Saturday was a really sweet day for me. I got to do something that’s gotten to be pretty normal for me–speak to a group of women–but I got to do it with a twist. My mama, my sister Bethany and I did a little tag-team speaking thing at a women’s conference. And it was at the church Gabe and I attended before we moved three years ago, so I got to see lots of old friends.

My heart is just bursting with everything God did and the things He taught me and the people he let me meet–and wow. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to share bits and pieces of it this week, so you can get in on the fun.

So, Mom, Bethy and I spoke on Women Mentoring Women. We did a morning session and an afternoon session and had all kinds of fun. There were about 70 women each time, so we did it in the auditorium. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be as intimate with us on the stage (is there another word for that?) and them in pews, but it worked. We sat in chairs. Mom and B were behind a table, and I was at the end. I kind of led the discussion, asked them questions, they shared their experiences with mentoring women/girls and being mentored themselves.

Very special. I would loooove to do more of that, but it would take an act of God to convince my Mom. Good thing I’ve been seeing acts of God all over the place this week.

I’ll share more about our talk soon. Some good, important stuff.

And the keynote speaker? Sent from God to speak straight into the very depths of my soul. Everything that I’ve been burdened with lately (including unwed mamas and unborn babies)? She talked about it. Her words were completely Spirit-inspired and lit a fire inside of me. So much truth, so applicable to exactly what has been on my mind and heart. That is one of my favorite things God does. Confirms and affirms life stuff through a speaker who doesn’t even know me or what I’m going through.


THANK YOU for the overwhelming book donations. 170 so far, I think. Are you kidding me? And speaking of God doing amazing things, I met a woman this weekend at the conference who had an abortion 30 years ago and now works at a pregnancy clinic (in another state) and leads a Bible study for post-abortive women. And she has connections to two other clinics in her area. She’s telling me her story and telling me about the clinics, and I’m thinking, “Lord, could you be anymore amazing?” I told her about the Expecting books (she was shocked and thrilled), got her address and promised her a batch of books (as soon as I get them) that she can share with all three clinics.

Praise You, Jesus!

Did God amaze you in any way this weekend? If you can’t think of anything, think harder. I’d love to hear about it and praise Him with you!

10 thoughts on “sweet

  1. Denise N.

    I don’t know how amazing it is, but its very God! I have been utterly depressed this past week – everything with Parker has caught up with me. I came to church yesterday in the worst mood, left in a decent one. Fri – Sun morning I could not listen to Christian music. I was so over all the positive stuff.

    I had an anxiety attack last night over all this with Parker and my high level of worry. I read the bible, cried and prayed. I sat outside Parker’s door and prayed for about 30 minutes. Finally at midnight, I layed down, a smile on my face, completely relieved of all the stress and worry. No anxiety in sight.

    God is good like that!

  2. Kelli

    I was able to hang out with BOTH my brother and sister who live in two different states!! He worked some wonders to get us all together for some fun filled family time! πŸ™‚

  3. Gail

    God amazed me with yet another fantastic day with my church family. Our women’s study has been stomping all over my toes. God amazes me by challenging me right where I am, time and time again, yet with such love and grace!

    And the weather was worthy of “amazing,” too!

  4. Elizabeth

    God amazed me every day of this weekend. My birthday party was awesome (would have been even better if YOU had been there), then I got to watch my girl play her heart out in a soccer tournament. Amazing weather, good friends, lots of sleep. God amazed me with all of it!

  5. Mel

    “If you can’t think of anything, think harder.”
    A humbling challenge because God is ALWAYS doing amazing things and I should notice more.

    I saw two people at church yesterday who have had quite a struggle with depression but who are both now enjoying life and praising God. That was pretty amazing.

  6. Rachele

    God amazed me yesterday through a speaker at our church, who was a major league pitcher who lost his arm and shoulder to cancer, but God has used it to bring Him glory. Amazing story!

  7. Emily

    1. You are the sweetest person in the whole wide world! You made my WEEK on Thursday. Random acts of kindness are your forte.

    2. I long for Vista to start some kind of mentoring program. I keep hearing about it being in the works but I just want to see it happen! How wonderful would it be to have women mentoring women who are mentoring other women. Sigh. Maybe someday. πŸ™‚

    3. God amazed me this weekend by humbling me and making it all about Him.

    4. Sorry for the long comment.

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