take my breath away

Allow me to proudly introduce five members of my family: Stewart (brother-in-law and instigator of all things fun), Bethany (sister), Ron (dad), Marla (me) and Gabe (hubby).

What kinds of things does your family do for fun?

39 thoughts on “take my breath away

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  2. Tracey

    Wow! That was awesome. I came over from BooMama’s when I saw your Go Hokies comment. I am a proud Hokie by marriage and for fun around our house we play laser tag with the cat after our babies go to bed and laugh our heads off!

  3. Amy

    Gabe wins the prize for the funniest…kind of reminds me of an orangutan. Which, considering your fondness to zoos and animals, I am thinking you will take that as a compliment.

  4. Gail

    We used to stick our hair straight up with the cattle blower (think super-amped up blow dryer for cows). If you blew your hair backwards with it, it was almost like you teased it straight up. Wish we had video of that!

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