We had a surprise party for my grandma on Saturday (she turned 89 on Valentine’s Day). She was completely and totally shocked. It was awesome.

Funny story. Two nurses offered to bring Grandma down to the party, and they brought the wrong woman! Thankfully, Uncle Nick got things straightened out before they got all the way to the Party Room. Whew.

Grandma with 3 of her 7 kiddos–Doug, Tim & Nick. Love these guys. Hard-working, godly men who love their families.

And 7 of her 26 grandkids (plus 16 spouses). I have so many wonderful memories with my homies.

Grandma’s idea of heaven (for now!): chatting with her loved ones. Who needs to eat when you can talk?

My cousin Brian, his wife Christy, Emmett and Preston. Emmett’s adorable smile is thanks to me acting all goofy. Next time I’ll stand next to the Camera Man.

12 of 34 great-grandkids (with many, many more in the works, I’m sure).

Then I kind of, sort of gave them all the go ahead to jump on Brian. I did rescue his glasses and Blackberry for him before they were destroyed.

Oh, oops. One of the great-grandkids was in the bathroom (can you tell which one?). Let’s try this again. With 13 of 34 this time.

Nina Gabe and Mama. Oh, the joys of being 4.

Helping Grandma get ready to go back to her room. Selfishly, I want Grandma here for many more years (she says she wants to make it to 95), but won’t that be something when she gets a brand new body someday?

Oh, Grandma. What a beautiful tribute it is to you and Grandpa that you are so, so loved by so many people. And even more importantly, that they love the same Jesus you do. Thank you for being such an incredible, godly example to all 89 of your descendants. You’re the best grandma ever!!


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  4. gretchen

    What fabulous pictures! Will she get a scrapbook of the event? You really did a super job. Can i just bow to her good sports-dom of wearing a tiara? So adorable. My grum lives in IA, and I only see her every other year or so. I know we’re close to the end of our time on earth together. Maybe 5 more years. Her b’day was Feb 5, and she turned 84. I’ll be tickled for her to receive a new body, too. Just not yet. Please, not yet.

  5. Jen your cousin

    Grandma looks SO happy! This makes my heart smile. Thanks to everyone who put this together for her and thanks, Marla, for the great post!

  6. Rachel

    I love it Marla! She is so beautiful! Grandmas are a treasured gift. They have such great stories, even when they tell us for the 5th time. I’m sure she loved having everyone there to celebrate her day. My Grandma celebrated 82 years yesterday. We were suppose to celebrate with her today but this Ohio snow has us celebrating over the phone instead.

  7. Tiffani

    goodness gracious. what a precious woman. I know she was delighted to have all of you there.

    I would love to sit down and just chat with her!!

    I know she is a treasure to you!!

  8. Keri

    That first picture of your Grandma is priceless!!! This past summer we celebrated my Grandmother’s 90th birthday. We were at a hotel in Palm Springs so she put on her bathing suit, grabbed her goggles, and jumped in! She even goes down the waterslide… 90!!!

  9. Gail

    You know, I loved, loved, loved this. What a great picture-post about a lady who is more than a blessing. Thanks for letting us peek into that special family celebration!

  10. Kelsie

    I had tears in my eyes this morning when I first looked at these great pictures and read about your wonderful family time. These are cherished memories, to be sure.

  11. Matt

    Thanks for posting these Marla! I may have to get a few of these from you as mine did not turn out as well. I esp. like the first and last one of grandma.

    Good seeing you on Saturday!

  12. Sarah Montanye

    wow! what a precious memory. You could tell from the pictures that she was filled with joy and excitement that so many of her loved ones came to celebrate her special day. priceless!

  13. amber

    This makes me all weepy!!!

    What a precious precious woman, and what a precious family she has!!

    I know you made her year!! She’s probably still telling all of her peeps around her lunch table about all of you!!

  14. Becky

    She’s one of my dearest friends, and I’m so thankful for every special moment God has given me with her! I love how much you guys love/adore her. She’s such a blessing! Happy birthday to my dear Mrs. Joannie!!!

  15. Kelly

    I’m crying my eyes out over here. I don’t have any grandma’s left. And my one step grandma that is alive and that I’m close to is deteriorating every day. So glad you had this day!

  16. Sarah Parsons

    The first and last pictures are THE best photos I’ve ever seen! What a sweetheart. Looks like a really fun time! Thanks for sharing.
    I got my Blushing books in the mail last week. Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to reading it!

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