the waiting list behind the NINE adoption books that are required reading for me through my agency. Not to mention the 10 hrs of online training, which is pretty much all reading too. So I’m sure it’s good but it may be awhile till I get to it!

  7. Keri

    I adore you. I need to give over some major insecurities I’m dealing with. No fun at all.

    And I did buy your newest ebook and I LOVE it! Good job! I read almost the whole thing in one sitting.


  8. Amber

    Your post is such an encouragement to me/good reminder. We’re prepping for both an international move and an international adoption (not the same country or continent either!) and I need to trust in HIS timing and planning on how those are both going to play out. Thanks!

  9. Danielle

    Sweet friend, thank you for your continual honesty. Seriously, you encourage me pretty much any time you post anything. BTW, I got your amazing note at the exact right time, God is so good to use mere humans, through the leading of his Spirit, to minister to our hearts!

    To answer your question, I have a little background information. It’s Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, and at our church it is also child dedication Sunday. And my broken heart can’t handle it. And I’m realizing how really not ok (discontent, envious, etc.) I am with God’s perfect plan for our lives. J and I are going camping this weekend instead of church, and I feel selfish but also justified.

    So, I think it’s time for me to again lay my expectations of what our family will look like upon the altar of God’s mercy.

    1. Marla Taviano

      Girl, I don’t think there is a SINGLE thing wrong with you going camping this weekend. In fact, I HIGHLY recommend it and think it’s the best plan EVER. So that’s that.

      Yes, lay your expectations for your family on the altar, and then sit back and watch God make your family so much more awesome than you could have imagined. There are soooo many children who need the love you and JJ have. God has something big planned, girl. I KNOW IT.

      1. Danielle

        Hey, if you think it’s the best plan ever then it must be! 🙂 I’m actually really looking forward to being out in creation with no distractions and being reminded what an amazing God we serve. When I look up at the innumerable stars it helps me gain perspective, Psalm 8 style.

        The only electronic thing I’m thinking about taking is J’s new-to-us IPad so I can read this fun new e-book we bought! 😉

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