Tanner Rock

I have a new nephew! Tanner Rock (Gabe’s Dad’s name is Rock) Taviano was born late this morning, and the girls and I got to be there for the big event. Congratulate Daddy, Mommy, Morgan and Reese here! Gabe’s parents have 2 sons, 5 granddaughters and 1 grandson.

I have 3 younger siblings, 3 daughters, 3 nieces and 3 nephews, and I am still amazed by the miracle of birth (human life in general really). God is amazing.

Thank you for all your lovely and encouraging comments about my day yesterday. God blessed the rest of my day in the hugest way. I was literally shaking from the enormity of all the blessing. 1.) we got a 2nd estimate for the new roof our house needs–$2000 lower than the first estimate. 2.) I found out that Harvest House has a 3-bedroom condo on the Oregon coast, and authors can stay there for 3 days, 2 nights free of charge whenever they want. I’ve never visited the Pacific Northwest, and I’ve been dying to. SOON! and 3.) I got another McGraw-Hill job which will keep me terribly busy up through the end of September but will be a huge debt-slayer.

Thank You, Lord! You didn’t have to show Yourself to me in such concrete ways, but You did! THANK YOU.

Last thing–there’s a small town on the way to my in-laws that has a little florist shop. The sign out front always says– “___________, stop in for a free flower!” Sometimes the names are really obscure. Today it was Jessica. So, sis-in-law, scottandjes, and faithchick, if you’re passing through Huntsville, Ohio this evening, be sure to pick up your marigold! (faithchick, were you born in that town? )

Really last thing–I have 54 surveys and 8 from the guys. Awesome! Saturday is July 1st, but if anyone needs an extension, feel free to take one. How about a new July 10th deadline?

Have an awesome day!

12 thoughts on “Tanner Rock

  1. KmHunsberger

    I am so glad your day got better and that the Lord reminded you of his goodness, grace and provision in such tangible ways. I am so glad we serve a PERSONAL God.

    About the throw up. Last night, at the VERY end of dinner, Landon put too much in his mouth…gagged…and puked up his ENTIRE dinner. Jon cleaned it up. I think the Lord has a sense of humor bc he gave me a son who gags very easy….rarely throw up…rarely…but gags very often and sounds like every organ in his body is about to come out of his mouth. Just thought it was ironic considering our xanga conversation yesterday 😀

  2. adamslady

    oh, sure.  what the world.  gimmie the sex book, too. 🙂  so you’re giving an extention?  you’d make a great professor.  all the best profs give extentions. 

  3. mtaviano

    Actually, I won’t be going on vacation soon. The condo is free for 3 days, but we’d have to pay for 4 plane tickets and food. Plus, if we’re flying all the way out there, we’d probably want to stay longer, so we’d have to find a place for 3 or 4 more days. So much for a FREE vacation! Maybe next spring…

    Go Scott! You can do it!

  4. scottnjes

    The sex book of course 🙂

    Congratulations! You got to be there? how exciting! So you ‘ll be going on vacation soon? Sounds like a good time in your life for a break with new book/new house/practically new baby.

    You know how many Xangas i have written in 2 minute increments? Between throw up/poop/crying/phone calls. Sometime it takes all day to spit one out. 🙂  i can only imagine having 3!

  5. faithchick

    haha…good call…maybe after a relative?!?
    too bad i’m not closer!

    i think i’ll write a book, so i can stay in the cottage for free. 🙂 hmmm….got any good topics?

    i’m glad your day got much better in very concrete ways!!! 🙂

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