talk about swirly!

Physically swirly this time, not mentally swirly (well, that too, but I don’t have time to get into that) Dudes, my stomach is rolling and flipping and squirming. (NOT pregnant) I close my eyes and the world starts spinning. Pinched sciatic nerve, awful-achy muscles, droopy-tired eyes.

But I’m happy. Joyful even.

Instead of having a birthday party for Ava, we took her to Jungle Jack’s Landing at the zoo and bought $15 ride bracelets for her and Livi. All the rides you can ride ALL DAY LONG for $15. I tried to keep track of how many they rode, but wow. I’d say they rode 50 apiece. At $1-$2 a shot, except not, since we had the bracelets.

Gabe and I rode some with them too. (and Nina) The Whirligig about did me in. I can still feel it. (and it was FREE, because the Z-card machine wasn’t working. we rode it 6 times.)

The Sea Dragon roller coaster, the Swingin’ Gibbon swings, the Dust Devil (Scrambler), train, teacups, elephant ride, Blue Glider thingies, bumper cars (the girls did these over and over and over). And Gabe and Livi rode the Log Ride and the Big Ship-thingy. They got drenched. (it was free too. i love how these new machines keep breaking!)

We went at 10:00 when it opened, rode rides until 12:00, ate a picnic lunch, rode rides until 1:45 maybe, headed home. Rested, went to Red Robin for supper (the girls had free kids meal coupons), back to the zoo. Jungle Jack’s is open until 9:00. We were there from 6:45-8:45.

I’m beat, but oh, what a wonderful day. Those pretty little girls’ eyes were shining, dancing, sparkling all day long. We had such a fabulous day as a family. And it was supposed to rain, but the sun was out all day. Thank you, Jesus.

So, now, I’m trying not to fall over. (or hurl) I have dishes, laundry, packing the girls’ stuff for Thurs. night through Sunday and all our stuff for the She Speaks conference in NC this weekend. And I can’t leave the house a wreck. We have people staying here Saturday night while we’re gone.

Bible study in the morning, lunch, pack, head to Rock and Janelle’s, little party for Ava with Tug and Angie & kids, baths and bed for kids, Gabe and I head back to C-bus. Up crazy-early on Friday morning. On the road by 5 a.m. Get to Charlotte just in time for conference. All evening Friday, all day Saturday, until noon on Sunday, head home. Janelle’s bringing the girls to C-bus–bless you, Janelle.

I’m supposed to give a 3-minute speech to an evaluation group on Friday night and a 5-minute one on Saturday night. Have no idea what I’m going to say. (not to mention the fact that it usually takes me 6-7 minutes to say, “Hi, I’m Marla, and here’s a brief little bit about me and my life.) Doing the prayer thing in lieu of preparation. (hey, it works for me)

Could you pray for me? I’m running on “E.” Thanks so much.

Oh, huge praise. We’re supposed to dress up for this thing. Well, business casual. (uhhh…??) And it’s supposed to be crazy-hot and humid but cold in the hotel. “Bring a summer sweater or suit jacket.” (uhhh….??) I went to the thrift store yesterday, and without trying any of it on (you can’t), I bought 4 skirts, 1 sleeveless black top, 1 gray “summer sweater,” 3 black sweater-y things. Two of the skirts were a no-go, but I spent less than $18 on all of it, and it was all name-brand–Gap, Express, Ann Taylor Loft. Praise the Lord! (and I know I talked about how life is too short to always wear black, but this weekend will be an exception)

What in the world am I still sitting here for?! A gabillion things I should be doing. And I’m sooooooooooo tired.

I’m sad to be behind on everyone’s blogs. Tried to catch up a bit tonight, but just caught snippets. God is doing some amazing things, though, eh?? WOW.

Love and hugs. I so appreciate your prayers. Talk to you Monday-ish!

24 thoughts on “talk about swirly!

  1. Nixter77

    Hey gorgeous friend, will definitely pray for you and sorry you are feeling so swirly.

    I have had a pinched sciatic the last few days – ouchy!

    Hope the talks go well, I am sure you will rock!

    ps – I am totally going bargain shopping with you when I come and visit.

  2. YoGrandmaYo

    Glad you had such a fun “birthday” celebration at the zoo!:)  Rejoicing with you at the good deal on clothes!  I know how you love to shop for clothes!:)  Praying for a safe trip for you and Gabe and a fun time for your munchkins with Grandma and Papaw Taviano!  (Praying for them, too).:)  And I hope you and Gabe can squeeze in a little time together!:)  Love you!:)

  3. MlleBaroque

    Yay for cheap clothes!  For me that makes shopping almost enjoyable. (I despise clothes shopping for so many reasons.)

    Your description of your family day made me smile.  Hopefully it was all smiles and no bickering.  My siblings and I nearly always ruined family outings by bickering…it’s one of my biggest regrets.

  4. jonnalynn

    congrats on the good thrift finds! i found a new treasure recently-Steve & Barry’s department store sells everything in their store for $8.98. Everything!!! There’s even a kid’s section. Not sure if there’s one nearby where you live, but it’s quality clothing for next to nothing!!!

  5. tonialynn59

    I forgot to mention that the last time I road a spinny ride (which I always preferred them over roller coasters) was at Opryland in 1996 and it was teacups and I was miserable the rest of the day.  Figuring back I would have been 37.

  6. Abs7

    “life is too short to always wear black”- i like that! did you figure out what you’re wearing?

    praying that the conference goes well!

  7. shannahhogue

    Sounds like you all had a great day!

    Prayed for you just now: time to get everything done, clarity of mind to prepare/speak, safety on the road. Can’t wait to hear how it all goes!

  8. gsowell

    Anything that spins in circles makes me ILL for days. Suddenly I am an old woman. Ugh.

    I just checked out the info about the conference. Sounds like a great opportunity. Praying for you as you go.

  9. stephaniedawnbasham

    Your day sounds like the funnest day in the history of fun days! Tiring, but wonderful. I’m glad I’ve been there so I can close my eyes and imagine the girls running from one ride to the next, hour after hour, with their eyes shining oh-so-prettily. 🙂

    I still felt dizzy two days after that blasted teacup ride.

    I’m trying to not be sad that I don’t get to see you this weekend.

    Love you millions!

  10. KmHunsberger

    What in teh world…the C-bus zoo has an amusement park?!?! How awesome. I can just see their shining, dancing eyes! Sounds like a beautiful day!

    Hoping you feel better (is it a result of the rides?) and definitely will be praying for you these next few days. Sounds like a crazy busy time…but if anyone can do it, you can!

    You are awesome, friend! Talk to ya (or, rather, read ya) in a few days

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