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EDIT: I just checked Krista’s blog, and she had a baby BOY today! Hooray for Krista!!! Kristen, you’re next. Ooh, this is so much fun!!

So, my wrists are resting on my laptop, with my fingers barely touching ASDFJKL;, and I’m just sitting here. My fingers are stuck, my brain is stuck, it’s all just stuck. I promised details from the weekend, and my brain is foggy mush.

I do remember what we did today, so let me start there. That might trigger earlier memories. We went to the Metro Gardens this morning. We went to the Metro Gardens this evening. We saw a turtle, some ducks, a snake, tons of frogs, scads of squirrels. We saw a big turtle, then the darlingest little turtle. Gabe was taking pictures of it and everything. It didn’t move at all, so I nudged it with a stick. Turns out its head was gone. Not tucked inside its shell but bitten off. Poor little guy.

We went to DQ after the MG. On our way there, Livi said, “When Grandma Taviano was watching us, she drove through the McDonald’s drive-thru and said, ‘I know this is rude, but can you tell me how to get to Dairy Queen?'” LOL.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I got up at 6:00. Devos, cappo, shower, got everybody breakfast/dressed, left at 7:45 for Jamie’s church. Drove through lots and lots of little towns and cornfields. Got there right on time, dropped the kids off in their classes, Jamie introduced me, and I dove in. No time to be nervous. No time to think that everyone was going to hate me. This is going to sound strange, but I’m the most comfortable when I talk about sex. I know what I’m going to say, I have confidence that it will resonate with most (if not all) the young moms in the group, and if I want to get a laugh, I just pick on myself. The women were awesome, God was awesome. I had so much fun. EDIT: Forgot to mention that the MOPS girls gave me a bouquet of daisies. I loooooooove flowers, and I got 2 gorgeous bouquets in 4 days. Sigh.

Sunday. Church. Target and Kroger with Livi and Ava during Nina’s nap. Ava’s make-up soccer game. Took the girls out to eat. Baths. Bed.

Saturday. You already know about my emotional turmoil. Let’s see… The theme of the luncheon was Le Chocolat. Everything was brown and pink. Two chocolate fountains with a million things to stick in them. Sadly, I didn’t have any since I was all in a tizzy. Tons of gift baskets/door prizes. Flowers on every table. Pink balloons, cool placemats, pink tablecloths over white ones, all very cool.

What did I talk about? Um…I remember starting off by saying that as a teacher, the kids always wanted to know what was happening next. So, I told them I had a little story, then I was going to pray, share some words of wisdom, then I wanted them to get a little wild and crazy.

Told the story of a time when I thought I was cool and God totally humbled me and showed me that I can do nothing without begging Him for help. Then He came through in a mighty way (just like He was doing as I spoke, but I didn’t mention that!) Prayed that He would be glorified and we’d have fun.

Talked about being real and genuine. Open with each other. Not trying to keep up an image to impress people (and keep them from seeing the real me). Want people to love the real me, not a fake one. God kept giving me funny things to say–thank You, God. Gabe told me to do O-H-I-O, so I told them, “Gabe told me to do O-H…” That’s as far as I got. Threw in a couple Michigan jabs throughout. They liked that.

Passed out a blank piece of paper to each woman and a box of crayons and coloring page for each table. First, they took turns coloring the picture (7 stick figure girl scouts holding hands in a circle). They chose a girl to color and wrote their name beside her. This represented the women at their table. Later on, they wrote their names at the top of their own paper, then passed the papers around and wrote something encouraging/complimentary about each person on her own paper. At the end, each woman had 7 compliments about herself in all different colors. I was supposed to say that “we leave a mark on everyone we come in contact with. Will you leave bruises and scars or beautiful colors that leave the person more beautiful than she was when you met her?” I forgot to say that.

The jump ropes, bouncy balls and hula hoops were just an object lesson–a practice session for overcoming our fears of “what will they think if they see the real me?” (I did NOT talk about sex at all, for those of you who were wondering what those objects had to do with that!)

Later on, I thought of more I left out, things I should have left out, and so on, but overall, I was soooo pleased with how it went. I really do love sharing my heart with people, if I can get over all the nerves and such. I honestly don’t know what God has in store for me and my family in the months and years to come, but I’ll follow Him wherever.

Thanks for caring!

18 thoughts on “stuck fingers

  1. Howdytoya

    Crazy–she told me she was going, though I didn’t realize you knew each other. 🙂  Who is your brother?  Would I know him?  Did he go to Cedarville?

  2. gsowell

    Finally had time to read what you talked about. Marla, that is EXACTLY the issue I’m feeling burdened with. As Christians, we must be more transparent in the way we live. We need to come out from behind our doors, our curtains, our fences, and let our neighbors see the real us. The struggles, the victories, the peace, the joy, the love, the faith, the hope that make us different than the world are meaningless if we keep it bottled up and try to live like the world. Being real. Being authentic. Being transparent. It’s key.

  3. KmHunsberger

    I am SO SO SO SO SO SO happy to hear that she had the baby! I can’t see the post…it must be set to private? Were there anymore details? I had a feeling it was a boy YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mrsnorthern8605

    Were you there on Sunday when they read the letter about what is going on at Vista? It is REALLY hitting me hard and just wanted to ask for the extra prayers…if you didn’t catch it, let me know, I will explain.

  5. Hoffmom

    Sounds like a great talk!  I’m blushing now that my mind went elsewhere with the balls and hoops…..but really, how could I help it?  🙂  Great idea/object lesson though! 

  6. ladymiss3739

    ^LOL marketer! 

    Thanks for giving us the details on your weekend…it almost makes me feel like I was there for part of it!  If I lived closer, I’d definitely come listen to you speak somewhere! 

  7. rachmckinney

    i love those pictures.d o your girls pose or do you just capture great pictures??
    i love the illustration of encouragement you were going to use….still i am sure those ladies took away much encouragement from what you did. it sounds like it.
    glad mops went well, too. God is blessing you!

  8. tonialynn59

    Those pictures of the girls as just so adorable!!  Glad you had a good day at the Metro Gardens and speaking at your friends church and again, thanks for this past weekend.  I know I enjoyed it!

  9. Nixter77

    those pictures are too too cute…

    Sounds great – glad that God was so good, he does work in amazing ways. Praying you get to come and share that wisdom God has given you down under….

    nixie = thinks you’re cool!!!

  10. YoYoYoder

    Oh. my. word. That is the cutest picture of Nina! I NEED a copy of that picture! An 8 x 10 will do. Seriously, I’ll pay you!

    Your luncheon sounded so FUN! I love the theme idea and brown and pink color scheme. Mmmmm… I remember you when did kind of the same thing at the Ladies’ Banquet at Calvary! That was the most fun I ever had! I like being a little kid again with story time, movie, recess, etc.

    I want to go to the Metro Garden with you guys! I can’t wait till next week!

  11. jbnygaard

    Love the picts! Nina is cute as a doll, as she always is! And does Ava always wear skirts? She looks adorable in them, but I’m noticing a theme here! Ava in skirts, Livi in jeans. 😉

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