TGIF (Tell Gabe I’m Finished)

EDIT: Ava has a “head-ick.” So do I. Ouch. So, I saw a groundhog run under our deck. “The groundhog’s under our deck,” I say. Walk outside and pound my feet on the deck. He runs out and under the shed. Livi and Ava don’t see him because I’m in the way. “You didn’t see the groundhog run under the shed?” Ava is adamant that she doesn’t believe me. “I don’t believe you! I don’t believe you!” She’s upset. What in the world? Five minutes later, I figure out why. She thought I said Grandma was under our deck and ran through the yard to the shed. Ha! No wonder she was skeptical. 🙂

Having a garage sale. Am leaving it basically unattended. Put sign on garage that says, “Ring doorbell to pay.” Made $48 so far. Told Gabe I’d never, ever have another garage sale again. Have had 2 since then. NO MORE. The clutter is all gone. I own only things I love.

So far, I’ve tried $1 carmex, $2 campho phenique, $5 orajel, and now $12 Abreva for my cold sore. There goes my garage sale profit. And I still have my cold sore.

My back felt really good the past couple days. It hurts today. Spasms and such.

Livi and Ava are wearing aprons and sweeping the driveway. Still haven’t heard about Ava’s soccer. Makes me feel sick to my stomach when I think about it.

A couple people have asked how all us xanga girls know each other…brief explanation coming soon.

Girls are starving. All that sweeping’ll do it to ya.

21 thoughts on “TGIF (Tell Gabe I’m Finished)

  1. rachmckinney

    cold sore, canker sores, diffrent things…i get both too often to care for! eithere way, i hope you heal soon! they are no fun! anbesol…if you feel like spending more money, will help the sores on the inside. not to go away, but to “heal” over so it doesn’t bot her you as much . or salt, painful, but cheap and effective. just a couple more suggesstions for you. hope it’s better today!

  2. biblestorebrowser

    Facepaint: That’s from a fall neighborhood get-together right after Halloween where a few of us dressed up. I went as a UK (Kentucky) fanatic! It’s hard to tell from the pic, but I also had blue chapstick and blue hair!
    KISS’s sister! Ha! I HAD been thinking about switching pics. . .

  3. mrsnorthern8605

    Hey! Um, what time Wednesday was it you needed me. My head has been getting better daily, so I really hope that it will be ok! Anyways…let me know what time for sure and I will get back to you! I do want to come over! I really do!

  4. biblestorebrowser

    <—stands by her probiotics. . . even if they are expensive ’cause they’re so good for me in other ways! Abreva works almost as well if it’s applied at the first tingle. Prescription Zovirax isn’t worth a hoot in my experience. Carmex IS great for dry lips, Nixter! I keep it in my nightstand right alongside my Neutrogena for when it’s cool and dry.
    LOL @ grandma!

  5. Nixter77

    ok ok so sorry the carmex didn’t work = at least it was only a dollar 🙂

    I just got one of those canker sores too (we don’ call them that) right inside my lip too – ouch it hurts, it’s really sore.  If I find anything to clear it up with let you know:)

    Grandma under the shed = hysterical.

  6. scottnjes

    He he he !! Are YOU ready for another one?? If you go to myspace and look up my name plus the zip 12345 you should find me. Otherwise, you could go to Bethany’s and find me from there…I think one of those methods should work.

    Love the cover of your newest publication! Although, i feel bad that my husband has never been in bed with such a lovely looking woman/model 🙂 I can’t wait to read it!!

  7. angntug

    Grandma’s under your shed, huh? Haha! That’s really funny! She’s hilarious! Yeah, I swore I would never have a garage sale either. The last time I did I wasted money by listing it in the paper AND it attracted a man whho decides to EXPOSE himself to a lady across the street from me. Thank God for police officers……weird people!

  8. kkakwright

    From my vast dental experience (4 1/2 years as a dental x-ray chic) I will tell you…..those topical medicines really do NOTHING to help heal unless you start slathering it on BEFORE your cold sore (which sounds more like a canker sore) gets full blown.  They can help with a little bit of the discomfort afterwards but unfortunately you just have to wait it out. 

    You know stress can bring these things on Marla.  Maybe this garage sales is bad for your health!

  9. Marketer319

    AHAHAHAHA – Grandma under the front porch!  I don’t even know your mother but I can certainly imagine my grandmothers streaking across the lawn and diving under the shed…

  10. YoYoYoder

    Oh I wish I could’ve come to your yardsale today! I have 2 boxes of things I want to sell and I’m sure I could fill 2 more boxes if I just dug around a little more in our apartment. I really like the idea of having them ring the doorbell. That way you can actually get stuff done. And who cares if someone steals something–you just want to get rid of it anyway.

    I had a canker sore a couple weeks ago. I got it from Thomas accidently jabbing his finger in my mouth. It lasted about one week exactly, but I didn’t put anything on it. I just let it go away on its own.

    I DEF want to come to your house on Labor Day! Have we made it official yet? Let me know! Love you!

  11. bethelaine

    i’ve only had a cold sore one time…. and the only thing that helped was slapping a dallop of antibiotic ointment on it and covering it with a bandaid.  (i did that at night… not in public!)  it was gone in a day or two…

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