taking the day off…

… to make a dent in my to-catch-up-on list and to count my blessings in order to stave off discouragement.

What’s on your plate today?

6 thoughts on “taking the day off…

  1. Joslyn

    thank you she came through the surgery well and she’s having a lot of pain but everyone feels that they got all the cancer. Thank you again for the prayers.

  2. Sarah Montanye

    Just prayed for your mom Joslyn. I just had a spot removed too so I can related to that freaking out feeling!
    I have to deal with a super duper messy house today…. with a clingy sick 2 year old in tow.

    Hope you get lots done today Marla!!!

  3. Joslyn

    my mom is going in for surgery today to (hopefully) remove her skin cancer. I’m praying that it takes care of it and that it has not spread.

    Other than that I’m going to pretend to be okay for the sake of my kids even though I’m scared and sort of freaking out.

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