sweet ava

Thank you so much for praying! I woke up this morning feeling so peaceful. I fasted with Ava, so I could empathize with her. It was a tough morning–that girl likes to snack!

She did awesome. So brave, didn’t even flinch when they injected the sleepy stuff in her arm. I got a teensy bit emotional when I had to put her down (almost asleep), kiss her good-bye and go out in the waiting room. She was in there for about 15-20 minutes or so, then I got to hold her while she woke up.

She slept the whole way home in the van, resting on my shoulder. Nina napped in the van with Gabe almost the whole time we were in the doctor’s office. We got Shrek happy meals at McDonald’s and sundaes. Gabe and I ate the food and let Ava have the prizes (talking Shrek and Gingerbread Man to share with her sisters).

We popped Shrek in the DVD player, and after awhile, she was ready to wake up and eat her ice cream, play with her toys and talk to us. Gabe decided to take the rest of the day off to hang out with her.

She can stick her tongue out now! And touch it to the roof of her mouth! And say the th sound! She’s been practicing saying “thank you” instead of “fank you.” “Theater” instead of “feater.” “Thursday” instead of “Fursday.” She has to really think about it, since she’s been saying it the wrong way for so long. She is sooo excited. I about started crying when she said her first th word–“think.”

Now she’s walking around and playing. Thank you for praying! Thank you, Lord, for watching over my baby! It was worth every penny.

13 thoughts on “sweet ava

  1. ctorlone

    Praise God~  my heart is in my throat as I read your comments of how you felt today…I can feel your trepidation!  glad it’s over…we WILL get together soon…let’s try to visit BEFORE the baby though…I may have lost my marbles by the time baby #3 comes to rock our world!

  2. tonialynn59

    I prayed for Ava and for you.  I know what it is like to send a kid off and not be able to go with them.  Adam had one surgery at 5 and Hayley had tubes in her ears and tonisls removed and so she had surgery like 4 times.  And then there is Justin.  Even this last one at 19 I choked up.  It’s hard.   Glad she is doing so well.

  3. rocknnell

    TH – TH – THANK YOU LORD…for watching over ALL of them, Ava – Marla…and Gabe…THank YOU..for allowing Ava now..to pray and say THank YOU to YOU for the rest of her life….. as Gabe took the picture of her on the rocks..her hair lit…like illuminating lite….I seen her like an angel…it was as precious as she is…..TO YOU GOD, we THank YOU…in YOUR NAME…amen !

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