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Our girls get 95% of their clothes/shoes from the thrift store, and they’re cool with this. (They don’t really have a say in the matter unless they want to go get a job.) Gabe’s mom will buy them shoes occasionally, and we got them both running shoes at the beginning of the school year, but that’s it.

The older two really wanted some Converse shoes a couple months ago (their PayLess knock-offs have been worn to shreds), and Mom and Dad said yes, so we went shoe shopping. Three stops later, we’d exhausted all our options but the mall, and it was 9:00 on a school night and everything was closed, so we headed home while the girls sang the blues.

Gabe looked on and found the shoes they wanted for $19.99 and free shipping. But they didn’t have Livi’s size in the turquoise ones she wanted. They told us they update the site every Sunday, so we waited. Still no size 5. Waited another week. Nope. She decided on Paprika. (Ava got red, Nina purple).

About 10 days later (after 5 days of “why aren’t our shooooooooes heeeeeeeeeere yet?”), the box arrived. Purple size 12. Red size 4. Paprika size… 6. Wrong size. Livi started crying. And lamenting the unfairness of her sisters wearing their shoes while she didn’t have hers.

After some initial balking, Ava and Nina decided it wouldn’t be fair if they wore them before Livi did. They’d wait.

Called Target. They apologized. I needed to print out a label, package up the shoes, take them to the P.O. and they’d send me the right pair. “Are you going to give me anything for my trouble?” I asked. “Yeah,” the lady said, “the right pair of shoes.” Nice.

On the Customer Service Evaluation form, I wrote out a sob story of Livi’s tears and she told me she’d send me a $15.00 gift card.

Over a week later, Livi’s box arrives. We tear it open. My jaw drops. Paprika size SIX. AGAIN. She cries again. I call Target. After a big run-around, they figure out the problem. There are no size fives. When you click “size five” it automatically gives you size six. The guy told me they had size 5 in blue. I talked to Livi. She said okay. A week to 10 more days, they said.

Another evaluation form. They told me they’d send me a $10 credit to “I don’t want a credit,” I said. “I don’t really want to shop at again anytime soon.” They said they’d send me a $10 gift card.

I still haven’t seen these gift cards. But Livi and I had a really good talk about hope deferred and waiting on things and how God’s plan is awesome even when it seems like it stinks. I likened it to having a book proposal rejected and waiting on a publisher to say yes. You know, philosophical stuff like that.

And every time we walk in or out our front door, the purple and red shoes sit there and taunt us. But bless Ava and Nina’s hearts, they haven’t asked once in the past 3-4 weeks if they can wear their shoes already. And now they won’t even get to wear them before school’s out.

So Gabe and I were driving to Charlotte, NC this afternoon and we got a call from Livi (the girls are staying with Gabe’s mom at our house). “My shoes came!” she said. “And they’re size five (then another word I couldn’t understand)!”

“Size five/six??”

“Size five ____ (same unintelligible word)!”

“What?! I can’t understand you!”

“Size 5 INFANTS! They fit in my hand!!”

I didn’t want to believe her. I begged her to tell me she was pulling my chain. She wasn’t.

“Are you okay?” I asked. “Are you laughing or crying?”

She was laughing.

“As soon as Mommy and Daddy get back, we’ll take you to Target to get you some shoes,” I said. (the reason we didn’t do that in the first place was because she wanted weird colors they didn’t carry in the store–we’re out of options now though)

Gabe called from the mountains of Virginia and asked to speak to a manager. After waiting for 5 minutes, he lost the call. Tried again, spoke to a manager for 5 minutes, lost the call again.

So we gave up.

I just got another one of those evaluation forms in my e-mail. I’m going to take a deep breath, say a prayer, and then share the gospel or something.

22 thoughts on “target dot bomb

  1. Leigh

    That is pure crazy! I certainly wouldn’t be shopping online with Target- at least for shoes- anytime soon. Hope they follow through on those gift cards though! Your trouble should be worth something.

  2. lisa

    so do they just not make them in her size? i live near a ton of target stores … if i see them, i’m buying them and sending them to you!! sheesh … bless her heart .. at least she laughed. i love target but that is ridiculous.

  3. Cheryl Pickett

    That’s exactly how Zappos has apparently built an empire. They ship shoes to and from, returns no questions asked. The bad part is they’re expensive, so maybe that means we who shop at thrift stores shouldn’t expect good service. Sorry for the frustration and I’ll agree the girls have been really great about it. Good for them and the parents that showed them how to be that way.

  4. Sharon W

    Your girls are so sweet to wait to wear their shoes until Livi can wear hers too! Oh, my word! I cannot believe how un-customer service oriented our world has become! They had better send you those gift cards, straight away! I got a good laugh at the fact that Livi got sent size five infant shoes!!! I don’t know if you have to send them back again, but if not, you should sell them on eBay and make a little money for your trouble!

  5. Megan at SortaCrunchy

    OH MY HEAVENS. I have to admit, I was laughing loudly by the end of this story. (And also curious as to why they had to be mailed back?)

    Poor Livi. And Nina and Ava are just PURE GOLD for not wearing their shoes. If that doesn’t speak to the power of sisterly love, I don’t know what does. Bless it all.

    1. Marla Taviano

      They told me I had to mail them, and I forget their reason. 🙁 And I also feel bad for making it sound like Ava and Nina are angels. They did make an initial fuss (well, Ava did anyway), but they haven’t brought it up since.

  6. Christy @ pureMotherhood

    That is one crazy super bad customer service story. Did you know you can just take them back to any Target store? You don’t have to mail them back. And the sinister side of me likes that idea better b/c they’ll sell them in the store for a ridiculously low price (so low that they’re losing money) – that’s what they do with online returns – I know b/c we snatch those up an resell them. 🙂

  7. Valerie

    If you still have the size 5 infant blue shoes…. I would gladly try them on monkey and if they fit buy them….. in the mean time I can try to find somewhere that has them for her locally. I’ve had my experiences with before…. not good ones. Needless to say I prefer shopping in store only from them.

    You’re girls are awesome….you guys are doing so well at raising them to amazing people 🙂

  8. beth lehman

    lessons aside, go somewhere else and get that girl some chucks, already!!! your other girls are so sweet to wait… i’m not sure mine would do that.

  9. Claudia Porpiglia

    So sorry for all the grief and aggravation but this did make me smile. I am amazed at how bad service is getting especially in our economy. Praying that God gives you the grace to be honest and tactful at the same time! 😉 Also praying that Livi gets some really cool shoes!!!

  10. Dana

    Your girls are so wonderful! They are such good sisters to each other! At the same time, this totally reminds me of “Alexandar and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”. Mr. Alex has a shoe issue too. Maybe it’s part of being five….

  11. Mary

    Marla, this makes me so sad because I love Target! But I can’t help but laugh too…poor Livi. I hope she finds a great pair of shoes that she loves!! Reminds me of the time I ordered shoes for Jake and got kids instead of infant. Who knew they were different? 🙂

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